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  1. So what does everyone think is the plan for the Legend? Where is the ship right now? It it going into drydock somewhere in Europe in April and have it completed to start it's first European sailing May 17th?
  2. Doing that way would also allow capacity controls.
  3. I don't see how that is funny. What would be funny is the irony(pun intended) of banning guests from bringing on their own irons only to have an Ironing room with irons.
  4. Logistically there's no way January cruises can happen.
  5. You're 100% correct. Having said that there's NO Chance your cruise is sailing. You should be working on that assumption.
  6. Interesting comment. NEVER thought Ironing was a women's job. Never thought a chop saw and angle grinder can only be operated by men.🤨
  7. As I remarked in another thread I think your timeline of cruises going back to normal is a bit early. Remember the current vaccine is a two dose regimen 21 days apart, so basically a 3 month span before you're all set. Realistically I don't see life in general returning to pre-covid normal until January 2022. What I mean by that is no longer the need for masks, social distancing, plexiglass between things, etc.
  8. Then that's what they will change to.
  9. I think at this point there's no point in printing out what you're asking because it's all going to change. Nothing that's being offered currently will stay the same. There's really no point in reserving and paying for things early. Just WAIT until everything settles out. EVERYTHING will change.
  10. If you're a member of this forum and are being PRAGMATIC about cruising during a pandemic then your TA's advice should be of no surprise. It's the people that are planning their cruises as if nothing has changed that have their head buried in the sand. What should you do next? EXACTLY what your TA advised.
  11. Just because FTTF is available to book doesn't mean it's going to be available. I'm not sure why people think everything is going to be the same. Look what they just did to cruises longer than 7 days. There's article after article about the changes that's going to be in place. READ and absorb the information given. Then you won't be disappointed when things change.
  12. That timeline seems too ambitious. The vaccine is a 2 shot process with 21 days in between shots. The logistics to vaccinate the global population until basic covid avoidance measures are no longer needed will last well into next Summer and Fall. So in my mind back to normal would not occur until January, 2022.
  13. The writing on the wall is that cruising will change. What those changes are remains to be seen. But if you're a member here on CC you already know what the cruiselines, along with the the Cruiseline association and the CDC has talked about with regard to changes for the short term for cruising to restart. I don't see how FTTF will fit into that scenario. Without a doubt people will need to be tested before embarking on the ship. Staggered appointments, later sailaways. These things will happen.
  14. In my opinion it's WAY too early to understand how FTTF will be affected. Just sit tight. EVERYTHING is going to change, that's for certain.
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