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  1. Can someone call Princess 800 in the US to complain about the bridge cam please -- no one on board here cares. The bridge cam on the ship TV is correct. Thanks
  2. The destination expert is Johanna Grove for your crossing -- she is really good.
  3. More updates -- the WFM food has not been as bad as on the Crown -- pleasant surprise!!! Also, the omelet stations -- u hand pick the items and give them to the chef -- also, u get a buzzer ( like in restaurants ) when it is ready -- no more paper slips with numbers. ciao for now
  4. No on demand --- speeds are slow ( old system )
  5. Salty Dog said onion rings are available anytime
  6. I reported the bridge cam problem on Tues -- still no action. No to on demand.
  7. The internet has NOT been updated -- in fact the whole ship lost service today for 4 hours !!!
  8. PP says Cffee and Cones open 6 am - 11 pm.
  9. Let me be more exact -- on the Lido deck around the pool = The MIX ( bar) , next to it is Salty Dog Grill , across the pool is Coffee and Cones, next to it is Slice ( pizza).
  10. Yes -- coffee and cones is on the Lido deck !!
  11. Thanks !!! I was following her progress and noticed she didn't move for several hours -- was very late getting into Vancouver.
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