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  1. I noticed that several people are retiring. Some people have mentioned what their jobs were and their age at retirement. I am a teacher and have enjoyed teaching but I will be 68 in a few days. I told my principal that I wanted to work but not have to spend my evenings and weekends correcting papers, doing lesson plans and report cards. In the last couple of years we have had many meetings after school. Add in lunch duty and line duty at dismissal. Each teacher has to also keep their room and hallway exciting with student work and other seasonal and subject area information. I like the last part because I like to showcase the students’ work. Next year, 4 hours in the morning seeing 3 or4 classes to check out books and a short library lesson for some classes. Then I get to go home or run errands. I will have to go back to get my grandchildren ( their mother is a teacher in another school) but I will not have all the work to take home or have to come at6:30 am to get school work done. To to the nurses here - my son is an or nurse and his wife works with kids who have cancer. They both have 19 years in. They have a hard time taking more than a few days of vacation at a time. They did cruise with us once on a 7day but it took a lot for them to get the time off.
  2. Since I am a teacher, my last full time day with students is June 12th. Then a few days of cleaning and moving my stuff. August I will go to part time (19 hours) and take care of the library.
  3. It is official. Starting next school year, I will work part time ( as the librarian). This way I can earn a little extra money and help my daughter with tuition. I will be able to get social security and my pension. Just have to figure out Medicare.
  4. Everyone has told me that you will know when you are ready to retire. It is true. I told my principal a few days ago that I would like to work part time next year. Not full retirement but at 68 I would like a little free time. My two grandchildren attend my school. This is my 32 nd year at this school so I want to stay connected. I have been getting my social security since I was 66. I will take my pension but I can’t take the health insurance. I will have to purchase Medicare and Medicare gap because my husband has health problems. We don’t want to change doctors so we will go with regular Medicare.
  5. Thanks for all the info on Medicare. I was also wondering about prices. We keep getting info in the mail but not with a lot of prices. The couple of places I call that had workshops said you had to be ready to signup to attend. I need to compare the cost to make a choice. We will be on a limited budget. My husband was disabled 14 years ago so he has been on part A and. I got on at 65. We have never used it. The rest of our bills have been covered by my employer insurance.
  6. Hi Lois, Well, I think I have made a decision to either retire and sub or go to part time for next year. I will be 68 in Feb. We have paid off some bills like we planned so it is close. I do need some help from readers. I can’t carry over my health insurance. So who uses regular Medicare and who uses Medicare advantage? My husband has health problems so we need the most coverage we can get and we want to keep our doctors. Which is the best. Thanks. Science 52
  7. I have been on this site for several years without any thought of retiring but I think l am close. I am a teacher and will be 68 in February. I have decided that this will be my last year working full time. I hope to work part time (2 days a week) to have some extra money for cruising. Plus I want to stay close to the school because my two grandkids attend it. I have been at this school for 32 years and have been teaching for 39 years. I enjoy teaching but all the extra hours outside of the classroom is more than I want to do now. I had a problem with my account so l had set up anew one. My old screen name was Read52.
  8. Well, I still am not ready to retire. I am going year by year. I am a teacher. Presently, my granddaughter attends my school and is in second grade. Next year my grandson will be in kindergarten. I still enjoy teaching. Just finished 31 years in this school.
  9. Hi Debbie, It is Shirley read52. Right after I talk to you last I broke my leg so I wasn’t on wards very much. We changed are email so I had to rejoin cruise critic. Did you like Alaska? We did not cruise in the summer because of my leg. We are going to Cuba at Easter. We are doing a back to back so we will be gone 9 days. I am still teaching. I have a good class and only 14 students. After talking with my principal I might be able to work 4 days and not lose my benefits as a resource or stem teacher.
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