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  1. Thanks to those who responded but like someone said 3 day cruises is a big no no and I believe I chosen the wrong cruise line plus wrong boat. Carnival didn't suit me, NCL should not even be in operation but I think I found the perfect cruise line and ship. Oasis Of The Seas it has everything I could possibly enjoy. I wanted to do Symphony Of The Seas but they were booked up. It's a little out of my budget but I could make it work I really want to the Oasis. 7 days Southern Caribbean. 7 days should be more then enough.
  2. Hello new to the forum been wanting to join for a while and finally did it. Cutting straight to the point 2 solo trips, NCL sky 3 day and Carnival Victory 3 day. Horrible horrible experiences making never want to do cruising again. They all made me feel left out, couldn't connect with anyone so most time was spent in my cabin upset and no one cared. It almost got to the point where I was going to get off the ship at port and not get back on and fly back home. I already have a hard time making friends and I though hmm cruises may be able to open my shell NOPE! just made my depression worse. I even tried the Dr Suess. Character breakfast, sat me down at the table with another group of people who looked like they didn't want me there so I got up and left and never came back, wasn't even there for 2 minutes. I looked through window where the character breakfast was taking place ( I know creepy but I wanted to go back so bad but didn't ) I didn't stay the whole time though. I don't have a lot of money so I feel like the wealthier one's were getting treated better then I was and that just threw fuel in the fire. NCL sky was no different drunk people everywhere because of the open bar thing and I don't drink so what was I doing on that ship? I don't know. It was like cruises didn't want to have nothing to with me. I felt my skin color had lot to do with it too. My personal vacation was trying to encourage me to take another cruise, why? so I sit in my cabin the whole time I'm sorry but not happening I don't know how other solo's do it because they always stories that they met wonderful people and had a great time, where are these wonderful people? because I certainly didn't meet them maybe because I'm not a social butterfly go figure. Wrong cruise lines? traveling wrong time? what is the deal? I expect to have a good time not be miserable and watch others have all the fun. I starting to believe that traveling is not for me or cruises for that matter. How hard is it for you to say hi? Or ask "do you want to join us? or even acknowledge that I am there? I paid like everyone else. Sorry for for long rant but this is crazy it shouldn't be like this feeling pressured to drink just to have fun. Oh man I am getting upset from writing this but I had to get this off my chest something has to be done about this.
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