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  1. We just used them for the first time for our trip to Lisbon and the TA from Lisbon to St Maarten on November 2nd. So far, so good. FedEx picked up our one standard bag (up to 50lbs.) on Wednesday, 10/16/19, and we could track it through either Luggage Forward's or Fedex's website. Fedex was more detailed in their tracking. It was scheduled to be in Lisbon at the port by 10/23/19, but we were so surprised to see that the bag arrived on 10/21/19 at 10:55 am. I just wished we could have had a 2 to 4 day later pickup since it got there so fast in only about 5 days.
  2. I just wish the mass market cruise lines (RCI, Princess, Carnival, etc.) would quit building the huge monstrosities of 4,000 to 6,000 passengers that end up in these smallish ports. DH and I quit those a few years ago and now try to look for 1,200 pax. or less which usually means more money, but we enjoy the cruise more. We just don't go as often as we want as we usually stick to Seabourn, Oceania & Crystal. Got to save up for those cruises, so we go less often.
  3. Okay, then I think we're good. I have had this last coupon since January of 2016 & thought that maybe I couldn't send it to the new guest. They are going on my cruise November 2nd, 2019 so they'll be using it before the 2 years are up. Thanks again for the info.
  4. Does anyone know if there is any expiration date to use the coupons by? I received my 2 coupons in January of 2016 and have one left to give to a new Seabourn guest who is going on my cruise in November. I have emailed Seabourn Club for an answer but thought I might try here, too. There are no dates of issue or expiration on these coupons that I can see.
  5. It looks like we will be boarding in group 5 out of 10, as we are now booked as Delta Comfort+. I can live with that.
  6. Thanks to all who commented. It really helped. We are now booked on the Delta flights in their Comfort+ seats to get us in to SFO a little earlier. ATL was a no brainer considering all the positive comments. Thanks again.
  7. No FC flying back. With AA, will probably pay to go up to their Main Cabin Extra, etc. With Delta, the same, with their Comfort+ or something like that. We have both Citi/AA and AMEX/Delta Gold cards with some miles left on them but not sure if we can upgrade with them. We will probably be booking with Seabourn's FlightEase with regular Economy and then try to upgrade after being ticketed. We are flying on TAP Portugal in Business Class lie-flat on their new A330-neos, non-stop to Lisbon out of SFO, which we're looking forward to, but couldn't swing it getting out of S
  8. Yes, rkacruiser, you confirmed what we were thinking about getting in earlier to SFO. With 2 hours in ATL, we should be just find getting to wherever we have to go for Delta. I have a AMEX Gold Delta card but don't think it gets me into any lounges, tho'. For only 2 hours, we may forego that. Thank you for your help, really appreciate it.
  9. Our Seabourn TA from Lisbon (11/02/19) ends in Sint Maarten on 11/16/19. We have a AA flight from SXM to SFO at 5:08pm with layover in MIA for 1hr 58min. This gets us into SFO at 12:33am; then need to get ride to hotel to sleep. This flight is with Seabourn's FlightEase but not ticketed yet. We are trying to get into SFO earlier to get some rest at our hotel before we fly out from SFO to San Luis Obispo (SBP) next morning at 12:50pm. Just found another flight today on Delta leaving SXM 3:45pm, arriving SFO 11:31pm, with a 2hr 13min. layover in ATL. We will only have ca
  10. Yep, I have. Was just kinda waiting to see if anyone else got out there first. Usually, one was already started by 6 months out like the one we did in December 2016 TA. Soooo, I'm sitting here considering it . . . .
  11. Yes, you are right, SLSD, I remember how it was back in December of 2010 when we took our first cruise on Seabourn to the Caribbean. That roll call had many people on it and it was great to meet people then. With, what, 5 ships now -- I was hoping it might pick up. Oh, well, we will still enjoy this cruise no matter what. Thank you for responding. Kathy
  12. We are booked on the Lisbon to St Maarten transatlantic cruise leaving on November 2, 2019 also but cannot find any roll call set up for that specific cruise, just the 2 that begin after on 11/16/19. Just wondering if any of you have noticed this. I am aware of not many roll calls being started by Seabourn cruisers but this one is coming up in a little over 6 months. This is our 3rd Seabourn cruise and love Lisbon so going back. Any info would be appreciated. Kathy
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