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  1. Must be the Bandidos at the Purple Grotto. (Nice pic!)
  2. Today, there was a major fire in the Bombardier facility in Belfast, where the A220 wings are assembled. Who knows what that means for the long-term future for the program.
  3. One more item....if you originally bought a restricted ticket and exchange the value for a refundable ticket, the value of the restricted ticket doesn't miraculously become refundable. That still retains the original restrictions, and must be used by the deadline of the original e-credits. Otherwise, folks could just keep rerolling credits ahead and then ahead again.
  4. "But I don't care about those others....it's MY MONEY that matters"
  5. Hold on. I believe you have it backwards. If the payment to Aegean had already cleared and been paid for, the CC company would take your information and do its investigation into your claim. I extremely doubt that they would "immediately" credit to your account before any investigation. If the payment to Aegean had not been paid by the consumer, then the CC would likely put that charge into the "disputed" category -- meaning that it would not be part of the current cycle, but it too would not immediately credited.
  6. You managed to leave out an "OMG" or two in your headline.
  7. I'll just take my disinfectant orally -- almost neat, with just one ice small ice cube.
  8. But that's not first class....it's Delta One Business, for international routes.
  9. You might find that DL's "Comfort Plus" might be fine for his height. DL first isn't as spacious as it was a decade ago - I suggest you check the pitch stats at both the DL and SeatGuru websites.
  10. A couple of interesting tidbits: "We introduced the Cruise As You Wish program for Dream Cruises and Star Cruises, which allows travelers to cancel the bookings 48 hours prior to sailing and receive 100 percent future cruise credit for use again by March 31, 2021." " For Genting Cruise Lines, our ships have 100 percent external fresh air filtered and supplied to the cabin and the public area, which means a constant and healthy flow of fresh air and no circulation of air within the ships. " I guess that he means external air coming in through the cabin ceiling vent. Does that little suction vent in the bathroom provide for all of the cabin outflow.
  11. Is this the one with the blue cover? I just looked at it, showing a 1999 copyright date, but with no mention of "anniversary" that I noticed. Were there any interim cookbooks between that one (1999) and the current "30th Anniversary" volume?
  12. The 777 was a small sub-fleet, with only 18 airframes. DL has decided that their future long-haul fleet will be a mix of the A330, both in classic and NEO versions, along with the A350 which they deem their fleet's flagship. 767s will be the next long-haul to be retired - AA has announced that for their 767s. In general, there has been much positive buzz on the A350, both from passengers and from the operation side. In business, the Delta One Suites is a huge leap up from the old 777 herringbone design. The MadDogs were always going to be leaving the fleet -- this shutdown just accelerated the process. Even the 90s are fairly long in the tooth. I would expect that you would get replacement in the form of the A220 (formerly known as the Bombardier C-Series), which has also been getting passenger raves. Some frequencies might even get 737 service.
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