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  1. The Men's locker Room had two showers, a handicapped one and a smaller one. Unlike the Sunshine Spa, the Sunrise DOES NOT have saunas in the Locker Rooms. Instead there's a Co-Ed sauna that's on the Right as you enter into the Spa area, you can almost miss it since there's no sign. Oddly it was sometimes open, sometimes not and you never knew when it was available to be used. Additionally none of the Spa employees ever mention this co-ed sauna. IT's as if they don't want anyone to use it and instead buy the Thermal suite pass.They should have just created two small saunas the the Men's and Women's Locker Room. Stupid move!
  2. Basically you create a players profile with them, and you need to disclose pretty detailed information on your gambling habits. You also send them copies of your current land based casino comped offerings and whatever cruiseline based casino comped offers you have. They will then send you offers for comped cruises on cruiselines you haven't played on. They also have offers with land based casinos such as The Golden Nugget in Vegas and others in the Bahamas. In our URCOMPED account we get offers from Royal but we haven't tried to actually request one through them because having booked cruises directly with Club Royale I don't think Royal will approve offers through URCOMPED. Having said that I was surprised to have done a URCOMPED cruise on the Celebrity Edge (their newest and nicest ship) this past April when we were on a comped inaugural cruise on the Edge in December '18 via Blue Chip. Then again we had no other Blue Chip cruises booked, and prior to the Dec. '18 cruise it was about 18 months from the last Blue Chip comped cruise.
  3. I don't think Blue Chip analyzes Club Royale member play history. The changes to Blue Chip are terrible. Have you heard about URCOMPED? We did one cruise (Celebrity Edge) with them and had a good experience, so we booked another cruise through them in March from Singapore to Mumbai on Crystal Cruises. This will be our first time cruising on a 5* cruiseline and felt this was a great way to try the premium cruise experience. Unfortunately if you're a NCL fan URCOMPED doesn't work with them. The majority of their cruise offerings are on Royal, Celebrity, MSC, Crystal.
  4. Thanks, and full disclosure, my husband is the gambler. Despite be Asian I'm not big on gambling. I spend $20 a night gambling, he does that on one spin!
  5. pcakes122: Haven't sailed with CAS for awhile but do they still charge the admin fees for higher program status players and/or higher level room comps? That's what always annoys us about NCL/CAS and we have not really sailed and played with them when we can get tons of comps from Royal and Carnival and more free cruises than we can ever go on.
  6. It was a monthly offer. The most offered. Normally the trade in values for our offers are $2250.
  7. I hate the admin. fees that CAS levies on every cruise. The fees make CAS cruises always more expensive than Club Royale cruises. What's nice about Club Royale is the ability for some of their offers to have a trade in value that you can use to book almost any other cruise (other than holiday sailings). We're going on a Suez Canal cruise next month on Royal that was totally comped using a Club Royale certificate's $2,500 value which covered the entire cost of a balcony cabin, with NO ADMIN Fees like CAS! Edit: It's ashame that Celebrity's Blue Chip Club is such a mess considering Celebrity has such nice ships and it's a great cruiseline. Carnival as a great program and nice casinos but limited itineraries and lowbrow ships.
  8. I don't think Enchantment has complementary steam and sauna rooms as does the Grandeur? If so, THAT'S a big letdown!
  9. Yes. You are correct. It's very convenient and if you use a credit card that earns reward points to pay your room charges you'll get points on those casino charges
  10. On the weekends many of the calls get routed to their Caribbean Call Center where they seem less experienced and/or don't have the same systems access (Just supposing-don't have the real info). While they are all nice I've also had experiences where it's taken an inordinate amount of time.
  11. I have sailed Carnival & Celebrity equal amount of times (18 each) and they are as far apart a cruiseline can be. I have sailed both line's flagship twice (Horizon & Edge) and there really isn't any comparison. Obviously I enjoy both lines but for totally different reasons. Carnival definitely appeals to the first time cruisers who are looking to be entertained and looking for lots of energetic excitement. Celebrity appeals to the person who values aesthetics as part of the vacation experience. On your 7th day on the Celebrity Edge you will find art and design details that you never noticed before. It's like staying at a 5* South Beach Miami Luxury Resort Hotel, and that's the vacation experience they are targeting. Carnival, not so much. The Horizon literally doesn't even have ONE piece of real artwork. What flies for art is cityscape photos on plastic. The dining experience on the Celebrity is much more sophisticated (You'll never find Escargot or Frogs legs described as something that you've never had before but you should try out on Celebrity as they do on Carnival!) Having said that I LOVE,LOVE my Guy's Burgers! Carnival's Steakhouses are pretty much on Par to what Celebrity Specialty restaurants offer. Think of Carnival as Walmart and Celebrity as Nordstroms and you get the idea.
  12. There is TCM. The CBSN news channel is terrible, really awful. Basically it shows news clips segments in 10-15 min. max segments followed by 5 minute pauses in programing where nothing is shown. The segments aren't necessarily live so there's lots of re-broadcasted segments. The new TV service is VOIP and the picture quality is terrible(Not enough bandwidth). It's OK for the entertainment shows but CBSN was literally unwatchable, with static interference obscuring the picture. This was apparent on the Sunrise as well as the Horizon.
  13. That one point may be so but Celebrity's Blue Chip program is far,far inferior to Royal's Club Royal Program.
  14. Here's a shot of the FunTimes meal hours, Port Day on the left, Sea Day on the right.
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