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  1. Porcupine 52, I'm sorry for your loss.
  2. I took a quick look at United Air's website for flights Newark to London. Mid-December. Looks like they have a single 787 Dreamliner on direct, but two code shares. One with Lufthansa (via Frankfurt) and the other with Air Canada (via Toronto).
  3. Each of the cruise lines has issued a considerable amount of future cruise vouchers. These unsecured I-O-U notes are valuable for their future use. But, if a line goes under, knowing who holds the vouchers, and for how much, could be exceptionally useful in organizing a class action. Just saying...
  4. I don't know if anyone has considered whether Key West is an "essential" destination for cruise passengers. Would a prospective passenger choose one cruise over a similar cruise based on a stop at Key West versus one more sea day? It may be that a significant number of passengers would just as soon skip Key West for a slightly lower price, or another sea day. Or not.
  5. It's possible the legislature will step in and "clarify" the intent of the referendum. They've taken that step as recently as last year. The voters chose to restore the vote to felons who had completed their sentences. The legislature clarified that to mean that all fines and restitution had to be paid before voting rights could be considered. In spite of the fact that some counties had no way to determine what, if any, fines and restitution remained. If the city leaders and the powerful hospitality industry in Key West seek to overturn the referendum, I'd say the odds of the le
  6. I hope that Viking cuts a deal with UK authorities to consider passengers as "in transit" and thus outside the traditional arrivals rules. Arrive, pass through border controls, get on the bus, get on the ship.
  7. "Up to daily testing" is an impressive threshold I wonder if the investment will get Viking better access to Vancouver cruise terminal?
  8. My wife and I have visited Key West several times. It's a nice long weekend trip from the Treasure Coast. Many innkeepers, restaurant owners, etc are very opposed to the tsunami of cruise ship passengers. Flooding the streets, buying a $19 T shirt and a $15 Margarita, then going back on the boat. It's amazing after the ships depart how much less frenetic the streets are. The usual drunks, slobbering party goers, etc are around, but that's part of the charm. The dive shop community and many people linked to that business are very opposed to the large ships. Even at l
  9. Go for it! Can't hurt to ask...
  10. Key West voters passed a series of restrictions on cruise ship visits to the Conch Republic. There were actually three separate items: one to ban ships with 1,300 crew and passengers, another to limit the number of people allowed ashore from all ships to 1,500 per day, and a third to prefer docking to lines with the best sanitation and environmental records. The cruise line association is now interested in a dialogue with the town. It's likely the Florida legislature may also become engaged. They've become involved in a number of local referendum decisions when the outcome offend
  11. Several Caribbean nations have begun to open their doors to airborne tourists. Grenada, St Kitts, Caymans, etc join (non-Caribbean) Bermuda. All are currently in the lowest US risk tier, so returning tourists don't need any checks under federal rules. One requirement is a clean "bill of health" in the preceding 72 hours before arrival, so Viking's lab could provide that evidence. Very helpful on a 12 or 14 day cruise. At this point, it's doubtful whether there are enough ports accepting US tourists, but the situation may change in two or three months
  12. Are you writing of the tents and parking spaces added to a restaurant's current space? Here in Stuart and Martin County, several restaurants were given space on public land and parking spaces for temporary tents. They were also given temporary take away mixed drinks etc permits. Many restaurants jumped for this opportunity. Once our Governor "opened" the state, some restaurants chose to return to their pre-Covid indoor and usual outdoor arrangements. Others chose to remain at 50% indoors, and keep their tents or usurped parking spaces. I had dinner in one such establishment's te
  13. There are powerful economic reasons for various nations to cooperate in working out a solution. The cruise business is an enormous driver in south Florida, and some islands are geared to the cruise / tourist business. The cash burn is a huge problem for the big cruise lines, and the cash deficit is likely a huge problem for some islands
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