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  1. Do you know anything about Celebrity giving $100 for the port change from Ft Lauderdale to Miami? If so, how is it to be disbursed?
  2. Did you clear immigration in Key west then just disembark in Ft Lauderdale the next day?
  3. I have a signature beverage package included with my fare. Can I upgrade it to an elite package onboard?
  4. I agree with you. Just got off of the Koningsdam. There was nothing to do. Any demonstrations or lectures were just venues to sell things. The rock room was loud and was just noise. I grew up in that era and even danced on Bandstand. They were not typical of rock and roll. the pianists in the billboard were bad..singing off key. The string quintet was a class act. They are gone...not even any mention of them. That was what I expected but they were no where. There was nothing to do during the day.
  5. There was no Test kitchen or even demonstrations on the Koningsdam after the change.
  6. I'm on the Dec 21 Kdam sailing. Have not received a notice. Has anyone else ?
  7. I buy the Ruffino pinot Grigio listed in the elite package for $6.99 a bottle and a 1.5 liter of the Zonin listed in the regular package for under $10.
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