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  1. Thank you Taba! I've been checking and waiting for the cruise prices to go down. This double OBC was the nudge I needed to book my cruise today. I did get double OBC -- $300 instead of $150 for a Veranda cabin on a 10-day Panama cruise.
  2. Thank you to all for responding! I decided to go with a FWD cabin on Deck 8 on the port side. I hope the port side is the "better" more scenic side.
  3. This will be my first cruise with HAL. I cruised with Celebrity a couple of times and loved it. On both Celebrity cruises I was on an AFT cabin, Deck 7 for the first one and Deck 8 for the second one. For this Panama cruise on Eurodam. I tried to book an AFT cabin on Deck 7. The travel website I was using will not allow me to select an AFT cabin on Deck 7. The best I could do was pick a guaranteed VE cabin. I called the travel agent associated with the website to confirm that a guaranteed VE would be on Deck 7, hopefully port side too. The travel agent told me VE could be on Deck 4, 7, or 8. I don’t see any VE cabins on Deck 4 and 8. Anyone know where these cabins are or what I might end up getting?
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