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  1. We have just arrived in the US and are now getting excited to join the ship on Saturday for our cruise to Peru. All your postings have been most useful and I will try to add while we are on board. We will be in a Spa Suite on the 9th Deck and I believe some of the features will be very modern. We're in the older age bracket and although the ship looks modern, like all ships, it appears to have its own individual charm. They've obviously really tried to think of everything but we know how difficult it is to please everyone. So far, every early fear or concern we've had has been allayed but the excellent earlier posts. Watch this space.
  2. We plan to board on 19th October in Miami to cruise down to Lima.
  3. Dear R&M, thanks again for the daily brief which has been the most explanatory and open reviews of the Scenic Eclipse to date. A director of the Travel Agent that I tend to use was invited on your trip and called me on Friday to give his "spin" on the ship. I was very pleased to hear that his experience concurred with yours and he didn't try to oversell the current experience. Like you, he felt that this was more of a "shake down" cruise and that crew were still trying to get to grips with everything on board. He too, felt that the quality of build was very high as was the quality of the food. Once the service and logistics are sorted out then this should be one of the finest cruise ships on the oceans. I shall try to add to this wealth of knowledge next month. I hope to meet with you on a future cruise and I think I speak for everyone on this site when I say thanks for going the extra mile to help us.
  4. Dear RockyandMoose, I’m so pleased that you managed to get your trips in the helicopter and the submarine. You deserved it. I also think that all of us on the site as well as Scenic owe you a debt of gratitude for the excellent reviews you have placed during your trip. A safe onward journey to you both.
  5. Dear RockyandMoose, I agree with you. I didn’t mean to imply that one should know how these things work intuitively; in fact the opposite. We tried to use a US washer and dryer on a Seabourn or Silversea ship and with no instructions it took ages to understand it’s workings. If Scenic are going to supply a guest “instruction manual“ for such facilities I think we would all be appreciative. I’m sorry to hear that the helicopter and submarine trips have not run as smoothly as desired but maybe the gods will be kind to you tomorrow. Thanks again for the excellent reviews of the different facilities.
  6. Being from the UK we are familiar with this brand and have it ourselves. It's one of the "Rolls Royce" brands of white goods and in our experience the most reliable. We find ourselves in a similar quandary when we use American made laundries on other ships with having to learn the operation as it's very different to what we're used to. I'm sure that the water filters needed cleaning as they no doubt contained a build up of everything during construction and there was inadequate time to flush everything through. Hopefully now they will be OK. The point about the filters is very relevant as Scenic will need to institute a routine of cleaning these regularly as they are very efficient at collecting the "fluff". Enjoy the helicopter and the submarine.
  7. Dear RockyandMoose, You are "Stars". I feel embarrassed about the effort to which you must have gone to help those of us lucky enough to be boarding over the next few months. I have no more questions and thank you profusely for your detailed responses. If our travels ever coincide I owe you a very good drink; at the least. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you both for fair weather and an enjoyable helicopter ride.
  8. Dear RockyandMoose, Thank you so much for your excellent insight into the workings of the ship. We are due to board next month in Miami and cruise to Peru through the Panama Canal. We have only used Seabourn and SIlversea in the past so your information has proved most useful. If you happen to notice which house champagnes they are serving we would love to know. Also, were you able to book all the shore excursions and restaurants when you first boarded or are they released on a more daily basis? Many thanks and please don't let your updates stop you from enjoying your cruise.
  9. At 13:40, Portland time, she still appears to be in dock. The hurricane is now hotting Canada so I expect she'll leave this evening.
  10. We will be embarking in Miami and leaving in Lima. I'd be interested to know of anyone else on the same itinerary. And, like towel-animal, would be keen to know from those on an earlier itinerary how the service and finishing touches are going. I wanted to contact Scenic UK today but apparently their telephone lines are down. I hope no-one's pulled the plug?
  11. Dear Goorawin, Very many thanks for taking the time to make so many of us more comfortable with what to expect on our future voyages. I’m certain that that many more than those who posted have read your findings with interest. If we’re ever on a cruise with you I owe you more than just a drink. many thanks and enjoy the remainder of your time aboard.
  12. Thanks RockyandMoose for the pointer to the videos. Exactly as I’d wished but didn’t dare hope for. Photochromic glass certainly isn’t the cheapest option so we can assume that Scenic have used similar standards throughout the ship. I’m now getting excited. Does anyone know which champagnes they offer? Thanks again to Goorawin and all contributors who have been so helpful.
  13. Thank you so much for the useful insights Goorawin. I shall certainly benefit from much of your advice when we board in October for Miami to Lima. If I still have a concern it is about the layout of the Spa Suites. The only pics I’ve seen show totally open plan with no privacy between the bathroom and bedroom. We’re reasonably open minded but this would seem a little candid. I know we are all begging you for information so please, after all you’ve been through, feel free to ignore this and enjoy the rest of your cruise. Thanks for being so unselfish and generous in your posting.
  14. Dear Goorawin, I think, at least I hope, that everyone on this site really appreciates exactly what you're saying. I believe that Carol was saying that although she hoped everything would be positive the truth is that there are issues, sadly. We are booked in a couple of months and had seriously considered cancelling when they dropped Cuba. The company are certainly not as professional to deal with as either Silversea or Seabourn, who are the only other cruise companies we've ever used. I am extremely interested in your input which seems incredibly well balanced. I bet there are some passengers that are incandescent with the treatment they've received. Have Scenic accepted that they have behaved poorly and offered to make amends? For me it's more about the way a company behaves when there's a problem rather than the problem itself as that shoes how honourable they are - or not. Thanks for the pics. Most informative and they can only show the truth. Many thanks for your feedback - it is appreciated.
  15. Dear Goorawin, The tradesmen's vans have left and there's less activity on shore so, hopefully all will be well. If you get this before boarding give me a little wave just before you go up the gangway as I'm watching the ship live. Good luck and have a relaxing drink from all of those thinking of you.
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