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  1. Just discovered an email from the travel agency saying that the FCC will be applied by Cunard to the new booking within three weeks. That was four months ago .... I am becoming more worried now ....
  2. Some advice please! We booked with a cruise travel agent (UK based and reputable - v well known) a 22 day Transatlantic North America cruise with Cunard in December 2018. - Yep, that long ago. It was due to depart in June 2020. We paid our deposit and then the balance in Jan 2020 - so a total of £7238. The cruise was cancelled and we moved our booking to June 2021 and our FCC covered the price of the new booking (£7800) and left us some over. That FCC was applied to the new booking and left us, we presumed, with nothing further to pay. Ive just checked the travel agencies site
  3. Exactly. Im not hearing the same level of disgruntlement being directed at airlines or hotels for trying to carry on a business in these challenging times. I also find it interesting that cruise companies are being singled out for health advisories when there are similar risks from flying and staying in hotels. I think it's the lazy convenience of using terms like 'floating petri dish' that makes it attractive to bash the cruise industry. I say it again. For some people, the cruise ship is a way of getting from A to B - especially transatlantics, I get that, and it's an inconvenien
  4. Wait until the beginning of June. If things pan out then you can pay and go. If they dont you can cancel or transfer the deposit into a FCC to a later date. If you pay and then Cunard cancel they will refund you. If you pay and the situation is such that things are no better or god forbid worse, Cunard will turn the money into FCC and you can put it towards a future cruise. If you are of a nervous disposition or feel you are in an at risk group then again, wait until the beginning of June and make a decision then. A lot can change in several months. We sail on 21 June on QM2. Thats
  5. It’s a shame that most if not all of the posts on here are concerned with monetary gripes and whinging about obc appearing then disappearing. Yes, we work hard to pay for our cruises but at the end of the day they are a luxury we choose to take. The folk who man the desks at all cruise line hq, the port authority staff, the officers and engineers and the bar staff, housekeepers, chefs, restaurant and security staff - all stand to lose their and possibly their family’s only source of income if things get worse. It’s not nice for the many people in the cruise industry to read speculative posts o
  6. Totally agree. Well said. email from Cunard this am re our 21.6 cruise. £900 additional onboard credit if we would like to sail - which is our plan. If we wish to change itinerary we can transfer to another cruise later in the year - which is our second choice plan. Or we can cancel and get fcc for use up to jan 2022. Which would be our third choice option. The itinerary change or cancellation option is available from now until 48 hours before we sail. folks need to remember that this is all out of cunards control and like every business need to think about their bottom lin
  7. Absolutely not. If it goes ahead and we are virus free we will be on board. Remember- a lot can happen in three months. If we are ill prior to boarding our insurance pays out. If Cunard cancel they pay out. We will not become part of the too scared to travel brigade. Chances of being run over on way to work each day are far greater than contracting and dying from coronavirus on our cruise. People need to be realistic and understand that life is not risk free.
  8. This sounds sensible. We go in second half of June. No intention of cancelling. If Cunard cancel we will rebook for later in the year. If We are too ill to go, insurance pays out. Not prepared to cancel or get stressed on a what if scenario. Situation far too fluid. Happy to go even if virus still around. Life is not risk free and we could just as easily catch or develop other illnesses or have an accident during the holiday.
  9. Im a seasoned Cunarder, hubby first time cruiser. We have a balcony booked on 22 night QM2 cruise this summer. We are blessed with some good fortune and I am debating upgrading us to a Q5 still available mid ships on Deck 9. Ive only cruised in Britannia before now. The cost of the upgrade is v significant but it's doable for us and it would be a splurge we probably wouldn't repeat again. The question is Should I? Ive always had wonderful cruises in Britannia, but then never had the opportunity before to consider let alone do Queens Grill. Now I have, I am debating the pros and cons. I w
  10. Likewise cruising two TAs in June July this year. Bought hubby two dinner jackets with corresponding trews. The white one he will wear on the warmer nights, the dark one on the formal notes closer to UK.
  11. I have this dilemma too. In the end, to save toting a suit carrier around and having it slip and slide off and around me in the terminal, I pack the suits and jackets last thing on the morning before we cruise. I put them in a hard suit case on top of hubby's other trousers and non creasables (not the same suitcase as his shirts) and then the suit trousers. I put the jackets in next, folding the arms in and the lower part up, and then the suit jackets on top but fold them so they are effectively in half down the vertical. I put tissue paper around and inside the suit jackets and on top, and th
  12. On the Cruise Critic Cunard Alcohol Policy page updates 18 Dec 2019 specifically stating no spirits to be brought on board and one bottle of wine per passenger only.
  13. Seeing that Cunard have from Dec 19 decreed one bottle of wine per person in carry on. Can anyone tell me is this being enforced? Hubby and I are doing 22 days in June and had hoped to take on board three bottles of asti and one bottle of gin for in cabin consumption ONLY whilst we dress for dinner. Was going to take the same on board in our hand luggage. Advice much appreciated!!
  14. Guys and gals - ty all soooooooo much for your comments and thoughts. Really really appreciate it. We are soooo excited although some weeks away yet. For me the enjoyment lies in being able to treat my hubby to this amazing experience!! Ty all again. V much appreciated.
  15. Not sailed on QM2 since 2009. I know she's had the re-fashioning in 2016 but that more is still to be done. We have booked this cruise at some considerable expense - and it is my husband's first time cruising. Reading some of the reviews on here, I am beginning to panic. Please tell me - Is the ship really that rusty and unmaintained? Are the cabin bathrooms that grotty? - I know they haven't been refurbed, but they are clean surely? Is the food in Britannia that awful? _ Im hearing of dreadful quality and cold dishes etc etc I love cruising, and I will
  16. Thank you for all your suggestions and opinions. I am going to take him to try on a tux in the January sales and see if he likes it and wants to go with it. If so - then it will be my treat to him for Christmas. Thank you again.
  17. Good afternoon everyone. I have cruised many many times but my Hubby will be taking his first cruise with me next June- July on QM2 22 day transatlantic and North America. It will be my first cruise with Cunard in 8 years. And my first time with the new Gala nights. Hubby has a beautiful dark blue pin stripe suit he wore to our wedding three years ago. And a black suit sadly bought for my dads funeral last year. I have for Christmas bought him two pleated front dress shirts, two bow ties and multiple shirt/tie combos and cuff links. I am now wondering if these will suf
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