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  1. Has anyone flown Air Canada to Europe booked through Regent Custom Air (deviation)? Any idea on the chance of getting business class on the domestic part of the trip? Thx
  2. I received an email today from Regent and I’m sure many of you did as well. It said “prices going up October 1”. My question is whether this is just marketing as I’m sure some cruises may be going up in price or does Regent increase all prices periodically. Thanks
  3. I have been reading this topic thread and there seems to be a lot of discussion regarding people having to pay extra beyond the deviation fee when they book their “custom air” flights. Is this something I should expect or is this unusual? My plan is to fly on LH and/or AC (they are codeshare partners) from YYJ to the YVR gateway then to/from Europe. I expect to pay extra for the short legs between YYJ and YVR but don’t want to pay extra for the main flights. Thx
  4. Can anyone recommend a good hotel for a family in Nice? We are planning a cruise that disembarks in Monte Carlo and may want to spend a few nights in Nice before flying home. Thx
  5. I guess my next question should be if anyone can recommend a good hotel for a family in Nice. I imagine we would stay couple nights.
  6. I guess I need to decide where I'm willing to take the risk. $350 x 4 extra for the overnight seems steep. Book myself at 355 days out and I get the itinerary I want but am at risk if the cruise arrives in Monte Carlo late. Not worried about the departure as we're going to arrive in FCO a few days early. Book with Regent at 270 days out and I may not get the itinerary I want and/or have to pay a lot more than necessary. On the other hand, if there are any issues, it's their responsibility to solve them for me. I guess I could opt out and take the credit if I don't like what I'm offered at 270 days out but by then prices may be higher and options more limited.
  7. Thanks for the detailed replies. As mentioned, there was no difference in price on the LH website when booking NCE-MUC-YVR-YYJ all on one day or the evening NCE-MUC flight and then MUC-YVR-YYJ the next day. There is only one flight per day on LH from MUC to YVR. Thus, if I arrive in MUC from NCE in the evening and then depart from MUC to YVR the next day, this will be within 24 hours and the next flight out. Will Regent consider this a connection and not charge me extra? I prefer to fly though MUC rather than FRA and am trying to book on an A350 for the long overseas flight.
  8. Thanks again for the comments. Yes, there does not seem to be any extra cost for a stopover in MUC when booking a “multi city” trip on the LH website. Has anyone done this though Regent and aware of the extra cost? Being able to book 355 days out rather than 270 seems like an advantage, if the prices work out to be roughly the same. We’re traveling with our kids so trying to break the travel home a bit.
  9. Thanks. All good points. I plan on arriving in FCO a few days early to visit so I’m not worried about that end of things, but I suppose if the ship is delayed arriving to Monte Carlo, that would be a problem. The stopover in MUC does not add any cost when booking on the LH website (at least when I checked today). I am trying to avoid a 5 hour layover at MUC before starting a 10 hour flight back to North America. That’s why I thought leaving NCE in the evening, staying overnight at MUC, and taking the flight home the next day would be good. My plan was to take a tour of Monaco after disembarking before heading to NCE. I guess I won’t know the cost of a stopover at MUC until 270 days out. If I don’t like my options, can I opt to book my own flights and take the credit then?
  10. Hi, Apologies if this question has been asked before but I cannot find an answer with my search. Is there an extra cost to fly from a non-gateway airport? My closet gateway is YVR (I am in YYJ) and the cost of booking business class is not far off the credit I will get from Regent if I make my own arrangements. I am looking at YYJ-YVR-MUC-FCO and NCE-MUC-YVR-YYJ on Lufthansa. The credit I will get is 2500 USD which is about 3350 CAD. Restricted Business class booked on the LH website to/from YVR is 3900 CAD and to/from YYJ 4150 CAD. When I add the deviation fee of ~ 220 CAD pp the difference is not that large and maybe cheaper to book on my own if I have to pay extra with Regent given my non-gateway airport. We also want to overnight in MUC on the way back due to flight times and I wonder whether I will be extra as well. Thanks!
  11. Update: I called Silverseas to ask about child discount. Basically the same as other lines have been offering on certain sailings: children can stay in the same room as 2 adults as 3rd and 4th berths for a discount of 50% to 75%. This would probably be a good option with young children but not teenagers.
  12. Thx for the comments. To clarify, our kids will be teenagers at the time of the cruise. Not saying that what the Crystal agent is wise, but thought I’d give some perspective. I was under the impression that Regent is a good line for families with teenage kids based on what I’ve read here and elsewhere. The cruise I am planning is in the Mediterranean in August so it is a “family friendly” cruise with discounts for kids when they share a room with two adults. We’re going to need two rooms as eluded to above so I can’t take advantage of this offer. It will also have the kids/teen club on board, “Mariners at Sea”. It seems like several posts suggest that Crystal may be a good choice as well and this is what I was looking into originally. I can’t see my kids wanting to spend much time in a kids/teen club but they will want to go on lots of excursions so the included excursions with Regent are appealing. Regent also seems to have better itineraries for the dates I am looking at. I will look into the children discount on Silverseas. I will have to call them as there is not much info on their website. If anyone knows the details, I’d appreciate any info you have. Thx
  13. I think all cruise lines want an adult in each room. When speaking with Crystal, the agent told me to book two adjacent rooms with 1 adult and 1 kid and then arrange things however we wanted once on board. He basically said they know families book like this but then kids stay in one room and parents is the other but on paper it needs to be 1 adult/1 kid per room. I assume it’s the same on Regent.
  14. Thanks for this information. Do you know if this discount is for 3rd or 4th person in a room? Regent does offer a significant discount for children if they’re in the same room as two adults. We plan to put the kids in an adjacent room but this means they pay the full fare on Regent.
  15. Another question: If I book something now and pay the deposit, am I eligible for any future discounts if they become available? Is this something I need to keep an eye on or will a TA do this for you? Thx
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