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  1. We're sailing on the Seaside on Saturday, but the online check-in isn't working and hasn't for sometime. Tried two laptops and three different browsers. I'm currently stuck on hold trying to call them to get checked in. Any ideas? Anyone else having the same trouble?
  2. Going on the Miracle in February, and I'd love to see some examples of the entertainment schedule. If you can take some pictures of the daily newsletter, that would be awesome!
  3. I just know this must have been answered, but none of the topics I can find on it seem to give a straight answer. I apologize for the duplicate posting. Is there a Carnival Captains/Priority lounge in Port of Tampa? I'm a suite passenger, with priority boarding - not FTTF.
  4. This is a wonderful suggestion for making the best of a less than ideal situation. Thank you!
  5. On my summer cruise, the MSC Seaside is scheduled to dock at in San Juan at 5pm, then leaves at 1am the following day. I checked out other sailings, and they also seem to list 5pm as the dock time in SJ. Anyone have experience of this? Do they really not dock until 5pm, or are they normally early? We were looking forward to seeing more of PR than just the SJ nightlife. They also have 5 hour excursions available - are they really starting these at 5pm and continuing until 10pm?
  6. I am not agitating against anything. Merely stating an opinion that a person is entitled to a fair wage for their labor which is not subject to the whim of the customer. I'm not going to petition cruise lines to change their practices. Instead, I shall control the one part of the equation that I can - my own behavior. I'll leave 'gratuities' in place no matter what, and recognize exceptional service individually. To me, personally, that is the decent thing to do. How you personally choose to react to the practice is your business, and I'll make no comment nor attempt to change it. Finally, given that I do not personally set the minimum income laws in my current residence of Florida any more than I do on a foreign flagged cruise line or even my birth country of England, I'm not really sure why that comment is relevant to anything. You seem rather affronted by my opinion on this matter, and I'm unsure why.
  7. Not on a cruise ship, but I have had kidney stones. Most painful thing I've ever experienced, they have my absolute sympathy. Best advice would be to ensure they make the requested lifestyle changes to reduce the chances of another stone on the cruise, drink plenty of water while on the cruise, and definitely make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. Regarding handling them on the cruise, my guess is that since kidney stones are rarely life threatening, the on board doctor would treat for pain until the next port, at which point you'd have to decide if they wanted to get off to seek treatment, or stay on board in pain until you reach home port.
  8. I'd say it's certainly possible, but I wouldn't want to bet the farm on it. Too many possible reasons for delay. You have a 30 minute drive through Miami, with multiple large cruise ships debarking in Miami AND the Fort Lauderdale ports. If it were me, I'd book a later flight to avoid instantly destroying the relaxation of the vacation with the stress of getting to the airport, even if it cost a few bucks to do so.
  9. With respect I don't fail to grasp anything. In fact, my entire point is that when gratuities are used to bring a server up to a bare minimum basic wage they cease to be gratuities. Gratuities recognize exceptional service. Wages recognize basic labor. When 'gratuities' are used to hold down wages, removing them denies servers the dignity of a basic wage for their labor.
  10. It's a fair point that if gratuities are being used to supplement base income, rather than as a reward for exceptional service, they should not be optional. Everyone deserves a fair wage for doing their job, and that basic wage should not be at the whim of customers, who are frankly capricious beasts at best. If your food reaches you hot and on time, that deserves a basic wage, even if you feel the server didn't sufficiently fawn over you. That means leaving 'tips' in place for all but actively bad service. If servers were being paid a reasonable basic wage before the 'mandatory but not really' gratuities charge, then it would be much more reasonable to opt out if you thought the service didn't surpass basic.
  11. Fascinating. I tried using Microsoft Edge instead of Chrome, and it worked. So I went back to Chrome - still not working. I starting disabling extensions, and discovered that it was Amazon Assistant that was causing the problem. After disabling it, Carnival excursions loaded just fine.
  12. Huh, weird. Must be something my end causing the problem then. How strange.
  13. Anyone else having trouble booking excursions through Carnival's webpage? It has said 'dony by today at 7 a.m. Eastern' for two days now.
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