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  1. Unfortunately we were told you can't use the OBC until you board so we will be stuck with "leftovers" by then.
  2. Thanks. i need to find this out. When we did 3 rooms for Royal we could basically spend the total, not just per room. In this case the room with 2 minors (they put my husband and I each in a room with a minor, then one room has 2 minors) has less OBC so we can probably use that on Half Moon Cay to rent kayaks or something. Thankfully the 2 rooms the adults are linked to have the vast majority of the OBC. Basically I'll just try to spend the minors' credit first to ensure we don't end up stuck with it
  3. On royal you can track your spending on the tv. Can you do that for Carnival? We didn't buy drink packages on Royal but could see where we were with spending...
  4. Yes we got $2100, $1200 from cancelling the April cruise (2 rooms) and then $900 difference in price of the 2 cruises. We may do the cash out thing. I think 2 drink packages and tips will take over half of it so really I guess we're looking to spend a thousand or less. Since there are 6 of us one excursion will be most of that if there is anything left to book when we board.
  5. So due to my kids' activity schedules and the spring break cancellation our 7 day cruise in april became a 5 day in November. Thus, we have a metric butt ton (an actual measurement unit) of OBC spread over our 3 rooms (4 teens, 2 adults). My understanding is none of it can be used prior to boarding. Of course we will use $500 give or take for tips (do I have to go to guest services for that? this is only our second cruise and we prepaid tips on the last one), but what are the best ways to use the rest? I'm thinking internet for the kids maybe (which plan is best for teens??), and I think my hu
  6. Wow I didn't mean to start a fight on here, just came back to this and saw it became a slight battle. I have seen transport wheelchairs online for the same cost as renting a chair for a week. Any thoughts on me just purchasing a transport chair?? As noted DD is 113 pounds.
  7. My teen DD is having major hip surgery in February now and we are cruising in early April for a week. She may still be on crutches. I'm not super concerned because she's young and in great shape but if she ends up getting super exhausted or something are there wheelchairs available or should I prerent a small travel one (she's very tiny, like 113 pounds). I searched but couldnt' find anything on someone who really would only need the wheelchair a little bit if at all.
  8. So DH and I were toying with a Thanksgiving cruise but for several reasons now we're looking at an after Christmas, and I LOVE the itinerary of the Elation post-christmas with Amber Cove and Grand Turk, 2 stops we are interested in. However, I'm reading reviews of Elation and most of the Dec 2018 ones are bad. Really bad. Our only other cruise experience is on the Allure and I know that I can't compare as she's like the mother of all ships, but this time we're going child free. It's one of the only cruises that fits our timeline and goes places we want to see. But... I also know the possibilit
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