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  1. FlyerTalker

    Those with extensive experience in ATL

    There is only one "terminal". There are seven interconnected concourses, all airside connected and DL uses all of them. Not just A through D. All flights from YYZ to the USA are pre-clearance, so there is no immigration or customs at the USA arrival point.
  2. FlyerTalker

    Those with experience in ATL

    Since you don't describe what the "two different bookings" means, it's tough to give you a good answer. What are the actual ticketed flights? What are you trying to accomplish?
  3. FlyerTalker

    Main Stream compared to Luxury Class

    I can do many cruises on Crystal for under a $250 per diem. Is the room as big as a suite on some mass-market line - nope. Am I overall happier - completely. Much better value, IMO. One thing about a great ship - there are so many places to be other than your room, you really don't spend much time there at all. Unless you are a room person, who spends every moment there and doesn't venture out. You decide.
  4. FlyerTalker

    Is AT&T cruise plan necessary?

    Try a package of Post-It notes, where everyone can leave messages on cabin doors. Bet it would work as well as an expensive messaging plan. Aside from the part where Mom wants to reach anyone instantaneously. But that's more about family dynamics than economics or technology.
  5. FlyerTalker

    Reliability of ships

    Incorrect. Those aircraft aren't just sitting around, waiting for their next flight in a week or so. They are actively working a schedule. And a charter makes arrangements for specific dates, times and airports. So, if there are "circumstances", it will be some effort to get aircraft to a particular location at a time that was NOT originally scheduled. Unless you know of an operation that just keeps aircraft sitting on the ground, waiting for stuff to happen. (in other words, aircraft don't make money sitting...they make money flying).
  6. FlyerTalker

    Reliability of ships

    OMG....your car might break down on the way to the airport. Quick....cancel all vacations and let's stay no more than walking distance from home.
  7. The French learned about strikes from the Italians.
  8. FlyerTalker

    Cruise line/timing recommendations.

    Quality, including food, and liveliness/youthfulness are at two ends of the spectrum, IMO. I fear that you are going to have to make some difficult decisions, and only YOU can prioritize what's important. If you are looking for a young, single, party environment, you're gonna give up the food that you value so much. I would highly recommend Oceania, Crystal and Regent for top-notch food experiences - and I base that on personal experiences. I've sailed on Celebrity and found their food offerings to be better than most mass-market lines, but far below anything that I would consider a "foodie-worthy" dining experience. They are great by comparison to RCI or Princess, but that's a low bar to surpass. Disclaimer: My experiences with RCI, Princess, HAL and Celebrity have been "one and done". And for good reasons.
  9. FlyerTalker

    Main Stream compared to Luxury Class

    Calliope might recognize.... Tonight for dinner, I had an exquisite ahi tuna appetizer, a crab soup, and a veal chop for dinner onboard a luxury line. The ahi tuna would have cost at least $20 in a fine restaurant and was top quality. I ordered a second and it came with no problem. The veal chop was superb and where would you find crab soup outside a high end fine dining restaurant. If these things matter, there's not an easy way to assign dollar values to the enjoyment you receive. And if it doesn't matter, and you just want "dinner", then you also can't assign some dollar value to this. The simple answer is a couple part question: Do you buy solely on the basis of price? Does the level of quality matter to you, and how much do you wish to value that? No one can answer those questions for you. More importantly, in this judgmental world we live in, BOTH ends of the spectrum of answers are OK. Neither is right or wrong in the abstract....it's just what is right for YOU. ONLY YOU can make those judgments about what is best for YOUR needs and wishes. For anyone else to tell you is the height of hubris on their part.
  10. FlyerTalker

    Main Stream compared to Luxury Class

    If all one wants to compare is cost, then spreadsheet away. But the intangibles of a luxury cruise are something that truly distinguishes these lines. Service where you are considered to be a welcome guest, rather than just this week's load of new meat. An attitude of making sure that you are happy, and where the answer to a request is "certainly sir" rather than "we can't do that". Where there's no "oooh aaah" about "lobster night" because there's lobster tail on the menu every evening. Lots of room to enjoy the ship. No need to hang a room key around your neck to charge everything you need during a day. No party atmosphere and few children. And staff that has been with the cruise line for decades, not years - and who take pride in welcoming you to their "home". Above all....remember that there is a world of difference between price and value.
  11. Amex Platinum Card (which does NOT mean Delta Platinum Amex Credit card) is card holder only for SkyClub, with a $29 charge per guest. If you get a second card on the account (for an additional fee), then the secondary card holder gets access as well on their own card.
  12. FlyerTalker

    After cruise from Singapore-fly to Hongkong?

    The question is unclear. Do you want to visit HKG? Or are you just thinking about flights? You can fly non-stop from SIN to the west coast...or even SIN to EWR (which is in New Jersey). Or you can make any number of different routings.
  13. FlyerTalker

    Cunard Insurance package, the best?

    So what you really have is a piece of paper, which you paid good money for, which you don't know if it meets your needs or not, but that you trust someone else to have sold you the right thing. I'm praying that you have no need to file a claim.
  14. FlyerTalker

    C-pap /tsa

    The consistency is that every airline gets to set its own rules, within the parameters of government regulation. See my second point where I spell that out.
  15. FlyerTalker

    C-pap /tsa

    Several points: 1) The issue with lithium batteries is that if they are in the cargo hold, there is no effective way to fight a fire in that area. Although a fire in the passenger compartment is still bad, at least it can be fought and extinguished by crew. Big difference. 2) Even though the CPAP may be spec'ed to meet an airline's onboard power requirement, it is still the airline's option as to what it will and will not allow to be operated during flight (albeit within governmental regulations first). Sorry, but airline policy overrides your machine specs. 3) Nope - DL says no use with the onboard A/C outlets. That means....no use. How can a clear prohibition be misinterpreted, unless one is trying to find a way around a black letter rule.