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  1. We will be on the Pearl in 12 days (!!!) and trying to "sell" the trip to my 14 year old. Does anyone have recent or recent-ish dailies for Entourage for Pearl? Or any that would be similar to Pearl's? I found an older Entourage for a different ship (not Pearl) but it was also an 11 day cruise versus 7, and so wasn't sure what would and wouldn't "transfer." TIA
  2. I am curious as to what your original booking was? I know you booked a guaranteed, but what category? If they stuck you in an inside but you had booked a guaranteed balcony, for example, that is frustrating if they did not offer difference in price at the very least.
  3. We booked and final payment was due that day (less than 100 days out). I noticed about 3 weeks later the price dropped for our 2 BR family suite by about $450 total. I knew we were past their 10 day requirement but I submitted the request anyways. We ended up getting $150 in OBC (110% of difference of 1st 2 passengers). We were confused on the amount and when we asked about it, they said, "Oh, you weren't actually supposed to get that anyways. Someone made a mistake. You got lucky." So we left it alone. lol
  4. Awesome! I am on the FB group and here on CC. Thanks!
  5. We have one day open on our cruise. I figure if we see something that interests us, we can always book something. That makes me kinda nervous though... not checking them out and such before hand. Again, I am a super worrier. The kids will be on the ship for 2 of the days... so I REALLY hope we make it back for those. lol otherwise - party in suite 11006!
  6. None cut close -- The "closest" one ends 3-4 hours before we have to be back.
  7. MillerWRHS

    El Cielo

    This makes me so happy!!! We just booked with them a few days ago for our cruise in March. It looks gorgeous.
  8. So I have been on a few cruises (2 through Carnival, 1 thru Disney) in the past. We have our cruise on the Pearl coming up March 17-24. I'm a planner and a "rule follower" (I'm a teacher...lol), so I have ALWAYS booked excursions through the cruise line. This go around, with 5 of us cruising, I have taken a different approach, mostly from seeing it as an option - book through the companies themselves. As we get closer to our date, I am starting to panic about getting left in port. Someone or someones who cruise and use non-line excursions reassure me. I booked through shore excursioneer for a beach day in Costa Maya, Cozumel excursions for a snorkel trop in Cozumel, and Daniel Johnson for the sloth/monkey hangout in Roatan.
  9. thanks to you both. 🙂 I figure we will shoot for an 11:30 arrival.
  10. We are in a 2 BR Family Suite (non-Haven) on the Pearl Mar 17-24. We leave out of Tampa. We live in Tampa, so it is just a 10 min drive to the port for us. We are wondering when we should arrive (because we are suite guests, it gave us a window of time rather than us choosing a time)? There are 2 adults, a 14 year old, a 10 year old, and an 8 year old in our party. Thoughts for anyone who has traveled NCL out of Tampa before?
  11. Thanks for this awesome review! We head out on the Pearl (first time on any NCL ship!) March 17-24 from Tampa. We live in Tampa, so it's really nice to hear good things about our hometown. 🙂 Thanks for contributing to our local economy! lol The Barrymore is very nice. Good choice. 🙂
  12. Pretty sure only adults can sign out the kiddos. But I believe 12 year olds can sign themselves out (just not other kids).
  13. My understanding is yes. A notary verified that who signed the letter is who actually signed the letter. Otherwise, I could just “sign” for her dad and no one would know any different.
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