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  1. Those cabanas in your photos on page 5 are they for rent or first come first serve. thanks
  2. Just curious has anybody received any of upsells or Upgrade’s on Sky Princess for February
  3. Congratulations on your upsell offer.Enjoy
  4. I noticed in these upsells offers princess is using US price and Canadian price. Why is Princess using $1.45 for Canadian exchange . That is not the rate here in Canada.
  5. Where are the retreat cabanas located and the price per day. Not the sanctuary cabanas. Thanks
  6. I had this happen a few months ago. I had to go back in and check my airport code in the information it kept disappearing. After couple of times Re-entering the airport code it shows complete. I hope this helps
  7. Halifax excepting cruise ships Tomorrow.
  8. First picture Peggy’s Cove the other to Halifax waterfront
  9. You should be fine by September 20th. Sydney and PE I have also been hit but do not know the status of their cruise port but I will find out when I get hold of my family down in Sydney For Halifax area they’re saying late Wednesday night or Thursday morning I do know they cancelled cruise ships coming into port until at least Thursday
  10. Anyone cruising to Halifax in the next four days our port is closed Due to the damage of hurricane Dorian. It’s hard to believe but yes we in Atlantic Canada got hit . There’s been a lot of damage downtown Halifax and Peggy’s Cove.Over 450,000 people without power restoration time for this is Wednesday.
  11. We use Hampton inn plantation Florida all the time. They still offer free shuttle from airport and free shuttle to port . Loves this hotel. Lots of shopping and restaurants nearby
  12. This is the information I received from another cc member. Very good information on 4 device package I am just off the Caribbean Princess with the 4 device package.  They all share the same login, but are recognized as separate devices. In the Cruise Planner, it does matter which name you purchase it in because of the way you login. The process is as follows: 1) Connect to the Ship's wifi 2) Navigate in your browser to "login.com". It will redirect to the princess Ocean Concierge website. 3) Go through a few obvious prompts to the login screen 4) Enter your cabin number and birthdate of the person with the package (this is where it makes a difference). If you accidentally enter the wrong birthdate, then go to logout.com to clear the connection and repeat from step 2. Note: It is bad design NOT to have a logout menu option in Ocean Concierge. 5) It will then have a button to connect. 6) Once you hit that button, it will show you how many devices are connected, and confirm that you want to connect again (this might have happened at step 5, but it still is a 2 step process). If you already have 4 device connected, then you have to select one to disconnect. I never had more than 3 connected, so I didn't look to see how to identify which device I was disconnecting. We had 3 devices (2 phones and a table). Having the extra (4th) was useful when using the ship's internet cafe (full size screen and keyboard). It would then be the 4th device, and I wouldn't have to logoff one of the other devices. Saved me from having to bring along a laptop. The only downside for 2 people sharing the 4 devices is that the Ocean Concierge chat feature is tied to the person logged in. All the apps had their own login (unfortunately, because it was annoying having to re-login every time I used an app). However, if you have 2 devices connected to the internet, you can communicate through e-mail (or iMessage if you both have iPhones), which is more reliable than the chat feature. Edited Thursday at 01:11 PM by richmke
  13. Thank you so much. That is the explanation I’ve been looking for. Thanks again
  14. I am on the sky princess in February 4 device is offered in my cruise planner. I called princess for clarification and they told me It is only offered on board the first day. I told him that I am looking at it on my cruise planner at that moment. They were kind of in shock told me if it’s their book it
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