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  1. Carnival- We didnt book a casino offer for our upcoming cruise but I recall reading some place that you should check with your PVP or email the Carnival casino email to see if you still qualify for any free play. We arent huge spenders in the casino but we do play quite a bit when we cruise. Has anyone had any luck getting any free play or other casino perks if you didnt book via a casino offer?
  2. Here I am back at the topic that is the bane of my existence... parking in Miami... in the past we have just parked at the port because I cant seem to find much in the way of useful reviews of outside places but in a Facebook group someone brought up a possible new place... can anyone confirm this is a new place? Have you parked there? What was your experience? The website they gave is miamiportparking.com It says secure garage, self park, and keep your keys. Any reviews would be appreciated.
  3. If you're looking for an excursion in Amber Cove try Power Snorkeling thru Carnival. It was beautiful. They bus you to the "pretty " side of the island and take you out snorkeling with a little jet pack that pulls you thru the water.
  4. Has anyone done the zipline there? Cost? I know my DH is going to want to do it.
  5. Its required by everyone to wear the life jacket if you go out on the inflatables. Regardless of age or swimming ability.
  6. Do they accept American dollars for the cabs?
  7. Yes they are a little bit of a swim but when We were there it wasnt like there were waves or anything you really had to fight and yes there are life jackets.
  8. Maybe if you go into it not expecting caviar and diamonds you'll be pleasantly surprised. The only reason you booked it was to up your status right so regardless of the room it's still a cruise. Try to think positive and bring ear plugs just in case.
  9. John Heald posted this morning there is a shortage of escargot and it make effect availability in the MDR on sailings. Will this be the new thing to break the internet??
  10. Have you tried to call Carnival & explain? I dont know if Carnival does it but I know other cruise lines do. It cant hurt to try, right?
  11. We always book deck 6 or higher. We do interior which we are fine with. We like the dark for sleeping anyway but anytime I've been offered an "upgrade" it's been to deck 2. Never an upgrade in my opinion. I'm ok not seeing the water that up close and personal. I know what the engine vibrations can be deck 6 and higher I cant imagine what they are on deck 2. Just my personal preference I guess.
  12. Yes that's exactly what I paid. I guess I didnt realize it was a "delivery fee" when I bought it. I'm used to paying tax or whatever so I dont really pay attention.
  13. How does Carnival control what people drink while in port? We should be able to be adults and make responsible choices or have people with us who can. Not have Carnival babysit us.
  14. I ordered water for our upcoming cruise. There was an 18% delivery fee in my invoice but since the total for two 12pks was only $9 I guess I didnt notice. Just confirmed with my receipt.
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