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  1. Looks like from Jan -- Apr 2020 , they are both there
  2. The ship's registry ( flag ) has changed from Italy ( shipyard ) to Princess ( Bermuda ).
  3. Copenhagen Marriott -- 4 miles from the airport ( no shuttle service ) , but they provide ( for a fee ) bus to the cruise terminal. Hotel is right on the river with easy walking to town square and Tivoli Gardens.
  4. Use painters tape -- available bigbox -- Walmart -- etc. Available in green and blue -- leaves no marks
  5. Thanks for the detailed update !!! What is the Casino like ????
  6. Thanks -- What about a fountain drink out of the hand dispenser ???
  7. Looking for recent soda cost onboard Princess -- I know about the different "Soda Packages" , but I am asking about the walk up price of a soda at the various bars. Thanks
  8. Last DD was April - May 2019 Google Fleet Dry Dock Schedule for details -- It was a major DD
  9. If u go to Destinations on the Home page, then select Ports of Call, u will find specific ports. Not very convenient !!!!
  10. I have been watching the movements of the Sky Princess on Marinetraffic Global -- apparently went back into dry dock a week ago -- hope there is not an issue !!! Back out of DD today. Sea trails set for Sat. 8/24.
  11. As soon as you can on the first cruise, go to the customer service desk -- tell them u are B2B with different cabins -- ask if u can stay in your present cabin. They may have to check with home base. We have done this on several B2B, and been successfully. Worth a try......
  12. For the latest Sky Princess info, go to Google drydock schedule - click on Princess - then on Sky. Pictures are from August 3 and 5 -- Sea trials are scheduled for Aug 24. This a good site for all Princess drydock info.
  13. Yes, there is a nice gift shop and liquor store after security just before you board.
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