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  1. Does Carnival sometimes have discounts when you book on board? I cruised RCL last year and the Chef's Table was about half off the website price if you called and booked the first day on board. I think certain other experiences (maybe some spa things?) were also discounted.
  2. Then I'm still confused how a 2D is higher than a 4B. I mean, it's a moot point if I can't go to a different category, but I'm still curious. Guess I'll just be happy with my slightly larger cabin and appreciate the exercise to the stairs.
  3. Which takes priority? Letter or number? Or does it depend? So you can't switch to a lower category without incurring a charge? I called last night specifically to ask that and was told that I could. That's a shame.
  4. How are categories ranked? I booked a 7D GTY with a TA. Got assigned a 4B, a spacious balcony but it's pretty far aft. Today, there's a 2D regular balcony on the hump open. I called RC last night and they confirmed that I could switch to a lower category without changing what I've paid and said that regular is below spacious.. though he said it as if he was agreeing with me to get me off the phone so I understand if he was mistaken. Called my TA's office today (my TA is out) and the agent I talked to called RC and was told that 2D is a higher category than 4B so it would cost me more to switch. How is that determined? Is it the number, the letter, or something else entirely?
  5. Presumably you'd do the same if you posted in the wrong thread. I know I'd appreciate being redirected if my helpful advice wasn't reaching the correct OP! Thank you, Merion_Mom, for trying to help even when it's unappreciated.
  6. I appreciate this thread! I haven't been on Carnival since 2006 and I'm planning on a 2019 trip. Anything additional I should know that hasn't been mentioned?
  7. Really appreciate all the pictures and information, sandebar. I'll be on the Mariner in December. Slightly switched itenerary, doing Nassau then Coco Cay then a sea day, but it's close enough that I really appreciate you sharing everything!
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