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  1. From ATN, no flights until July 1 at the earliest April - June Flight Schedule Impact Ia Orana Dear Traveler, Dear Guest, Here is the latest update on Air Tahiti Nui flights, schedule changes and rebooking of tickets as of may 4th, 2020. Flight Schedules and Operations: Force Majeure impact on flight schedules In light of international travel and safety measures taken by the Presidency of French Polynesia and the High-Commissioner of the French Republic in French Polynesia, as well as restrictions in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and the European Union (some of which include compulsory repatriation of all non-residents to their home country, entrance only for residents, quarantines and restriction of domestic and international flights), Air Tahiti Nui informs you that we are required by Government directive to delay the journey of customers effective from March 27th, through June 30, 2020. Scheduled flight operations, subject to Government direction, are set to resume from July 1st. The schedule from July 1st onwards is subject to change and all passengers must reconfirm their reservation at least 72 hours prior to departure, if not earlier. Rebooking your flights: If your journey was scheduled for March 18th through June 30, 2020 you may re-book before September 30th, 2020 without airfare change fee or peak season surcharge on any Air Tahiti Nui flight from July 1st, 2020 and to commence on or before June 30, 2021. Please note the new booking must be for the same itinerary and in the same cabin. Peak season surcharge, change fees will be waived. Please contact your travel professional or Air Tahiti Nui for more details. Seats not available on every flight—and booking class restrictions apply.
  2. I was booked on the June 17 cruise. I wanted to change to one in 2021 and PG was willing to make the change but it would be $1000 more per person as we took advantage of a good sale when we originally booked. While my TA could not fix this I called PG and after they looked into this further they agreed to allow the change for the same itinerary at the same fare. While I jumped through some hoops I am satisfied with the resolution
  3. Just confirmed that PG doesn't give a cr@p about us. Changing our cruise from June of 2020 to April of 2021. Same itinerary, same cabin. $1000 more per person. Why they just won't allow the change without charging more is crazy. This will be our 8th cruise on the PG and possibly our last.
  4. The other issue I see is that if you cancel with less than 30 days notice you forfeit everything. I have a June 17 sailing booked and I was happy to wait until the week before to see what is happening. I now have to cancel as I have no idea if flights will still be available from NY nor do I know if they will cancel the cruise. If they do not cancel the cruise but I can't get there obviously I have an issue. I should add that the cruise fare for the June 17 sailing was highly discounted as I booked it on board my last cruise and they were have a 10th anniversary sale. I am sure that if I move the date to the same itinerary that they will NOT honor the same fare and force me to pay the difference.
  5. Strangely Ponant may be in less financial distress with the PG than other cruise lines. They already had factored in the time period when the ship would be in drydock which = no revenue. I am guessing they are saving the $$ (most of probably) that the drydock would have cost as well. This means that while they did cancel a number of sailings it is not as many as other cruise lines. Obviously when the come back on line is the million dollar question. We are scheduled for the June 17 sailing but I am doubtful that this will happen.
  6. It is a long way off but this is not looking good. The ship is supposed to go into dry dock soon and that is questionable as to whether that will happen. The number of COVID-19 cases in the US is far from what will probably be the peak. It is quite ugly here at the hospital. All of us are just trying to stay safe.
  7. We are on the 6/17 cruise. Doubtful it will happen. While I love PG that have not been proactive at all. At a minimum they should allow a change of date at no charge. Taking 10%off the top and then charging the list price is absurd and not customer friendly.
  8. Don't think that the officials in FP may not still require you to have some type of documentation. You will be arriving in FP from another country which means the PG or you may have to provide some documentation. I am not sure what your itinerary is but I did read that all ships stopping anywhere in FP must first stop in Papeete. Not sure how that may alter your trip.
  9. Not sure how many people who want to cruise over the next 6 months have yet to make reservations. I know I booked for this coming June last July.
  10. Getting a little late for PG to be proactive. Being reactive puts many of our plans in limbo.
  11. None of us know if this will affect any cruises but the concern is real. I would have a concern with ending a cruise in Bali but not overly concerned at this time. Unfortunately it appears the situation will get worse before it get better. I believe the cruise after drydock is June 6 and I am on the one after that (10 night). Best case scenario is that the spread of the virus slows and does not spread to additional countries. Probable scenario is that it continues to spread albeit at a moderate rate. Worst case is that the spread extends and expands to many other countries which may greatly curtail international travel. I am not that concerned with exposure at an airport as it is relatively easy to stay 6 feet from others and wearing a mask is an option if one has a high level of concern.
  12. The screening of people using thermometers has already been shown to be ineffective in determining disease. There have been a couple of cases of people who were diagnosed with the virus after returning from Indonesia (citizens of other countries-unknown if they had the virus while in Indonesia) and there is a lot of speculation (only speculation) that it is unlikely that there have not been cases in Indonesia. All in all a lot is still unknown. What is known is that Asia is the hotbed of virus activity and stopping the spread of the disease thus far has not been totally effective. If (a big if) the virus spreads to Indonesia (as it appears to be doing in South Korea and Japan) it could potentially result in a 14 day quarantine period which would effect the crew and therefore subsequent cruises. I am not trying to say the sky is falling but we are entering uncharted territory with this disease. I question at what point in time “better safe than sorry” enters the picture and tough choices are made. Even hospitals in the US (including mine) have implemented strict additional screening procedures for all patients presenting in the emergency department and clinics.
  13. It is now past time for PG to decide what they will be doing with their planned dry dock. Windstar just cancelled all Asia voyages and many other cruise lines are doing so as well. I am sure the challenges in cancelling or changing the dry dock are huge, including the time off that I’m guessing many crew are expecting. I called PG and they did not have any update. We are on the June 17 cruise which is the second cruise after the scheduled drydock.
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