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  1. This week my school started a blended schedule. Parents could choose in school or virtual learning. 75% are in person and things went well this week. We are a small school and following all the precautions. The governor said schools could open on Friday. Most of the public schools are large and prepared. I will be working only mornings in the library which at this point, I will be bringing books into the rooms. It was the right choice for me to work part time because I still feel connected to the school and church. I loved teaching but wanted a little free time to do other things. I make good money even working part time. Once cruising starts up again the extra money will come in handy.
  2. Additionally, this blog has to do with retirement and how long it is until you retire. I have been on this site on and off since it started (post number 43). I was under read52 which had a problem so I had to use a different user name. The end of last school year I was going to semiretire (collect pension and work parttime). Covid did change plans. I had to learn how to teach virtually in the last quarter of my last year of full time work. Most of all I did not go on my semiretirement cruise. I am still going to work parttime because my grandchildren go to my school so I will still be exposed. It has changed life and it will never be the same.
  3. We canceled two trips (one cruise). We were going to cruise with friends from Australia next May but their country is not letting anyone travel. I was answering the post before mine about schools. Montgomery County schools made national news because the public schools went virtual and some private schools were going to do in person. The county exec closed private schools and the governor said private schools could make their own decisions.
  4. I teach in a private school so we don’t have to follow the county’s decision. If the governor closes all schools then we have to follow his decision. We haven’t been told yet. We are a small school so we can do social distancing. The public high school across the street from us has 3,000 students. That school would have trouble with social distancing. We have been wearing masks in Maryland since the beginning of the pandemic too. In fact, I made 150 cloth masks that I gave to friends and neighbors.
  5. I see that there has been very few posts since the pandemic started. We had to cancel two trips. One land trip to visit my mom and a cruise in June. We were going to celebrate my semi retirement. I guess we’ll cruise next year. School looks like it will be online again. I will know this week.
  6. I don't have a picture of it, in August. 2017 we were cruising in Alaska. As we were sitting in the diamond lounge, it started to snow on the deck. It lasted about 10 minutes and it was crazy because we were in shorts.
  7. I am a 68 year old teacher. It is the last quarter of my last full time job with a class ( next year I will run the library but half days). So for the last 3 weeks I have been doing report cards, getting materials to students, and learning how teach remotely. Luckily I teach 3 grade and I only have 14 students. I do get to see two of grandchildren because they go to my school. Every day they come home with me. They have only been exposed to kids at school because my neighborhood and theirs doesn’t have kids their age. My other grandchildren live in other states. I am also making cloth masks for my neighbors. I do the shopping because my husband has health issues. I have been a couponer for 45 years so we always have extra food. We have been ordering some things online. I leave that to my husband. I teach in a Catholic school so we are taking our normal Easter break from April 9th- April 20t.
  8. I am a 68 year old teacher. In the last quarter of my last full time year with a classroom ( 3rd grade), I have to teach remotely. I know some technology but this so different. By the way I have used Mystery Science. It is an excellent program.
  9. Well my last quarter as a fulltime teacher is changing. We have been off for a week and will be off this week. DC closed schools until the end of April so we will probably do the same. I am in Montgomery County Maryland which is right next to DC. So we will go to teaching online. New ways to check on students. Luckily I only have 14 students.
  10. Here is my thoughts about toilet paper,etc. Since schools are closed for at least two weeks, tp,soap, food are things that kids get from school and adults at work. Now people need to have more at home because they will be in their homes. The way things have been changing we could be asked to stay home longer.
  11. The governor of Maryland closed the port of Baltimore and all public schools.
  12. The governor closed the port of Baltimore and he closed all public schools in Maryland so most of the Catholic schools will also follow public schools
  13. Just got our refund from RC for the key. We did not make final payment so just waiting for our deposit of $200 as a next cruise certificate. Amtrak is also refunding our tickets from DC to New Jersey. I will miss not cruising this summer but had to cancel because of health problems. Although people recover Corns virus we don’t know the long term effects. People use to think chicken pox was just a childhood quick illness. But now we have to worry about shingles. Viruses are more difficult to deal with.
  14. I agree with everything that you say. But I have a family that gets everything. Me Whooping cough in the 1960's 6 weeks quarantined in our house. Reaction from flu meds that landed me in the hospital. I am also a teacher. My school closed 2 days in Feb. because so many students had the flu including my two grandchildren. Oldest son and daughter Mastoiditis surgery at age 11 and 6 although I took them to the doctor at every ear infection. Daughter had shingles at the age of 31 on her face going straight to her ear. Her 6 month old son got chicken pox. My son is an OR nurse and his hospital has a case. My husband At his third time getting shingles which were on his face, he got viral encephalitis even though he was taking antivirals. He has a seizure disorder which took 13 years to completely control. He had shingles about 20 times. Then he got prostate cancer. One cruise he had multiple seizures (Todds) that lasted for 4 hours because of the cleaning product they were using. This is why my family is being cautious and we canceled our cruise.
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