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  1. FlyerTalker

    Connection times through Charles de Gaulle airport

    In some places, instead of a SkyPriority sign, you'll see Access No 1. Use that as well as SkyPriority. One other item...don't put your passport and onward boarding pass away in some inaccessible pocket. You'll need to show them at your security screenings and likely when entering any kind of priority line.
  2. FlyerTalker

    Best search engine to find cheap airfares?

    Nice to have your input here. And being healthy is far more important than answering some questions - had thought you might be taking a sabatical. Hopefully, any nastiness didn't come from this direction....unless you happened to be an executive handling the Marriott -SPG merger and integration.
  3. There are a number of insurance policies (not just cruise/travel related) that are not available for sale in certain states. Ditto with real estate investments and other financial instruments. Apparently, the policy sold by RC will not meet the regulations and requirements of NY state. As to who or why, those are probably moot points for curiousity only, since New Yorkers now will not have this product to purchase. Beyond that...nothing to add.
  4. FlyerTalker

    How far in advance do you book?

    True...but there is no such blanket regulation in the USA, thus the comment "no USA rules". Other countries have various regulations, thus you do have, for example, "UK rules".
  5. FlyerTalker

    Virgin Voyages.

    That would have been on Virgin AUSTRALIA, while Branson's primary airline is Virgin ATLANTIC. One is a licensed name and one it the original airline. And there is no "Virgin Air".
  6. FlyerTalker

    How far in advance do you book?

    There are no "US rules". It completely depends on the corporate policies of the cruiseline. I know of some where you cannot take an existing booking and rebook at a lower price. And there are some where you can. Caveat Emptor.
  7. FlyerTalker

    Connection times through Charles de Gaulle airport

    Your flight will arrive at one of the three concourses that makes up T2E at CDG. The outbound will go out of T2F. You'll have immigration and security processing. I'd want more time, but you should be OK if your flights are on time AND you follow the advice above about dawdling along the way. Get a map layout of CDG so you are familiar with the layout. You'll follow the signs marked "Correspondances". Here is a complete description of your connection. It's not an official CDG website, but is quite informative. http://easycdg.com/passenger-information/connecting-flight-connections-paris-cdg-airport/transfer-terminal-2e/terminal-2e-to-terminal-2f/
  8. FlyerTalker

    Best search engine to find cheap airfares?

    Well, I hope you know that just because it is the "same flight", doesn't mean that it is the "same ticket". Oh, I forgot...you say you do. Maybe other readers here can get some insight at least - all tickets are not created equal. And to just compare price is to ignore that the underlying fare rules may be significant. But then, it is all about the lowest price. Right?
  9. FlyerTalker

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    Try a cruise on a luxury line. No checking in/out of towels - in fact, they are put out on every lounger, and there are large deck boxes with them for you to just take as you need. Ditto with stacks at the gangway for you to grab as you need.
  10. FlyerTalker

    Best search engine to find cheap airfares?

    There is no "the best" for the "cheap airfares". Are you looking for a magic bullet that will end the need for research and due diligence? Remember that many of the "cheap airfares" are consolidator tickets that come with significantly different fare rules than published fare tickets from the airline itself. Caveat Emptor.
  11. OMG....we spend thousands for an Asian cruise and $5 is an affront. Plus, I'm not quite sure what you're talking about - I can't find a "Chang Mai" in Vietnam, and "Chiang Mai" is in Thailand.
  12. FlyerTalker

    Delta seat assignment at check in - families?

    Yep...let's pick a doctor without doing some research. Ditto with dentists, lawyers, investment advisors. Folks do hours of research on picking a plumber or contractor, but will grab the TA who gives them the biggest discount. Or the first they find online. So let's pose this question to the collective group - have you done due dilligence and research on the qualifications and experience of your travel agent?? Or do you just assume they know what they are talking about?
  13. FlyerTalker

    Question about free baggage with Alaska Air Visa

    Perhaps a call to Alaska Airlines might get the official answer. 1-800-ALASKAA
  14. FlyerTalker

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    You want an inexpensive vacation - RC has to control costs somewhere.
  15. FlyerTalker

    East Coast to Bali

    Note the word "some". Meaning you may have some options other than "take it" offering from the cruiseline. Also meaning that set of options is likely limited to their contracted fares. TANSTAAFL