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  1. Do you get an overdue charge for "returning" the books late?
  2. Thank you all for the replies. The ship actually takes a route through much of the Alaskan waters that is not the same up and back. Nevertheless, it sounds like both sides are good. This is our first cruise to Alaska.
  3. We want to take the Star Princess out of San Francisco May 3rd for the 10 day Alaska cruise. This is the cruise that goes to Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, then back to San Fran. Does anyone have a recommendation for which side of ship is best for viewing from the cabin? We plan on a balcony cabin.
  4. Jetty John


    Wow, that's a good photo there.
  5. Oh jeez, I misread that. I doubt if we'd hit that threshold, but nice to know. You are correct about the bandwith of the security cameras. We will see. Thanks for the clarification CC. I'll let you know how it works out.
  6. Yes, those are the prices we see on Princess after we go into our booking. They are discounted prices as the originals are slashed through. There is no mention of a 500 minute limit anywhere. In fact, the premium and social package specifically state unlimited, and the surf package doesn't indicate any time limitations. We won't be spending a lot of time on the net anyway, just want to stay in touch with our son who is watching our house and be able to check our security cameras. We don't care about netflix and hulu. We're leaving our Roku sticks home, we aren't going on the cruise to watch television. We will probably just get the social package, and upgrade if necessary. Thanks for all the input everyone.
  7. My wife and I are sailing on the April 21st cruise to Hawaii. We are trying to decide on the $99 Social package or the $139 Surf package. We just want to be able to keep in touch with kids by email. But may want to hook up to a web site here and there. Does anyone know if there is a big difference between the two? Thanks!
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