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  1. I'll be here for sailaway from the Wet Coast! Storming like crazy in BC!
  2. There was a promotion not long ago that included gratuities....booked my cruise in February with gratuities included. L.
  3. Looks like she is getting ready to leave.....I see the gangway is away from the ship. L.
  4. It also helps if your TA is a cruise expert. She knows of my preferences and habits, and makes sure I giet it. She fought for a BIG cruise fare reduction. She made sure I was aware of all the restrictions for flying out of Canada, flying into Canada, cruise vaccine situations, locations for COVID tests in my area...AND info on COVID situation at a couple of the Caribbean Islands we will be visiting. I also had her refare 2 rooms, separately. (4 of us are travelling together). I KNOW she's looking out for me. L.
  5. Thanks for the Great LIVE thread! Really enjoying it. We did this cruise in February 2020, only on the Oosterdam. Wondering if you happen to have a copy of the MDR Gala Night menu? L.
  6. There was a thread on this earlier this summer. The answer is basically what Seasick Sailor said. L.
  7. I do the same! So many photos of nothing, or almost nothing, but when you get the shot...mine was at Road Town, Tortola. 2 pelicans were flying away from me....when the wings slightly curved, I got the perfect "2 eyes" shot! Remember the film camera days of 24 photos on a roll? 😆
  8. We did this cruise beginning of March 2020 and really enjoyed ourselves. If they still have it, I can HIGHLY recommend the San Sebastián excursion from Puerto Vallarta. Small group tour (only 12!) with a very informative tour guide, lunch, tour of a small, independent tequila manufacturer and some time visiting San Sebastián itself. L.
  9. We're on the Nieuw Statendam on February 23, 2022 for an 11 day Caribbean cruise, and it is available to us as well. I can also confirm the menu is identical. L.
  10. If you look above, right below forums, you will see logo store, and right beside it find your Roll Call. You can search from there. L.
  11. Great Alaskan Explorer....14 days leaving from Vancouver and up the Inside Passage. There are a few sailings.
  12. Oh my! We're on the NS for February 23 Southern Caribbean, and just did a dummy booking to see if our final payment date had changed as well....and it had....but I also realized our fare dropped $350 ppl! We had gratuities on our initial booking in addition to Have it All, but I was resigned to losing the gratuities and reduced deposit. My TA called, and sure enough, the fare dropped, final payment has moved to December 25, but best of all, we keep the gratuities and reduced deposit! Winner winner chicken dinner!! It ALWAYS helps to check any changes. L.
  13. It appears that you are in luck! This is effective today:
  14. This is great news for us Canadians, @kazu! Personally, myself and DH are both Phizered, but I know of many who aren't....it is true, the first vaccine you are offered is the best vaccine, but there were, and still are, many who were concerned. Now the next step is to get the US to agree! L.
  15. It really was! Dad and his friend, brother and SIL, and Hubby and I travelled together. We had the dividers opened between the balconies, and had tons of fun! L.
  16. We were on a Mexican Riviera cruise in March of 2020, and were on this same excursion. We thoroughly enjoyed it! L.
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