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  1. I booked on March 7th for my January 2021 cruise and there were a ton of rooms still available in all the categories. So in just over 2 weeks 12 or so different sailings all sold out?
  2. Where are you seeing these? Not on the carnival site. When I called Carnival I was told it was sold out and not chartered. She was very quick to get me off the phone.
  3. Did they offer a refund? Or was it only FCC or OBC? We have only paid the deposits for both rooms so far?
  4. Me too! All of December, January , and February are missing but mine is also still in my cruise planner. We booked ours the first weekend in March and there were plenty of rooms still open so clearly something is up unfortunately.
  5. I booked 2 rooms for the carnival Mardi Gras in January 2021. The carnival website no longer shows any sailings for this ship in January or February of 2021. I called Carnival and was told it is “sold out”. Wondering if there may be a delay in building the ship due to Covid-19. Wondering if anyone has any insider scoop on this?
  6. Anyone know when we can typically expect promotional discount on the bevarage package for a January 2020 sailing?
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