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  1. Certainly a possibility then! I'm really holding my breath actually. My third attempt at Russia and the Baltic is in May 2022, it'll be Sod's law if it coincides and I have to move it again!
  2. Just putting it out there............. could our inaugural cruise be transferred to a new ship? When's the next one due?
  3. I honestly don't think it's a London and the South thing, I think it's a specific practice thing. We've friends in the rural South West, North East and rural Wales who have comprehensive detailed online access. Maybe have a word with your practice manager, maybe the system could be easily tweaked! In this day and age, easy access to medical records, can only be beneficial when travelling.
  4. This seems to differ with every GP practice. Ours uses Patient Access which allows access to all our medical records, including vaccination records. When I set up The NHS App I applied my NHS number and agreed access to my GP records. Then I was able to access the same info as I can when accessing my GP. I think some GP practices are digitally more switched on than others with greater access to info.
  5. The numbers on mainland Europe are rising at a scary rate. Our daughter is in Paris, all is thoroughly locked down again. I honestly can't imagine that they'll be able to end this lockdown in the planned three more weeks. We've been in lockdown since what seems like forever and it's only that and the success of the immunisation programme that is now proving beneficial. Such a shame but I really don't feel that we'll be lucky enough to get over to France or Italy until at least Sept, if then. And I'm a glass positively brimming over sort of person!
  6. Mmmmm, I'd be surprised, there was considerable availability when I looked. However, I wish Viking well, I hope it's a huge success for them AND I hope all the guests have a fabulous time. Incidentally, we visit the Lizard peninsular and the Roseland peninsular multiple times a year and love both dearly. I highly recommend the trips when docked in Falmouth. We stay in a cottage at St Anthony Head that overlooks the Carrick Roads directly opposite Falmouth, and have watched the Viking ships in situ. Sigh, it would be lovely to sit in the Explorer's lounge with a pot of E
  7. Interesting as they rang me just yesterday to chase whether I was interested. I spoke to a lovely young chap, and explained that in addition to knowing Cornwall, The Scilly Isles and Dorset really well, and having visited Liverpool a number of times, that the itinerary wasn't inviting enough. Whilst I love the Viking ship experience, I do need an interesting itinerary. I also mentioned the fact that I would want to be in a completely vaccinated environment and as it is impossible for the crew to be vaccinated yet, and that they weren't insisting on passengers being vacc
  8. Me too rbslos18! Like the flu? Yep maybe the 1918 flu. Really sad and shocked to read that post and I'm glad to see that it has now been edited. We all want to travel, can't wait, but we want to travel safely. Really not into Russian roulette. Think I'll stop reading these posts now, all we need is a few covid deniers and anti vaxers to join us.
  9. I take it this is a joke Porcupine.
  10. Thanks Old Biddy, that counts me out!
  11. Clay, Viking is gauging interest from their Viking customer base who will be offered it first, I suppose it will then be opened to the general public. We are still very much in lockdown here with potential full release not definite though expected early May which is when these UK cruises are planned. In the UK and mainland Europe, they are discussing a Government Covid vaccination app, that would detail tests, previous covid infections and vaccinations, so I would assume this would make it a little more difficult to forge.
  12. I would certainly hope so . A vaccine passport is still being mooted, one can only hope that they get this organised sooner rather than later. I would expect the vast majority of UK cruisers will have had their second jabs by then, they are now jabbing 40 + here, but the crew are super young, how will vaccinations be organised for them? I won't go on a cruise without all the passengers and crew being vaccinated. Yep we're all desperate for holidays and to get our lives back on track but I'm really not interested in playing Russian roulette with anti-vaxxers and Covid deniers on bo
  13. We received this email from Viking this morning re the Chairman's Inaugural cruise on Venus. I hope this letter finds you healthy and well and that your 2021 is off to a positive start. I am writing today to provide an update on our operations, and to keep you informed on the status of our Chairman's Cruise on board Viking Venus. In March 2020, when we suspended operations at the start of the pandemic, we did not expect that now, just over a year later, our operations would still be suspended. But, there is hope on the horizon. We are optimistic about the accelerated dis
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