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  1. Yanicka24


    I'd like a beach day, my mom would like to go parasailing. Any beach clubs offer this?
  2. Yanicka24


    My mom really wants to parasail. Are there any beach clubs that offer this in Aruba? I'd like to have a nice day on the beach & she'd like to option to go parasailing... Thanks.
  3. Flying into FLL, sailing from POM. Trying to decide on a hotel... Which hotels near downtown/Miami airport/POM offer free shuttles to the port? Are there any hotels you can get a free shuttle from FLL airport to a hotel in downtown/Miami airport/POM area? Any hotels that offer both a free shuttle from FLL airport to the hotel then to POM? Understandable we can book the Carnival airport transfer and use local transportation just seeing what free options we might have one place or another.
  4. Yanicka24


    Yes I know Im a rebel. I cruise with my birth certificate not a passport. Does Aruba require one?
  5. Just a "hey this could happen".... last year on the Glory about 10pm on the last night the internet on the whole ship went down which included the casino system. We had been just playing some winnings we'd had thru the week, nothing too major... We were told to stop playing etc which we did. And we waited. Finally sometime around 1am after lots of yelling by fellow guests we were told no one could cash out anything. If you had money in your "bank" like us it would be mailed to you... it took over 6 weeks to get the check. I was glad it wasnt much but there were some folks who had a whole lot more than us...
  6. I emailed the Carnival casino email and got a response that we havent achieved a high enough level of play yet... well ok. I'll try the host when we get there.
  7. Carnival- We didnt book a casino offer for our upcoming cruise but I recall reading some place that you should check with your PVP or email the Carnival casino email to see if you still qualify for any free play. We arent huge spenders in the casino but we do play quite a bit when we cruise. Has anyone had any luck getting any free play or other casino perks if you didnt book via a casino offer?
  8. Here I am back at the topic that is the bane of my existence... parking in Miami... in the past we have just parked at the port because I cant seem to find much in the way of useful reviews of outside places but in a Facebook group someone brought up a possible new place... can anyone confirm this is a new place? Have you parked there? What was your experience? The website they gave is miamiportparking.com It says secure garage, self park, and keep your keys. Any reviews would be appreciated.
  9. If you're looking for an excursion in Amber Cove try Power Snorkeling thru Carnival. It was beautiful. They bus you to the "pretty " side of the island and take you out snorkeling with a little jet pack that pulls you thru the water.
  10. Has anyone done the zipline there? Cost? I know my DH is going to want to do it.
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