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  1. Yes! Legends was the other one that I couldn't think of. The particular one I saw had Steven Tyler, Lady Gaga and Elvis. The guy seriously had his face altered to look like Steven Tyler though I am sure he was nearly a foot too tall. The voices for all were spot on.
  2. Back when the epic was brand new they had the Blue Man Group and it was fantastic. I was severely disappointed when I booked my 2018 Epic cruise and they no longer had it.
  3. I have not been on the Breakaway but I have been on the Getaway. Why do most people prefer the Breakaway?
  4. If you want to go thru NCL for excursions then I would suggest that. A lot of times there is limited space for them.
  5. Yes, and I said except for the most extreme cases. But your point has nothing to do with GSC because they Do Not have a pier so that Can Not be the reason they skip the island.
  6. Right, but the issue isn't the rough waters effect on the big ship it is their effect on the smaller tendering ships. A dock would eliminate all the island skips except for the most extreme rough waters.
  7. X2, we don't see too many threads about someone's cruise skipping Harvest Caye.
  8. I'm not sure. It is tied to your NCL account. Might have to make sure that cruise is listed on your account.
  9. Thanks. I'm just curious as to what NCLs plan to correct this for the future is.
  10. You can buy your photos at any time. Https://www.nclphotos.com
  11. I wonder what kind of testimony they had that in any way proved that the damage was from not receiving treatment vs what caused the heart attack in the first place. Plus, if the doctor failed to administer proper care it is malpractice. But, if they didn't have the ability to then the cruise line is negligent. It just seems like it is going to set a precedence where they won't even bother to administer any treatment in severe cases like this and just automatically air lift the passenger off the ship to the nearest hospital at their own dime. And, they will stop allowing people on cruises who look like they are in poor physical condition unless they sign a medical waiver.
  12. Yes, my comment was specific to if the account is shared. I assumed if you were with your wife that it was shared. I believe you answered the OPs question though since they are on separate accounts.
  13. While it may say that you each have $100, if the account is shared the whole $200 will be under one persons account. All charges will also show up on that account as well.
  14. I totally agree with your assessment of the scooters and strollers issue. I was on the Getaway in January and there were at least three elderly people, two man and one woman, on scooters. The woman, while completely fantastic, had so many issues with it and was always backing into people. One of the men had ran over another older gentlemen's foot and received a punch to the face for it, which was a complete disgrace onto itself.
  15. DaCruiseBug has just informed me that only NCL cruise ships list.
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