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  1. Which of your trips, and times of year, are the box jelly fish an issue. While I know that stinger suits are commonly used they appear too confining to me. Thanks
  2. I can tell you that the Paul Gauguin will provide mask, fins, snorkel as well as a snorkeling vest. You do not need a noodle or anything from an outside vendor as you will take the PG equipment with you for any excursion. The vest is lightweight, easy to wear, and you inflate it to whatever degree you feel most comfortable with. A noodle is really dangerous since you may be relying on the device for floatation. Any device that you need for floatation should be worn, not held. I have seen close calls when someone let their "float" go and then they almost drowned.
  3. Since you mention you have kids, for them, get the open heel fins. That way as their foot grows you don't have to purchase new fins.
  4. I suggest you post the question on TripAdvisor under French Polynesia. There is a private message option there that we can use to contact you. Cruise Critic does not allow this info to be posted here
  5. They had soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, low fat milk and whole milk.
  6. BTW there is a little shop on the island that sells post cards
  7. BTW, we were with Teking about a week ago. He stamps the passport as a souvenir. You can also have him stamp anything, such as a postcard
  8. We are on the ship now. Staff do not seem to be concerned. Last day in paradise
  9. We board in 12 hours and always take the laundry package. Pricey but really easy. The lagoonarium should not be busy as it is not an excursion offered by the PG and you need a rental car to get there. Very limited options on Rangiroa. I would definitely do the PG aquarium snorkel.
  10. We are on taha’a now and board the ship on Saturday. On Bora Bora there is really not enough time to do the Pure Snorkeling trip in the morning and get to the motu in the afternoon if you want to spend a lot of time there. You will be at the dock at about 12:30 and back on the ship by 1. If you want to eat lunch you can head to the motu but you will have about 2 hours, at most. IMHO. in all our trips on the PG we never went to Matira Beach and we plan on that for this upcoming trip. Supposedly a gorgeous public beach.
  11. Very few if any will be full the first day. Not sure which itinerary you are on but I would look at booking privately on Bora Bora with Pure Snorkeling (or their sister company Lagoon Services) for snorkeling.
  12. We have been on the PG a number of times enjoying the view as the ship leaves Taha’a. Just now we experienced the opposite view as the PG sailed past our OWB at Le Taha’a. A great sight and we look forward to,being on board in about 4 days.
  13. Gerry, if you have time someone is asking questions about a good camera for snorkeling. Posted on TripAdvisor. I know you are the expert. We just landed in LAX and have s long layover before our flight to PPT
  14. We prefer to book ourselves and we leave for Tahiti tomorrow 😀. For a cruise that starts in Fiji and ends in Tahiti I would be very reluctant to book myself. Buying a one way fare may be challenging and expensive. While Air France will sell a one way to or from PPT for half of the cost of a round trip, Air Tahiti Nui charges almost the same for a one way as a round trip. I’m not sure what Fiji Airs prices are like.
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