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  1. My sentiments exactly. I feel like I know you too! I will really miss the posts......good luck with everything and let us all know when you are back!
  2. I agree in that every night I get into bed and look forward to reading your post! I, too, will really miss them. It’s become sort of a ritual! Have a great last week. It must be hard to see the end of this adventure approaching. I am sad just thinking about it for you both. Safe travels and good health to you both.
  3. Thanks Keith for the response; I would love to contact you on your blog for a few more questions plus read your blog, but for some unknown reason my sketchy tech skills can't locate it! Can you send me the link or site or whatever, THANKS! Janie
  4. Keith we appreciate your reply and especially the information about the discounts we can get for the 2021 WC. Yes, we did this reservation early as that particular cruise has numerous places we are anxious to visit. I look forward to contacting you as our 2020 WC approaches as we are coming up with more and more questions! Will likely contact you through your contact page on your blog. Thank you for being so kind, accessible and informative! Janie
  5. Keith, we are following your blog every day and loving it! Re: this last post of yours about bookings, we DID book both the 2020 World Cruise as well as the 2021 World Cruise (though we have never taken Crystal before, we are betting on it being wonderful per your experiences plus several of our friends' experiences)...my question is about the savings. We know we can get the 2.5% savings for paying early. We realize the Crystal Society savings is for having been on at least one Crystal cruise. We are HOPING we will get that for the 2021 cruise once we've taken the 2020 one? Plus we wanted to w
  6. We are loving your posts, Keith, about the shows, food, ports, experiences, thoughts etc as we prepare and anxiously anticipate next years WC! Do you happen to know if golf is ever available in any of the ports??
  7. We have done several Celebrity cruises (and loved them) and are planning on doing the 2020 World Cruise on Crystal, our first Crystal cruise. Recent reviews of the ship (following the refurbishing) have not been as good as I had hoped...we are in a Deluxe Verandah Stateroom, B1. Some reviews mention how small and "old" it is, including the closets, etc...Are these rooms too small for 89 nights for two of us to enjoy? This is a VERY big trip for us (a once in a lifetime trip). As we have been on the EDGE, the new Celebrity ship, those rooms are quite nice (as is the ENTIRE ship) , so we are hop
  8. Don’t exacrly know about the ear thing but someone told us about a patch that goes behind the ear?? Will check!
  9. Love the idea of plastic zip locs. Going to bring a collapsible laundry basket, thin plastic hangers. I do always bring a cross body small bag in the eves for lipstick and phone (for pics). And yes a shawl or long sleeve top. Anyone know the best motion sickness meds?? I’d rather bring them vs buying the pricey ones sold on the ship. Which works best? Wrist bands? Pills? Ear thing?
  10. I am with all of you. We have 11 months to go and one would think the cruise is tomorrow. Also thinking purses, cocktail dresses, wraps for the eve, other eve clothes. Especially wondering how one wears the same dressy clothes over and over on a 90 night cruise. Love all your posts and suggestions!
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