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  1. It’s so frustrating! If it’s too expensive, I’m choosing another itinerary, so it would be helpful if they can provide a range!
  2. Do you remember how much it was and how long ago. I’m sure prices went up
  3. It seems like no one has an exact answer but figured I’d try again! Does anyone know how much it would be to do an Engagement Shoot at Half Moon Cay? Carnival said they can’t tell me a price until we are on board but I would need to know a ballpark price to see if it’s even affordable. I would love the beautiful white sand and blue water in our photos!
  4. I mean we still wanted to go on a cruise anyway, so we’d figure out a plan B back at home if that turned out to be the case
  5. I am recently engaged and am booking a cruise that stops at HMC. My fiancé and I thought that would be a beautiful place to take our engagement photos for our Save the Date. Does anyone know if this is possible, how much and what is exactly included? I also would want to get my hair and makeup done but not sure if that would be possible because we’d get off the boat so early? Thanks!
  6. Am I able to use a Carnival gift card on board or do I have to transfer it to my S&S account? If I have to transfer the card, do I just go to GS?
  7. I sailed on both Magic and Horizon. Both are really excellent ships, but I would still choose Horizon. It is super new and they have the Sky Ride that my boyfriend and I LOVED. It's much bigger so expect more walking, but we loved everything about it. We also had an amazing CD - Mike Pack who truly made our cruise so much fun. If he happens to be on your sailing date, I would hands down chose Horizon.
  8. Yep, all good here after the clarification of everything! Thanks!
  9. Thanks! This thread has definitely helped us and we've done it all right so far! Better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Thanks for that! We're still new to cruising and have always had our gratuities posted on our final statement rather than pre-paying), but I just wanted to make sure every tip was included. We did't want to stifle anyone accidentally.
  11. We booked under the military rate, so that's probably the reason. I'll definitely call back - won't hurt to try again 🙂
  12. I noticed a price drop, but when I called, Carnival told me they can't make any adjustments after final payment (our final payment was due the week before). Has anyone been able to make any adjustments after final payment?
  13. Thanks! I hope they bring them back. I wanted more time to stay at Atlantis.
  14. Here you go https://www.carnival.com/itinerary/3-day-the-bahamas-cruise/pt-canaveral/liberty/3-days/bah/?smp=Y
  15. When I checked in for my cruise that leaves out of Fort Lauderdale, I was given a 12:00-12:30 arrival appointment with an A01 boarding zone. Does this mean we are the first to board after FTTF?
  16. There’s no right or wrong as to when you need to have everything ordered by. We’ve ordered immediately after booking, but we’ve added on more things as the sailing date got closer.
  17. I’m a picky eater but loved the food on the Magic when we sailed last May. If you’re a meat eater you’ll love the steaks in the MDR. Buffet was excellent as well. For children, they’ll love the water slides and the sky course.
  18. Yes, you can apply it once you're on board. If you have other things to purchase pre-cruise, though, I suggest doing that. One less thing you need to worry about when you get on the ship.
  19. Was looking to book a 3 day overnight Nassau for next year but seems like that itinerary stops in July? Anyone know why?
  20. My boyfriend are "get in, get out, let's do as many activities as possible" kind of people. Looking back at my iPhone photos to see pictures I've taken throughout my dinner, I'd say about an hour. It allows us enough time between drinks and each course of our meal. We aren't rushing, but rather "going with the flow". We pretty much know what we want when we look at the menu. Having a larger party, I guarantee some people will need some time to look at the menu, wait to order to have some conversations, so I'm sure you'll be there longer than us.
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