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  1. I fail to see how in this photo there's not enough closet space. You have more hangers with no clothes on them than with.
  2. Adequate closet space for two peoples clothes. Are you going to be able to have 3 inches of space between each hanger? No, But you'll have enough room for you clothes.
  3. Thanks for adding those photos, especially the Edge IV one. Yes, it illustrates the very points I was trying to articulate. As that very photo shows you have to move those chairs around to open and close the bifold doors (The bifold doors weren't yet frosted the two times I sailed the Edge). I will again say that I enjoyed both of my stays in an IV cabin but that's with the acknowledgement that the cabin isn't a balcony cabin but an Oceanview with an operating window. The many comments I post is to give future cruisers information about these unique type of cabins.
  4. Most cruiselines, including Royal, NCL and Celebrity won't have lunch in the MDR during Port days since there's no demand for it;everyones off the ship.
  5. I do remember on our Hawaii cruise there were certain days that had a slightly different menu than the seaday brunch but it was a small selection and nothing to write home about. Tbh it wasn't worth sitting down for which is why I can't even remember anything about it.
  6. Same cruise, but seaday, June 25th,2019
  7. There's no such thing. Here's copy of the Funtimes for the Carnival Sunrise,June 29,2019 Grand Turk port stop
  8. What lunch menu are you talking about?
  9. They have slowly moved away from giving Casino Funplay money as cash and while I can't say for certain I would bet with the restart it will be 100% gambling credit. It was that way in 2019. They even started doing that on Ultra cruises for the big prize giveaway. Previously for your big prize if you happen to choose the Big CASH Wheel you got actual Cash. That changed in 2019 When the CASH Wheel wasn't actual cash but Funplay credits.
  10. This is really a look and I have yet to embrace it.
  11. Let's clarify your statement. The Infinite Veranda has a motorized Blackout Pleated Shade that sits about 6" from the Large window and comes from inside the ceiling all the way to the floor via a switch. When the shade is down the room is very dark. You can stop the shade at any point as it descends from the ceiling. That is the ONLY light and/or privacy tool other than the bifold glass doors (Have they been frosted in all IVs on the Edge and Apex? I don't have the answer to that). Unlike curtains where you can pull them away from the edges to peek outside the IV shade has tracks on the far le
  12. The infinite Veranda is more like oceanview cabin with a big window that opens from the top down, creating a ledge you can lean on an stick out your head. There are frosted glass bi fold doors(like bifold closet doors) that can enclose the small area right in front of the window to create a little 'sunroom'. It's not a real balcony, just a portion of the room nearest to the window that's utilized as the sunroom. If you leave the bi-fold glass doors open, the space becomes part of the room.
  13. The way you can tell where the bed is located is look at the Edge Deck Plans and in each cabin look for the little indent in the wall. In indent is where the bed goes. If the indent is closer to the balcony area, then the bed is by the balcony. If the indent is closer to the middle of the cabin, the bed is by the bathroom (As you see there's no indication for the bathroom/closet, which is why the indent seems to be in the middle of the cabin).
  14. While that may be true if you use Uber or Lyft you can leave when you want and you're in your own vehicle.
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