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  1. For some quick differences: https://www.tenniscourtsupply.com/5-major-differences-pickleball-paddle-tennis.html Given that the width dimension is the same, and the length is the same (once you remove the paddle tennis "backcourt"), the only other adaptation needed would be the inclusion of two lines to indicate "the kitchen".
  2. Some old time Crystal passengers may remember the final segment of the world cruise in 2003. A family was using the ship to move from Australia to the USA -- and basically chose to flaunt just about every rule and/or "suggestion" regarding behavior and dress. They were banned from the MDR about halfway to Hawaii, and were put off the ship in Honolulu, rather than sailing all the way to Los Angeles. Standards can be enforced. It merely requires the decision to do so, and the actual enforcement.
  3. Not necessarily the best place for your CC spend. Terrible redemption rates, along with some recent no-warning devaluations, make them a lousy currency. They aren't called "SkyPesos" for nothing. One quick example. For an upcoming trip, I could redeem 75k AA Advantage miles for a one-way business class ticket to Asia, on Cathay Pacific. Delta was going to put me on China Eastern and charge me 250k SkyMiles for the same start and end cities. Duh!!
  4. And depending on the ticket you get from Princess, that may or may not have the ability to buy a seat in Main Cabin Extra. Princess can't/won't give you the fare basis until after you are ticketed, so you are getting a pig in a poke. You would get the bag as an Advantage ELITE member, but not as just a non-elite member. You would also get the bag as a holder of an AA credit card.
  5. The flight attendant who wants to move me from my aisle seat to a middle had best have a cocktail or two coming my way.....on the house.
  6. You may not be able to get a preferred seat at all. It completely depends on the fare rules of the ticket itself -- and since you are not going to actually be ticketed until shortly before your flights, you are left in limbo. Also, you don't specify what kind of "preferred seat" you are looking to upgrade into. Some require a completely different fare category, some are merely a seat fee. And, as I mentioned, it all depends on the actual ticket that you have purchased. Caveat emptor.
  7. The actual order for those who may wish to delve deeper and note the judges. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/21011418-flcruisecdcca11ord071721
  8. That's known as VDB - Voluntary Denied Boarding. All airlines, including WN, are required to ask for volunteers before resorting to IDB, Involuntary Denied Boarding. Now, the issue becomes what the airline is offering to those who will VDB. WN may just be offering such a small amount that folks aren't taking it. Which then triggers the IDB if there are still more pax than seats. If you have been IDBed, you are entitled to specific compensation, per federal rules. And remember....VDB and IDB are NOT applicable when there is a flight cancellation, which is
  9. Simple fact to remember: If your flight is cancelled, be it on Southwest or any other carrier, you will be accommodated on the first flight WITH AVAILABLE SEATS. Not the first flight. No airline will bump other passengers just to give you a flight to your destination. Add in that systemwide load factors are in the 80s right now and that works against you getting on the next plane out of Dodge.
  10. The special security line is mostly due to the physical layout of the pre-clearance at YVR. One goes straight from priority security into the GE kiosk area, so it is limited to those with GE access privileges including NEXUS. OTOH, there is a different security line that funnels into the regular CBP processing area that includes those with only Pre-Check and not GE/NEXUS.
  11. Remember - the TSA is a USA government agency. It has no jurisdiction, nor any authority or application at non-USA airports.
  12. The printed "Pre-Check" merely indicates that you would be eligible to use the Pre-Check process - IF such is being offered at the location and time of passing through security. Note how it is printed on connecting boarding passes as well, even though you have already passed through security screening on your originating BP.
  13. The average Crystal cruiser knows more about travel than Greenberg. His books have been recycled, inaccurate "tips" culled from other bad sources. His television appearances have been corporate PR pitches. And overall, he's just plain out and out bad (and frequently demonstrably wrong). Other than that....
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