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  1. I note the information is still valid but that doesn't matter to you. All you care about is someone pointing out all the rudeness and disrespect. Tough.
  2. A lot of really crabby people on this thread. I appreciate the OP's question because I had the same concern.
  3. I'm asexual and have never really felt the need for a relationship. Everything I have done in my life, my whole life, has been solo. I would be nerve wracked doing a cruise with someone else.
  4. Blackjack Trivia. Normally team of one, but if another group invites me to join, I'm not opposed to it. Adults Only section. Sea View lounge on the Holland America. Enjoy a Pina Colada and play with my smartphone, take in views, people watch. All the shore excursions. You're part of the group. Main Dining Room and Buffet. Eating alone doesn't bother me one bit. All the scheduled entertainment. Live music, dueling pianos, stage shows, stand up, magicians. I'll do it all. One thing I wish they had on my last cruise: a dedicated crew member to lead card games, board games, social games (like Werewolf (Werewolves)). I would have LOVED that.
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