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  1. Many thanks for your kind response. I wish you many safe and enjoyable cruises!
  2. I agree! The crew was superb, as was the food. I did mention those two items at the end of my review of the ship's issues and disrepair.
  3. PRECISELY!!!!!!!! Some people on this board thought that my remarks were out of line. Clearly, my big mistake was booking on the Veendoom...
  4. I'm glad you found the information I shared helpful. That was my whole point.You should love Viking. I have taken 3 Viking River cruises and have been overwhelmed by the fabulous experience every time! I have a Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection cruise booked in 2020.It seems many others are going towards yacht style cruises: Ritz, Virgin and Crystal. I will check into Viking Ocean cruises!
  5. I guess they only want to hear how fabulous everything is. They don't want to take the time to warn others. Rather selfish and childlike including name calling: one post wonder.
  6. Exactly. The compensation meant nothing to me: $100 for missing a port????. Come on! And free drinks at lunchtime meant nothing tome having purchased an Elite Beverage package. It was actually a giant inconvenience because the Lido deck was swamped with people and some rather toasty by 2;00 and there was literally no enjoying the pool during that time. I am sorry that you have missed Cienfuegos twice. You are correct, Santiago de Cuba would have been a decent substitute. Oceania uses that port of call in almost all of their Cuba itineraries. Thanks for chiming in.
  7. My Husband and I wrote this together. My Husband was a USCG officer for 20 years and has his 100 ton 100 mile license. He Captained many Coast Guard vessels over the years including many years on a 378'. We have cruised over 20 times on Silversea, are 4 star mariners on HAL, have cruised Princess 16 times and Viking 3 times. We have never experienced missing a port on any cruise. Maybe we are just lucky. You are correct, I will never sail on a ship that old or in that much disrepair in the future. My delivery may have been harsh, but it is accurate. You can't make this stuff up. I just don't want anyone else to go through what we went through when spending almost $10,000. I appreciate your honesty and your response.
  8. Old Salt, If you don’t have time then don’t read my critique. Telling the truth is not a bad thing. Trying to keep others from being disappointed isn’t a bad thing either. For someone who doesn’t have time for my comments you certainly respond a LOT.
  9. First and foremost, I was trying to let others know what to expect of Veendam. I am a 4 star Mariner, so this is not my first trip on a HAL ship. I have also cruised many, many times on Silversea, Viking and Princess. The point being that things have changed dramatically aboard these ships over the past several years. There is no excuse for the disrepair. If the ship is not capable of providing what is promised when when you book (outside of weather conditions) then perhaps it's time to put it into dry dock to repair the plumbing system, refurbish the suites etc. It appears that corporate is becoming very stingy. Cienfuegos was NOT cancelled due to weather, tides or any thing of the sort. It was cancelled due to a mechanical problem that the crew had to work on all night long. I am aware that I can travel to Cuba via a flight and land excursion. I chose a cruise because I wanted the comfort of cruise ship accommodations and food. I was not eager to stay in a hotel or several hotels during my visit due to what I heard from friends who had visited.
  10. Veendam 1.) The Captain may not take you to all of the ports on the itinerary. Our second stop in Cuba (the main reason for the cruise), Cienfuegos, was cancelled. A $50.00 per passenger shipboard credit was the purported compensation for the port cancellation. So many passengers complained that the Captain opened the Lido bar for 2.5 hours of free cocktails. There was no additional compensation for passengers that purchased a beverage package either before or during the cruise. Free cocktails means absolutely nothing to those who have already paid good money up front for a signature or elite beverage package. We were given a case number by our fabulous Neptune Lounge concierge. Case #364388. Waiting to hear back from corporate. 2.) The hot tub in the Greenhouse spa was either luke warm or not functioning for the entire cruise. Really annoying to buy a greenhouse pass and not be able to use/enjoy the hot tub at all. 3.) The Captains cocktail party for 3,4 and 5 star Mariners. I guess he was too embarrassed, nervous or just plain sick of listening to any more complaints because he only attended the event for 15 minutes. 4.) The plumbing on the ship leaves a lot to be desired. The toilets in the Spa and the gym were overflowing and inoperable on several occasions. The toilet in the men’s locker room was out of order for the entire cruise. Maintenance was constantly working on pipes around the ship. Promenade deck would be wet and slippery. Maintenance was working on the plumbing/pipes on the Navigation deck right outside of our Neptune suite for an entire afternoon while at sea. Tap, tap, tap, bang, bang, bang all afternoon. Then comes the telephone call that they need access to our suite. So much for resting and relaxing in our suite, let alone an afternoon nap. 5.) The internet is slow, which I understand but having hours of it being inoperable after you have paid to use it is annoying to say the least. 6.) One of the elevators was out of service for the entire cruise. 7.) The all day in room dining menu is a joke. There are a half dozen items and then sandwiches. The all day menu was not available at all on the 8th day of the cruise. 8.) Two points on the pool. Safety regulation are not enforced. They allow small children and not so small children to jump, dive, splash as long as they want to, which ended up being most of the day on several days. Obnoxious to say the least. When reported to the Officers, nothing was done. In fact, on one occasion two officers were present at the pool while the jumping, splashing and diving was happening and they looked the other way. Second point, the retractable dome was not opened on completely sunny days. This made the pool bar and dining area feel like Viet Nam in the summer. Not comfortable at all. 9.) The aft bar and the entire aft seating area on Lido was closed on 11/9 at 5pm for the remainder of the day. This is one of only 2 smoking areas available on the ship. The other area is the casino (on smoking days) where there is a table in the rear of the casino with 8 ashtrays on it and no chairs. No place to sit. Stand and smoke and get out. 10.) Fairly amusing is the fact that one very small, postcard sized critique card is handed out on the first day of the cruise. Gee, I wonder why????? The good part is that the crew are FABULOUS! The food in the Pinnacle (where we enjoyed dinner most of the time), dining room and Lido buffet is always extremely good and an interesting variety is offered. The crew and the food are the only reason to take a cruise on this ship.
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