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  1. I believe the PS staterooms 6020 and 6021 are the handicapped accessible rooms. The furniture and storage configurations differ in those rooms. Same square footage, but the layout was different enough that you might want to be sure it is what you want if that is what they are offering you.
  2. This is a great thread. Awesome questions and equally awesome answers. I have a question for you BobcatCruiser.. Given that you’ve been on so many cruises with so many other lines, and given that this itinerary fits you so well, don’t you owe it to yourself to try Viking this one time to see for yourself? I would love for you to revive this thread after you’ve gone and answer your own questions. The curious minds of the typical Viking cruiser want to know how it turns out for you. 🙂
  3. I just watched a very interesting episode of Mighty Cruise Ships staring the Viking Star, it’s captain and crew. It follows the Star on a cruise from Barcelona to Bergen. Lot’s of information about what happened behind the scenes on this cruise. I found the video on YouTube. I’m told by the person who uploaded it that it is a UK series and it originally aired last month in December (2019). I looked to see here in CC if there has been a previous mention of it and found none so am posting now.
  4. I noticed that too JenRonn.. I looked for an answer and finding none, i concluded without evidence that it is a large picture window that may or may not open to let the sea air in. Since the normal operating area of the Expedition Ships is to be in the colder non-tropical areas of the world, I surmised that the square footage normally assigned to outdoor balconies wouldn’t be put to use so Viking made a decision to use that space for larger cabins except for in the Explorer and Owners Suites. And coining the term “Nordic Balcony” could provide some insight as to why an outdoor balcony wouldn’t be practical. Again, these are only assumptions and conclusions I made with no real information to back them up. I am wrong as often as I am right... 🙂
  5. Wow.. Since this morning when I originally posted, the Owners Suite on the Arctic to Antarctica voyage is booked and now there is limited availability for the Explorers Suites on the same cruise. That’s on the Polaris sailing Sept 2022.
  6. The Viking website now has videos, itineraries, costs, floor plans, etc. on their website for their two new Expeditions ships. Good stuff.
  7. Hi there, I am a T2 diabetic and I use insulin injector pens to help maintain my blood sugar levels. The modern insulin in these injector pens is fine for up to 14 days without refrigeration, but should be stored at 36 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit to keep it safe for longer periods of time. I’ve read somewhere here in the forums that the lowest temperature in the Viking stateroom refrigerators isn’t all that cold. If true, this question is for you World Cruisers on Viking who are also insulin-dependent diabetic, how have you handled your insulin refrigeration needs?
  8. During a recent World Cruise on the Viking Sun that ended in May I followed along through a blog written by a solo world traveler named Susan. Do we know if any of the passengers on the upcoming 245 day Ultimate World Cruise plans to blog about their journey? I’ve seen folks create a thread here on Cruise Critic for past long cruises, but (please don’t offense), those threads are peppered with comments from readers and it is more difficult to vicariously enjoy the experience of the traveler we are following. This is the ultimate world cruise and I would love to read about the embarkation day festivities, life aboard the Sun, the places and the people they see over the ensuing 8 months of travel.
  9. I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that the balconies for the DV cabins on decks 7 & 8 were a tad deeper (measured from balcony rail to cabin wall) than the lower level DV cabins. This because the Penthouse Suites on either sides of those DV cabins at those levels had deeper balconies. Can anyone confirm?
  10. I follow Susan’s blog as well and she seems to be having an awesome time in her solo travels. She and I have shared a couple of emails since I started following her. I suspect she could provide some insight for you. She certainly has for me.
  11. I’ve read quite a few Viking cruise reviews and those that include comments about the WiFi experience on board left me with a generally positive impression of the service. A few who have compared their Viking experience with other cruise lines commented positively on the ability at Viking to use multiple devices at once. We may not need to use multiple devices at one time, although admittedly I am posting right now from my iPad while keeping track of an interesting Messenger thread from my kids on my phone. It’s that requirement to log off from one then log on to the other that would be a bit bothersome. I just wonder how much Viking gains by making this change? Is the speed that much greater for the few(er) that struggled with WiFi speed as opposed to creating a bothersome task that most of their passengers will suffer? I think the OP has a valid question/concern here.
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