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  1. She got a ton of criticism in both social and news media. No mention of any threats, just that it was "overwhelming scrutiny" on her family.
  2. Note "probably". Because Crystal doesn't do the weekly loops such as the mass market lines, they don't have the contractual leases on specific piers as some lines have. Crystal, like other "occasional" clients, gets the leftovers.
  3. And yet, "covid-like" stays with us. As for the excess deaths, it is interesting that little effort is being made to analyze when those deaths are from suicide, overdoses, alcoholism and when death is due to lack of treatment for other conditions. It's all blamed on one thing -- the one that Birx said we needed to stay home for, while she met her family for Thanksgiving.
  4. If they die, do they now go in the "Covid" column? Convenient how both cases and deaths can only go up.
  5. Don't forget the good news. Virtually no one has ordinary influenza or is dying from it. Curious how that works.
  6. TPG has decent information with trip reports. Be aware that TPG generates significant income from credit card referral payments. I have noticed that redemption stories often correlate to CC advertisers and signup links.
  7. Shades of the old "Did you pack this bag yourself?" "Did anyone ask you to carry anything for them?" "Have your bags been in your control since you packed them?" That was theater....this now is theater.
  8. FWIW, AS was doing a number of different discount codes at the same time. Probably involved some marketing test to see what channels get what kind of response. I know of at least three other "codes" that were in play, including one that was distributed directly to employees with no public acknowledgement.
  9. A new video showing loading operations for the Skye. It also includes footage from the interior, where boxes now take the place of pampered passengers. Passengers have long been known in aviation as SLF -- Self Loading Freight. Now, the freight needs to be loaded by others. Enjoy.
  10. Word is out that these cities won't be serviced by AA for 2021, though there may be a return in summer 2022. I know that many liked the AA non-stop between VCE and PHL, eliminating a connection in Europe. Plus the BUD and PRG routes fit in with various river cruises. Time to become a bit more flexible in your flight demands -- and a chance to experience other carriers.
  11. Neither of those two will come anywhere close to the level of enrichment program you would find on a Crystal trans-oceanic. Of the two, go with Regent, especially if the Silversea option is on one of their original four ships which are less than half the size of a Crystal ship. But be ready for a different entertainment experience.
  12. No....commissions are long gone, save some rare exceptions with third world areas. What cruiselines are mostly providing are negotiated, consolidator contract fares. But why let that stop a good story.
  13. I can see counsel saying "Prove causality". Especially if masks were mandated and government testimony on the efficacy of mask usage is presented as evidence. And depending on the judge, he too might say "where's the causality?" There's an inherent contradiction between "wear masks because they prevent the spread" and "well, even though he wore a mask, he still spread the virus". Too many are trying to have it both ways.
  14. You cancelled your trip on Cruise A, and then booked Cruise B. As mentioned, that "moving" was cancelling on your part.
  15. Nope. The T&C specifically state that they are acting as a booking agent only, and that the contractual relationship is with the airline. They may choose to take actions on your behalf and to your benefit, but they are not liable in any way for airline changes. Read your fine print.
  16. But...but...I was told that masks and lockdowns would work. NYC has shutdown most everything and mask usage is over 95%. Same with California. But they are having more cases. How can that be?? They told us....
  17. Those are the various dynamic pricing levels. Any given flight could be any level, based on dynamic award pricing algorithms.
  18. And in today's "follow the science" story: https://www.wlwt.com/article/ohsaa-coronavirus-rules-students-can-wrestle-but-cant-shake- Wrestling - OK Same wrestlers shaking hands - not OK
  19. Yep...let's turn all those "quiet" areas over into profit-center shops and paid activity spaces. Bet that Crystal could probably hire some bright eager folk from Carnival who would be able to profit maximize every square inch of a Crystal ship. (Personal aside: I happen to be someone who enjoys a quiet spot to just relax and watch the world go by.)
  20. Ah, the old "what's an acceptable number" argument. When any answer greater than zero and you are an uncaring, insensitive brute. Acceptable is not the issue. What is the issue is determining just what the real data is, what that data means in terms of the populace (both in toto and individually), and what is a reasonable, rational, non-hysterical response to that data. Start your argument with inflated data, toss in numbers without comparative perspective and mix with doom & gloom negativity -- leaves a rocky start for the rest of the discussion.
  21. Let's say that I am skeptical of that 280k number. It's been demonstrated that for a number of reasons, folks were put into that count merely if they had the virus in their system at the time of death. Or if they had it previously before passing. Or if they exhibited some symptoms without any testing. How about the folks in hospice for other conditions? Or the accidents, or motorcycle crashes or even the fellow who fell off a ladder but was counted as a covid death because the virus may have caused him to have shortness of breath which might have led to his falling.
  22. Hypothetical: Huge purchases had been arranged with Pfizer. Then it develops that company XYZ has a much more effective and cheaper alternative. Can you imagine the charges of incompetence and cronyism -- "The fix was in to make Pfizer rich...who owns stock in that company? They must be corrupt". It was a no-win situation, and the best game-theory approach was likely to go with multiple options for the greatest overall result.
  23. My point is that even in "normal" times, hospitals don't have large amounts of excess capacity just sitting there. The fact that a hospital is XX% full does not, in and of itself, mean that the system is overloaded or not. Not until you know how XX compares with a similar time period in other years. In 35 states, a "certificate of need" is required to construct hospital capacity. There are artificial restrictions to keep occupancy high and deter excess capacity. So, let's try to keep raw numbers from dominating our consideration of facts. Far more critical that we t
  24. One overlooked factor in this discussion is the direct regulation of the airlines by the DoT under the curiously named Airline Deregulation Act. This is to the level where SCOTUS has ruled that this federal legislation and attendant regulations preempts other state laws, and is the governing law for air carriers. It is also quite likely, IMO, that this same authority may come into play in the tension between the ADA and the DoT. Note how the airline industry is governed by the Railway Labor Act, which supersedes other labor legislation.
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