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  1. Yes and it won’t be long until we see the same message for December cruises.
  2. Carnival is a reputable company and know how to deliver refunds. Carnival will come through with the refund as promised.
  3. Carnival takes great pride in their elevators and will spare no expense to give their passengers the best elevator ride at sea.
  4. No need! Carnival has it under control and will process the payment in what they see as a timely manner.
  5. Still early October. Carnival has said the virus will be gone in October and there's still 3 weeks left in the month.
  6. There won't be anything different for your Princess cruise in January. Princess has stated that they'll be back to normal cruising operations in January, therefore check-in won't be any different than the past.
  7. Carnival has stated that the virus will be gone in October. Carnival will issue refunds in a timely manner and return to cruising in November as planned.
  8. Carnival knows what is acceptable and they have no reason to keep anyone's money any longer than they have to.
  9. I hope they do too but I doubt it. I have a NYE cruise booked and fully expect to get my $600 future OBC and head to Cancun.
  10. Lol it just happens that all of the November and most of December cruises hit capacity but the Christmas and NYE cruises haven’t. We’ve seen this time after time, they’re done!
  11. All Carnival cruises cancelled until December 17th! The first cruise available on Carnival's website is December 17th. When will the next round of cancellations come?
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