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  1. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of Early Saver vs. Funtastic Savings? I have pretty much decided on the Legend ship for Western Caribbean Plus Cozumel 7 day cruise in March 2020. I'm booking an Ocean Suite. I am planning to buy the vacation insurance. However, my only fear is that my husband will cancel on me last minute. (He has done this to me before). If my husband cancels on me last minute, I will still take my daughter on the cruise.
  2. All - thank you very much for the comments and advice. I would much prefer to do one of the newer ships, but they do not offer the itineraries I'm looking to do. I do not want to go to Bahamas (Nassau - been there/done that). I would like to go to St Thomas, but only because I'd like to ferry over to St John (we vacationed in St John before and loved it!!) but I do not like the time schedule for the St Thomas port because it is from 11:30am-7pm. The best time to be on St John is early in the morning. Middle of the day is super hot. Hence, this is why I like the Legend Western Caribbean Plus Cozumel itinerary because it has decent port times and I've heard Grand Cayman and Belize have amazing snorkeling! I've been on Disney cruises and they have spoiled me, but I have a large gift card for Carnival Cruise which is why I must book Carnival. So after looking at all the Carnival 6-9 night cruises for the month of March 2020, the Legend meets my needs the best. As long as there is a water slide and pool on the ship and entertainment for my 11 year old, then she will enjoy it. I plan to book all my own excursions so that we can do a combined diving & snorkeling trip as a family. TallyHo8 - thanks for the info on the drinks and food! Kevin308 - great tips! Thank you! CoEvan - thanks for the positive support for locations in regards to snorkeling and diving!
  3. Kevin - Legend. But I’m mainly looking for general advice. For example, are unlimited soda, coffee, and water (not bottled) included? Is there unlimited ice cream included? How is the breakfast buffet? What is the set dinner times? Is there anything that I must purchase from Carnival that is not included?
  4. Homosassa - I have to book Carnival because I have a large gift card for Carnival Cruise.
  5. I’m getting ready to pull the trigger to book our very first Carnival Cruise. I’m planning to book Legend ship for March 2020 on the Western Caribbean Plus Cozumel. I like this itinerary because it includes Grand Cayman and Belize. We are big snorkelers! And my husband is certified diver. I’m planning to book Ocean Suite. And I’m going to buy the vacation insurance. Any tips or advice before I pay the deposit? Oh, my daughter will turn 11 years old during this cruise.
  6. Thank you so much! Have you been on Legend? I like the itinerary for the Western Caribbean Plus Cozumel 7 day out of Tampa. But I would prefer to be on the Breeze ship.
  7. I just posted about the Balcony room 8220. However, I just watched a video on YouTube and it only has a shower. Do all the balcony rooms only have showers? If so, then I would need to book a Suite. I need a bath tub. Has anyone stayed in Legend ship on 6th floor? I normally like to stay on 8th floor. Will I feel the ship rocking a lot at night on 6th floor? I’m considering Suite 6203
  8. Has anyone stayed in Legend room 8220? I’m thinking of booking this for 2 adults + 1 child for Spring Break (March 2020) for the Western Caribbean plus Cozumel 7 day trip. I’ve never been on Carnival before. I’ve only cruised on Disney.
  9. Purvis - thank you! Can I add the travel insurance at a later date? Or do I need to add travel insurance when I initially book the vacation? Also, is travel insurance refundable if we cancel or change our date?
  10. Micah’s Grandad - I’m not 100% sure I will keep this date because my husband doesn’t want to book a cruise so far in advance. But I’m worried that if we wait until even 12 months before the travel date, then the Ocean Suite might be sold out.
  11. I’ve only sailed on Disney cruise. What are the extra fees on Carnival? Is soda, lemonade, water included? is unlimited ice cream included? How much is alcohol? We probably only drink 1-2 drinks a day on vacation (2 people) Are there any “included” spa features? Can we order multiple appetizers, entrees, and desserts? Or can we only order 1 item per person?
  12. I’m thinking of booking Breeze cruise on March 21, 2020 for Eastern Caribbean 7 day Ocean Suite. Is the $50 Cyber Monday deal usually the best deal available every year? Or should I wait for better deal? This will be our first Carnival cruise. We’ve previously done the short cruises on Disney. Love any feedback on the Breeze Eastern Caribbean 7 day, too. It will be my hubby, me, and my daughter will turn 11 on this cruise.
  13. I've been on 2 Disney Cruises and I'm thinking of going on a Carnival Cruise (I have gift cards for Carnival) in Spring 2020. I was looking at the Breeze ship Ocean Suite Room 7364. I cannot find any good reviews or pictures of the room. Does the balcony overlook a busy / noisy area (hot tub, lounge area, etc)? Is this a good location if I want to have a quiet night sleep without lots of noise from the balcony area?
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