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  1. Wow I didn't mean to start a fight on here, just came back to this and saw it became a slight battle. I have seen transport wheelchairs online for the same cost as renting a chair for a week. Any thoughts on me just purchasing a transport chair?? As noted DD is 113 pounds.
  2. My teen DD is having major hip surgery in February now and we are cruising in early April for a week. She may still be on crutches. I'm not super concerned because she's young and in great shape but if she ends up getting super exhausted or something are there wheelchairs available or should I prerent a small travel one (she's very tiny, like 113 pounds). I searched but couldnt' find anything on someone who really would only need the wheelchair a little bit if at all.
  3. So, I just booked the Legend western Caribbean cruise. Due to several unforeseen circumstances, we're now on a major budget for this cruise. I'm on the lookout for reduced price Carnival gift cards, checking my AmEx card regularly for their Carnival sales, and flying on a combo of points and companion certificates (2 full price, 4 "free"). We will have some OBC though. Can anyone give any tips/tricks for cheap excursions in Belize, Mahogany Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel? 2 adults, 3 teens and a preteen.
  4. Thanks all, I'm getting some quotes now on the Legend cruise.
  5. ha no. I am definitely a shopper but not really on cruises. I'm not in love with Cozumel but I'm sure the other 3 ports we can find unique things to do.
  6. Thanks! Great idea. I definitely want one "just leave me alone on the beach" day lol. But I'll give them some choices in whatever ports we decide to do excursions. We did a snorkeling trip in St. Martin that was amazing, 4 different areas. We all loved it.
  7. I see you're a mom... are your kids older and do the cruise with you? if so did they have enough to do on the ship?
  8. Thanks so much for this! I'm leaning more and more toward the Legend simply because that takes us off the ship more days. I fear that my kids may get bored onship. On the allure we basically let them go to the teen club til dinnertime on sea days then they had a "curfew" thereafter but there was never a lack of things to do or places to explore. I'm thinking the Legend may not be the same for them. Question- any thoughts on shows and food? We only did a couple shows on Allure but did enjoy the gameshows. We are dining room people for dinner but what about breakfast/lunch on these ships?
  9. We would be flying to any of the 3 ports. Connecting through Atlanta on all 3. I also looked at the San Juan sailing but due to some family stuff I don't think we can get there the day before and really really fear not making it the day of
  10. My husband and I are novice cruisers- one cruise last summer on the Allure of the Seas. We'd be cruising with 3 teens and a preteen, 2 rooms (unless we get a great deal on 3). Has to be certain dates so the ones that work as of now are: Legend out of Tampa- ports are Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize, Cozumel Magic out of FL- half moon cay, grand turk, amber cove Glory out of NOLA- Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, Cozumel Prices are similar although the Magic is a day less. Ports are most important to my husband (and I know they can reroute us with no notice), ship is more important to me. Keep the kids in mind as well. Anyone have suggestions on which to do? I've read so many reviews my eyes are crossing. Pros/cons of any or all of these ships or ports? I know all of these will be a step down from Allure but also half the price (and no RC cruises fit our dates and are similar in price).
  11. Oh, thanks! I didn't know the rooms were different on Infinity. The embarkation lunch and wine seem worth it. And I think you get a slightly speedier check in?
  12. New to Celebrity, 4 day Infinity cruise just after Christmas. SHould I book concierge class for $60 more? They just started free perks (wifi, classic beverage and $150 pp OBC). Also, I can not prepay my tips and have it deducted from my OBC right?
  13. Man yall have given me even more to think about. For the 2 port days I'm not concerned but 2 sea days makes me more concerned. I can lay by a pool for a while but my DH is a "wants to do stuff" kind of man. I see mini golf and the casino but are there lots of onboard activities? We can of course hit some shows in the evenings, but on our other cruise there were trivia games, he played volleyball, etc. We love good food. We're not super fancy but food is definitely a concern. I'm a little wary hearing that the food isn't great or even good. I do like that Guy's and Blue Iguana are included. But if the food is outright bad that makes me nervous.
  14. Ha! Well the only time I love the cold is when I'm skiing or sitting in a hot tub when it's freezing cold out (seriously if you haven't gone hot tubbing in sub zero temps you're missing out, it's amazing)
  15. The reviews were on Cruise Critic on the Elation page. I'll have to go back and see what specific sailing but they were from Dec 2018 which is what concerned me as I plan to sail in Dec 2019.
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