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  1. If you like architecture, or just beautiful things I agree with the others about doing a gaudi tour. If you like food, Barcelona has one of the biggest food markets in Europe - la boqueria. There are many wonderful food tours. If you like soccer there’s a massive stadium and a tour. Just depends what you are interested in.
  2. There will be 4 in my party in our mid 30s traveling for the first time on celebrity next year to the Mediterranean. I’m not really concerned that we will most likely be below the average age. One of my fondest memories on my last cruise was meeting a senior named Carol who explained that it was cheaper for her to see the world on a cruise ship rather than stay in assisted living. Also on the ship she gets to have “sexy young men” taking care of her 😂
  3. Hasn’t celebrity always been gay friendly? I had had no idea that they had a fleet wide pride party! I hope it’s during our cruise next June 🥳
  4. Thank you Dee. In the United States Epi-pens are prescription only. I am not sure about other countries. I do not know her exact circumstances. I know that many drs are lax about requiring documentation when someone requests an Epi-pen for a reported serious allergy. Allergy tests are not covered by all insurances (if they have insurance at all) and out of pocket costs are high. Many aren’t willing to risk a patients life by refusing one.
  5. ? As I stated above, the person in question is an adult. I have no plans to kidnap a child and make medical decisions for him/her. Not exactly my idea of a fun vacation.
  6. I am a medical professional but not an allergist. I wasn’t truly being serious about doing any testing on my own. My apologies, I didn’t mean to imply that I would - this was spoken out of frustration at her decision to go her entire life avoiding all nuts because of a childhood anecdote rather than confirmation by an allergist. I would very much like her to go to an allergist, however, she is an adult and it is her decision.
  7. No idea. She has avoided all nuts just to be safe.
  8. Thank you for your responses! We we will follow up with the cruise line and airline. I’m honestly unsure why and how she has gone on this long without being officially tested. I have jokingly/kinda seriously suggested doing a test with a bunch of peanuts and me on standby to administer an epipen and steroids in case she has a reaction.
  9. My apologies since I am certain this has been discussed but I am having difficulty with the search filter. One of my party has an allergy to nuts. It is unclear how severe since she was told by her mother she had a reaction as a child and was never tested. She is very careful to read every label and check everything while eating out. Is this something that we should report to the cruise line or TA prior to cruising or do we need to just notify our waiter at dinner? On a related subject does anyone know if epipens are allowed in carryons for international flights?
  10. Thank you! Took a 2 hr phone call but so worth it! When all said and done for an inside and for an sv balcony I ended up saving $600 plus classic bev package and $300 obc added for the inside and $300 obc added to the sv balcony. Woo!
  11. Lactose intolerance? I just stock up on lactaid and pop them like tic tacs so I don’t miss out 😁 CC has been giving me trouble for the last few days so I’m just now caught up on your progress. Sounds like they listening to the complaints and addressing them which is wonderful. Thanks for the updates!
  12. I’m glad you asked because I was scratching my head trying to remember what that was! MC is a bar starting at 9? They serve alcohol that early?
  13. I hope you have a wonderful time! Glad you didn’t get murdered on your way to the hotel 😆
  14. Oh I had no idea! Our friends never mentioned this. I wonder if they didn’t know or they just didn’t want the service. I still wouldn’t want anyone to help me pack but it would be nice to have someone extra to help us glance through all the storage areas to make sure we didn’t forget something. I leave something behind in every place I stay no matter how hard I try to check.
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