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  1. The price for the cruise I booked in January 2021 is significantly higher now than when I booked. i would think they that wouldn't modify their prices at all until after the pay in full date as usual. Now with the cancel anytime prior to 48 hours deal I have no idea how they will work their prices. I can see it causing a real havoc if they lower the prices and people are cancelling and re-booking up to 48 hours prior to a cruise.
  2. What I had tracked from a previous cruise was that they accepted the bids for lowest category first and worked up. Anyone that was accepted and had more than one bid had their lowest category bid accepted.
  3. The problem with the TV is that they aren't in order and charges aren't always applied when they should be. It took us a great deal of effort to figure out which charge/credit was for what to make sure everything was correct. I have also noticed that a lot of times they won't automatically apply a credit for latitudes benefits and you have to go get it corrected.
  4. Lunch and drinks Buy CruiseNext certs and book my next cruise if I know what it is. You can also take a tour of the spa if the ship has one or walk around the ship to get to know where things are. If by then the rooms are open I'll go relax and wait for the Muster Drill. After the Drill, go to the pool deck for the sail-away party.
  5. I know you can modify your bid I'm just not sure that will allow you to change payment method.
  6. I don't mind reading a bad review. Most of the time it is just an opinion and it might or might not be shared. I read a review of the cruise I was on earlier this month and a person said they wouldn't sail on NCL again because the crew wasn't "overly friendly". I didn't find that to be the case from my experience so I ignored it. It isn't the bad experiences posted being the issue as much as it is someone telling me that I should never sail on a particular ship or cruise line because their opinion was that the cruise or cruise line was bad. I'd really prefer to read all of the reviews, goo
  7. Does anyone know if the min bid changes for a particular category depending on which category you are already in? Like would the min bid for a Haven be higher for someone in an inside than someone in a balcony? Apologies if this was previously asked.
  8. I was on that cruise as well. A bit unfortunate with some of the bad weather but everything else was fine for us. We were also upgraded from balcony to a spa. I used the spa every day, there were seriously never more than 20 people in there.
  9. It's an issue not solely attributed to the Encore. It can be frustrating, I agree. But for me, spending 4 days at ports in the sun and on the beach when I'm on the ship during sea days I try to find a chair in the shade so I can listen to music, do puzzles on my tablet and have a few drinks. When I get hot, I'll get up and get in the pool or go to a waterslide, ropes course or whatever. I'm on vacation and I remove myself from the stress. But It's not an issue that would cause me to never sail on a ship again "at any cost".
  10. I'm wondering if they are still working out the logistics of it since the first Leonardo is expected in June 2022.
  11. Maybe the issue is less with the ship and more for what causes you stress.
  12. My point is that it doesn't make it cheaper, you've just changed the way you payed for it. I bought $500 OBC before my cruise then bought 4 CNs. It doesn't mean my CNs were free.
  13. You're applying an OBC that is completely independent of the CruiseNext certs. The double promo always applies to balcony and above.
  14. They told us you could get Pizza as a main course. So you could get Soup, Salad, Pasta and Main Course(or Pizza). And it is a full size pizza.
  15. My last cruise 1-8 FEB on the Breakaway, we won a bid for a spa balcony from a balcony for min +$5. 3 weeks before sail date there were still 26 spa balcony & spa suites available. Bid was accepted 2 weeks prior to sail date. Balcony's and OV bids were awarded 4 weeks out.
  16. I'm not so much upset about the quality of the food as I am about the decline in choices.
  17. Well let me know if you are accepted, I'm interested in finding out.
  18. Moderno on the Breakaway earlier this month was fantastic. Didn't get one bad piece of meat, flavor or cook.
  19. One other thing I noticed when tracking peoples comments from my last cruise and their upgrade bids was that if anyone, myself included, bid on more than one category it was the lowest category bid that was accepted. and it may have mostly to do with the fact that they took care of the lower category upgrades first.
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