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  1. Is there a US government function other than the Coast Guard which looks into this kind of incident? Perhaps the National Transportation Safety Board? Often, the rush to pin blame on a failed part or a person overlooks the chain of errors or events which contributes to the outcome
  2. FLL airport security has been relatively quick based on my last few flights with Global Entry / Pre-Check. My recollection is the ships may dock as late as 8am, but, as noted above, usually come in much earlier.
  3. There were yellow public taxis (with guides) waiting by the buses inside the Cienfuegos customs enclosure. And, public taxis waiting just outside the gate. My suggestion is to check with several guide services, and see what they would charge. That way you have a guaranteed ride back
  4. The Vancouver Sun newspaper has covered the growing issue with cruise ships and economic development for several years. The cruise business is a significant contributor to the local economy, but has to jostle for pier space with the grain export business, containers, and others. The port authority converted the Ballantyne Street pier to cargo only when it expanded Canada Place a few years ago. Ballantyne had been used for overflow cruise ship space. There's also an issue as suggestions that Delta (an outer suburb) become a cruise ship port conflict with hotly debated plans by some to make Delta a crude oil and liquid natural gas export facility. Lots going on...
  5. That's a very useful map, thanks for sharing it.
  6. The EZ Pass network is gradually making inroads into Florida. My understanding is several toll roads in the Orlando area now accept EZ Pass, in addition to the Florida E-Pass / SunPass. EZ Pass is not accepted on the Florida's Turnpike south of Orlando, and is not accepted on the I-95 Express toll lanes in Broward and Miami-Dade. And not accepted on several SW Florida bridges. The separate toll authorities in FL, of which there are 7, IIRC, adopted different protocols for transponders, and have different local service centers. Governor Rick Scott imposed rules requiring the authorities to share certain features, and allow interoperability among the FL issuers. Since the collapse of the billing system in 2018, Florida SunPass billing has been erratic. Turnpike Info - Florida
  7. The updating of Vancouver cruise ship facilities would be a complicated situation in any case. Tides, access, hotels, cab rights, who pays, etc. With differences in the community about what is needed, I doubt there will be any solution in the near future. Cruise ships are likely to get bigger, so the problem isn't going away. (It took decades to gain agreement on Roberts' Bank coal export facility, and that was after long coal trains choked many highway crossings, etc. This likely won't be any faster. )
  8. A few months ago, the local Vancouver BC news reported a dispute about the cruise ship business. The current cruise ship terminal is not configured to accommodate the size and number of today's cruise ships. So, some ships anchor and tender. The longer range solutions of a huge expansion for the current terminal, or a brand new terminal out past the Lions Gate have become ensnared in local politics and regional economic issues. The authority is encouraging more ship lines to select other than weekend days for departures, but has had limited success, from what I understand.
  9. When we visited Athens / Piraeus in 2016, there were two cruise ship terminals in use, A and B. We were at Terminal B, and tour buses were available on the pier, just outside the security checkpoint. Terminal A is a five minute shuttle bus ride, buses were lined up. Also cabs and private tours. We were told the free shuttle buses took passengers to Terminal A, where ATMs, Metro trams, local buses, etc would be available. Google maps confirms the light rail / tram terminus is about two blocks from the Terminal A gate At terminal A, there were several ships docked, the terminal looked full. I'm guessing Terminal B handles larger ships and overflow.
  10. There were plans to build a long term parking garage on that site, do you know if that's actually underway?
  11. Fort Lauderdale crime map Crime in Fort Lauderdale There are areas of Dania Beach, just south of the Port, which are safer than 8% of US neighborhoods Dania Beach map
  12. There are a number of Chinese made Geely vehicles in Cuba, they looked relatively new. Geely, Kia, Nissan, older Lada vehicles, Mercedes, etc. Many new Chinese buses for tour groups, without any visible seat belts. Gasoline can be an issue in Cuba. Two guides said the price for a gallon of gasoline was about $4 US, but supply is not always available. Oil is imported, mostly from Venezuela, and is locally refined. Auto parts like tires, brake shoes, air filters, spark plugs, etc are rebuilt. The Cuban people are masters of making things work. In 2017, Reuters described a bottleneck for premium fuels, which are limited to the government and cash paying foreigners. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cuba-energy-shortage/cuban-state-run-media-confirms-gasoline-shortage-idUSKBN17N2FZ
  13. Thanks for that info, Capt_BJ. It definitely contradicts my experience with E-Z Pass NY, which wouldn't let me add the rental car plate to my account. "That plate is already registered to another account." I used my transponder anyway, and it worked fine. I wonder if the SunPass operator restricts this feature to rental vehicles that aren't already registered on their system? I'll have to try the Sunpass + rental feature. I plan to rent a car with Budget's $18 a day special deal for NorthEast one way rentals in two weeks.
  14. When the SunPass is registered / activated, that account is linked to a credit card or bank account. And, it's linked to a specific vehicle license plate. That plate doesn't have the be the one which you intend to use. (But, if you blow through a toll barrier, and your license plate isn't on their file, you are are subject to more penalties.) The way the system is set up, you can't add the rental car license plate info to your account. With Alamo and Budget, you get a message that the plate is already registered on the tolling system. You can, of course, use your portable SunPass or E-Z Pass, and hope that the charge goes through. It almost always does, I can recall just two failures in my dozens of attempts. If it doesn't got through, you get the bill plus two admin fees. It's a bet I would take as long as I know my transponder is working.
  15. You are correct, thanks for pointing that out.
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