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  1. I’m headed out on the Escape two days after thanksgiving. Do you think the ship will be decorated by then?
  2. We leave on Regal soon, and my wife and I are interested in the casino, but we live in the southeast and casinos just aren’t something typically on our radar. Does the casino have lessons on how to play the various table games, or possibly tables just for beginners?
  3. Does anybody have any experience with this? Do they offer lockers? How do you keep your stuff safe?
  4. Sailing on Regal and wondering if they do this. I know other ships offer but I can’t find anything about Regal offering this.
  5. Yeah, sorry. We are leaving January 20 hitting Princess Cay, St Thomas, and St Martin.
  6. I’m sailing Regal in January and am looking for a breakdown of the nights, for example when is formal night, lobster night, etc.
  7. We are visiting St Thomas in January, and we would like to visit Coral World, but we know they got smashed a few years back from the hurricanes. Has anybody been lately? How’s the conditions? Would you skip this for now and do something else?
  8. That was the looks of things from pictures people posted. All filler no killer, as the kids say.
  9. Is it considered rude or uncouth to order multiple items from each course when dining in the main dining rooms? I know some specially restaurants charge extra for extra, but what about the standard dining rooms? I’ve visited all inclusive resorts in the past where we were given the “eat what we give you and shut up” treatment. Reading the menus posted I feel like I could say “bring me one of everything!”, but I wouldn’t be quite that gluttonous
  10. Yeah, pictures lead me to believe it’s lackluster. I’ll be sure to bring my own, I just enjoy the atmosphere of a good reading room.
  11. Hello folks. I was wondering what the library situation on Regal Princess looks like. I know they have a small library, but has anyone ever used it before? Is it “up to date” or does it feature old Readers Digest condensed books and stuff?
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