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  1. Confirmed with PG that they have cancelled these two sailings due to Fiji being closed. Presuming FP opens up the June 16 will be the first sailing to happen.
  2. I wonder if it was cancelled as the itinerary included a number of countries with closed borders and little likelihood of reopening. The May cruise just before the June 5 cruise may suffer the same fate.
  3. I see a June 5, 2021 cruise. Is this the one that they cancelled?
  4. While the Cook Islands appear to be covid free they are just now working out processes for travel to New Zealand. I can’t see how they will be opening up travel to anyone outside of New Zealand, and potentially Australia, anytime soon. I hope I am wrong.
  5. I too hope they can stick to their May restart date. I am doubtful they will be able to sail to the Cook Islands or any region outside of French Polynesia for a significant period of time. I would not be surprised if they modify the itinerary.
  6. We are scheduled for June as well and are hoping it all works out. I think the startup date would be pretty solid (specific to the refurb being completed) but the COVID issue is clearly questionable.
  7. Marine tracker still shows a noon arrival on 2/6. Whether the refurb starts and ends on time is another question.
  8. Having seen a post that an early May cruise has been cancelled I called PG. They informed me that they will start cruises again on May 22. Hope that is true.
  9. In this COVID era I would err on the side of safety and at least purchased my own mask and snorkel. Not only can you ensure that it fits properly but you know it is clean. I am sure all operators claim they disinfect their gear between uses but how would you know. I would be comfortable in using rental fins if you have a "normal" size foot. I wear a size 14 shoe and can't trust that any rental will fit. I also wore dive booties which are a little thick when I was diving and switched to very thin booties for snorkeling.
  10. While we love the PG their changes in the terms and conditions is disheartening. We moved our June 2020 trip to April and still look forward to it. Ponant’s business practices have helped us as we are reserving an Antarctica Cruise this week for next December and we’re strongly leaning towards Ponant. Now Ponant is out of contention for a cruise that costs $25k per person. Just an example as to how short sighted they are.
  11. I'm not sure if all of the information that is being listed is correct, although it may be. It looks to me like the PG is still listing cruises on the PG while Ponant is also listing cruises on their ship but they do not appear to be the same cruises. I may be wrong but it is possible that both ships will be sailing in the Tahiti region for some period of time in 2021. Ponant lists a few cruises as 9 night in 2021 and the PG does not offer any 9 night options. Can anyone clarify??
  12. I agree with Sitka. Tahitianbigkahuna I usually agree with your insightful posts but in this case I have to disagree. Many will already have resort and air arranged. To make these changes at the last minute is totally inappropriate. This is not PG/Ponant supporting their brand and customers, this is PG/Ponant throwing their customers under the bus. If they kept the same itineraries and dates that would be a reasonable alternative. Making these changes with 5-6 weeks notice is a horrible business decision. In no way, shape or form is this PG/Ponant thinking outside of the box.
  13. I should have mentioned that if you dive with the PG team you leave directly from the ship via a zodiac to your dive site. The PG team sets up all of your equipment. If you decide to use a private company you have to take the tender to shore and then have arrangements with the private company. It is so much easier and more enjoyable to use the PG team for the dives.
  14. Scuba diving is pricey regardless of whether done privately or through the PG. The PG dive team is great and I loved diving with them. If your itinerary includes the Tuamotus or the Cook Islands the PG contracts out the dives I those locations. With an overnight usually on Bora Bora and Moorea they usually have tenders going late into the night in the event you want to eat at a restaurant off the ship. You could also leave the ship and spend the overnight at a resort on Bora Bora or Moorea. Some do but IMHO I am already paying a lot for the cruise and I don't think it is logica
  15. I understand that many policies do not have any restriction regarding pre existing medical conditions if the policy is purchased very close to the initial deposit date. Many who have had cancer continue to under go regular appointments with their oncologist for potentially years after their cancer was "declared" in remission or cured. These follow up visits also include additional specialized scans to ensure that there are no signs of cancers recurrence. Are these visits and continued evaluations something that would equate with a disease not being present when a policy is purchased or woul
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