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  1. Just received email --- Oct, 2020 Enchanted is canceled. First cruise for the Enchanted is Nov 21, 2020 -- Caribbean. Must be coming over "empty"
  2. I use the Marriott Courtyard, Dania Beach -- they have free shuttle to/from airport and cruise terminal. Also has an inhouse bistro restaurant/bar for Breakfast and dinner. Safe area.
  3. Received a letter from Princess dated March 10, detailing the data breach and offering free credit monitoring for one year.
  4. I also spoke to a Princess Rep about my disappearing FCC -- he said the same thing -- he can see it on his screen. SO, I ASKED IF IT IS AVAILABLE TO BE USED FOR A FUTURE CRUISE ??? ANSWER WAS NO -- YOUR FCC IS CLOSED !! He had no idea what was happening -- suggested waiting and check back later. O BOY
  5. I have been checking my Captains Circle account daily and it just appeared yesterday !!!
  6. Received FCC yesterday from canceled 7 day Western Carb ( 3/14 - 3/21 ).
  7. Just off the Sky ( 7 day Eastern Carb , Mar 14 ) The Casino is small but well ventilated -- Smoking only allowed on the Starboard side of the Casino and no smoking on Formal nights.
  8. Sky's Bridge Cam says " Great Isaac Anchorage " Off the Bahamas -- a cheap place to sit -- out of the way from the normal shipping lanes.
  9. On the Sky now -- the video board by the elevators show -- " Day 1 , May 17 Copenhagen "
  10. We are on the Sky -- our room stewart said this am that they will remain on the ship for the 2 months -- cleaning, etc. In light of the situation, the crew has been fantastic !!
  11. marinetraffic.com shows all shipping traffic worldwide
  12. Or u can purchase from room service 6 cans for the price of 5 = $ 11.80. Canned Soda Package.
  13. Go to gi.alaska.edu/monitors/aurora-forcast All the info on Aurora around the world -- great site. Last Oct, the forecast had the peek from 10/24 to 10/26 -- we just happened to be in Alta on 10/26.
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