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  1. Ship - Carnival Dream Deck - 8 and 6 Stateroom # - 8242 and 6391 with 8242 being mine and Husbands room Stateroom Category – 8D-8B Starboard or Port Side - I have no idea and have no idea what this means? Any info about this room would be appropriated. Especially would appreciate knowing how far apart these rooms are and if they’re quiet rooms.
  2. Thank You Bookbug53 , I’ll have to do some research for our next trip about AARP and buying gift cards through them. I do realize that We can buy it cheaper online before We go. I was hoping to do the gift cards for 10% off and then buy it online for another 10% off LOL! This is a Medical trip that ends in a cruise so We’re just trying to save money anywhere We can. We should’ve been more prepared but had testing etc to do and just ran out of time. I’ll be more prepared if We ever go on another cruise. Lol 😂
  3. Thank You Joepeka. I was reading how some people got a 10% discount when they purchased their cards. Just so I know in the future, where are they purchasing them?
  4. Hi! We leave for our first cruise Monday morning. We want to buy the Cheers program but need to save as much money as We can. I was reading how You could save 10% if You buy and use gift cards. What stores can You buy the 10% off gift cards at? I would need to go physically buy the gift card today so I can load it in our account today and buy the Cheers program today. Is this possible or am I out of luck? Please let me know which stores offer the gift cards for 10% off. Thank You so much in advance
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