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  1. I hear of people with tears in their eyes as they board the ship after a couple of years. I'll be one of those people 🙂
  2. Booked Bridgetown to Tenerife today! With yesterday’s news that the US will accept people with mixed vaccines as fully vaccinated I’m fairly confident Crystal will soon change their policy. I can’t believe how excited we both are at the thought of boarding Serenity in four short months 🥰
  3. @Stickman1990this is awesome, just heard it on the news along with the MILLIONS of Canadians who got mixed vaccines 😁 Booking our next cruise as we speak.
  4. We had an E2 on our very first Crystal cruise. While we loved the cruise we hated having a big honking tender boat blocking the entire window and swore never again E2. We have sailed on E1s a couple of times and that was fine (yes, about half the window was obstructed). I would rather be on a E1cabin than not cruise at all.
  5. Ok, we've probably offended a bunch of Irish people here. Sorry!!!
  6. I'm glad I didn't say "zillions" as I often do 😉 Yes there is a lot of confusion out there, but my main point was that there may be a change in the US acceptance of travelers (by air) come November and that AZ may or may not be accepted (even though it has not been a problem so far). Also, I dare anyone to use the Irish Times as a source 🙂 https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/mixed-vaccine-air-travel-1.6187613 https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/us-still-deciding-on-vaccines-it-will-accept-for-transatlantic-travel-1.4687022
  7. Sorry I think I've managed to conflate a couple of issues here. Anyone out there feel free to correct me on any of this: 1. Crystal cruises does not consider you fully vaccinated if you've received one shot of AZ and one of the mRna vaccines (this is because they are following CDC and FDA guidelines). I'm in this group. 2. The way I understand it, starting in early November, the US will require foreign air passengers entering the country to be fully vaccinated. The US has yet to approve mixing COVID-19 vaccines. They also have yet to approve AZ for domestic use but are apparently considering AZ acceptable for incoming travelers (because it has been approved by the WHO). So if they don't sort these two issues out I (and many millions of others who have received AZ) may not be able to enter the US by air. So, my hope is that the CDC will change its guidance to accept AZ (both as a standalone two-dose and as part of a mixed-vaccine scheme) OR that my government will let me have a third shot (Moderna in this case) so that I will be considered "fully vaccinated", both the enter the US by air and to cruise on Crystal. Clear as mud?
  8. I know this is totally unimportant to almost everyone on this board BUT: I'm excited to report that there may be light at the end of the tunnel for those of us Canadians who received mixed vaccines. The BC's health officer said a couple of days ago that if the US (CDC) does not accept mixed vaccines or recognize AstraZeneca by November our provincial government will look at prioritizing a third shot for travel. With some luck we'll be on board Serenity in February/March!
  9. Lisa I'll zumba with you if we ever cross paths on a Crystal cruise 😁
  10. I think robes for bingo deserves its own thread. Just saying.
  11. I still miss the chocolates. And maybe the doilies. A bit.
  12. I can’t even book anything until Crystal’s fully vaccinated definition changes to allow for mixed vaccines. Just following the recent events on Symphony and feeling bad for the affected people.
  13. I don't know if there is anything else following what you posted but the wording is so vague it could be interpreted as meaning "you must self-isolate on the ship..." as the immediate step upon being notified, not necessarily that you will be isolated on the ship for the remainder of the cruise. Is there anything that clearly indicates the latter?
  14. I also got a call back within 30 minutes this morning. Sadly I had to cancel altogether since I can't foresee receiving a second dose of the same vaccine in time for final payment 😞 Hoping my October 2022 sailing on Endeavour will be a different story.
  15. Seabourn delayed the launch of their expedition ship to April and cancelled their early 2022 Antarctica season on the Quest so that may also help bump up the demand for the Endeavour's Antarctica itineraries.
  16. I just checked mine and they have us boarding in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on Feb 22 🙂 and getting off in Tangier on March 11, so they are substituting itineraries based on the original dates, not the new itinerary dates. Just weird.
  17. The Bridgetown to Tenerife or the Tenerife to Barcelona itineraries that fall within the approximate timeframe of the previous segment we had booked (Auckland to Perth) appeal to me for a number of reasons. I would book either in a heartbeat if it weren't for the current vaccination policy for the ocean ships. We received one dose of AstraZeneca and one dose of Moderna and according to the policy we're not considered "fully vaccinated". Unless Crystal changes their policy soon we just won't be able to commit. 😞
  18. We had a really fabulous Seychelles cruise on the Esprit a few years ago. The only downside (to me) was that there are no balconies and I would have really enjoyed having one on such a hot destination. We really enjoyed the ship and wanted to do a Venice to Dubrovnik itinerary one day 😞
  19. Just read a good story on FB from a Crystal Society Family group member. Long story short and paraphrasing: couple decided to postpone their Symphony cruise because of Henri, then Henri missed. They regretted their decision knowing that Symphony was staying in Boston through Monday which would still give them time to get there. They got in touch with someone on board who contacted a manager and the concierge, who contacted a power that be, the couple is now on board!
  20. I echo most of the comments made. We have cruised on Crystal (13) significantly more than on Seabourn (4) and the reason is that while we have loved our Seabourn cruises there is something about Crystal that makes it our first choice. In terms of the cabin, I love Seabourn's spacious balcony cabin with w/i closet and separate shower/tub but it alone is not enough to sway us. There are a couple of areas where Crystal particularly stands out to us: the Promenade deck and the alternative dining venues. I find that we can dine at Prego and Umi Uma several times each cruise and never tire of it, whereas the Thomas Keller restaurant on SB can be a bit much (maybe twice on a longish cruise but no more). I must say I do love the "caviar anytime" on SB 🙂 One thing that I definitely don't like on the two newest SB ships is the Retreat. It takes away an entire deck from the guests who do not want to spend the day ensconced there and I find it overpriced for what it is. Ultimately we're lucky that we can sail on both and it almost always comes down to the itinerary.
  21. We have more time since our next cruise was supposed to be the Auckland to Perth segment in February of 2022 and that itinerary is now all up in the air. We are from BC and our first dose was AstraZeneca in April with Moderna for the second dose in June. Hope that BC follows Quebec on this shortly!! Thanks for starting this thread @travelfan20
  22. @Keith1010 thank you so much for the gym pics! Continue to enjoy the cruise.
  23. We got ours too for the Auckland-Perth segment. Will keep an open mind on the replacement itinerary. Our very good friends are also booked but he suffered a massive stroke two months ago and we don't know how much he'll recover. Currently his right side is paralyzed and he can't speak other than a few small words. The thought of going back on a Crystal ship keeps him motivated through his rehab so if there's even a chance to take him in February we're all for it. The other issue we may face depending on the destination countries is that we got the mix of AstraZeneca and Moderna for our vaccines and who knows how that's going to turn out 😩
  24. @Catlover54 your pictures are insanely beautiful. Truly enjoying your posts. Thank you so much for taking the time
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