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  1. I don’t believe that vintages serves food any longer. At least I didn’t see any being served or see any menu that listed food on it when I cruised on Symphony recently. But perhaps they have served some in different routes .
  2. We left the ship around 7:45 to 8 and were at the airport by 8:30 or so.
  3. Whoops,. Just realized that I had said bars didn’t open early on sea days, lol.. I totally meant Port Days. Please ignore my typing error 😉 Thanks all for following along.
  4. Today was the sad day where we had to get off the ship. Had some breakfast in the Windjammer one final time and then carried luggage off and left the ship. Used the facial recognition so it look less then a minute to get through customs. Very cool. Grabbed an Uber and went to the airport. Will be here for many hours because my flight doesn’t leave until this afternoon so feel free to ask any remaining questions that you have :) All in all we had a great time, best cruise we have been on recently. While there are some cons such as some of the speciality din
  5. Yesterday was the final day. Perfect Day at CoCoCay. Here are my pics. We went to breakfast and then got off to get to our cabana at Chill Island. Very impressive renovations to the island. View from our balcony. Menu at Snack Shack Cabana Food Delivery menu. We just got some mozzarella sticks and French fries as the main options didn’t sound appealing. Some More Drinks 🙂 Ceiling Fan!!! So exciting as that made it much more bea
  6. Formal night tonight in the MDR. Was able to get the 50th birthday cake, very good. French Onion soup for me and my sister had the Minestrone Soup. I had the lobster tail and she had the vegetable curry dish. She loves Indian food so she was happy tonight. Baked Alaska for my sister and Chocolate Molten Cake for myself. She loved the baked Alaska. The molten cake was good but wasn’t really a molten cake, more just chocolate cake with some chocolate sauce. But still good.
  7. Our last sea day 😞. It always seems to go by so fast. Tomorrow is CoCo Cay. Spent the day playing games, doing bingo, etc. Didn’t win anymore though. We were supposed to watch Hiro yesterday but it was rescheduled again because of rough seas to tomorrow but based on how rocky it has been today, we aren’t holding our breaths that it will be able to be done. we were supposed to today see Flight but this also had to be rescheduled for tomorrow due to rough seas as well. Went to Jaime’s for lunch again and it was again fantastic. Here are some pics of new food that we
  8. I don’t drink beer so didn’t know this but we ended up stopping in there today because they have nice chairs for playing games. And I took a pic of the beer menu.
  9. My sister tried a mudslide for the first time. She wasn’t a fan though. But it does look cool. Menu for MDR last night. So the above is vegetarian Indian triangle things, forgot what they were called. But the waiter brought them for my sister in addition to the appetizer that she ordered and they were pretty good. This was her appetizer. An eggplant and olive tartar like thing with bread and hummus on the bottom,. She said that it was delicious. I had the Seafood Vol Au Vent (Spelling not acc
  10. Today was St. Thomas. Was really warm but also really windy.. Just took a taxi into town and had lunch at Grengos as it has good vegetarian options.
  11. Tried a new drink. A Coconut Mango Daiquiri. So good 🙂 A new Towel animal.
  12. So yesterday was St, Kitts,. We did the early Scenic Railway. We liked it because it was nice and relaxing and you can see a good amount of the island. Free drinks as well 😉 Had some room service breakfast and then got off the ship and did the excursion., Came back around 11:30 so we did a little bit of shopping then headed back to the ship for lunch in the Windjammer which was great. It had a good amount of Indian food which made my sister really happy., We played more games and did some trivia activities, but didn’t win :(. Then we headed back to the Windjamer later f
  13. Was really warm yesterday when we were in St. Kitts but today I think it is a little cooler. In St. Thomas today. The sea was really rough the day before yesterday and a little bit rough yesterday after we left St. Kitts. Other days it has been good. Supposed to see Hiro tonight so hopefully the seas aren’t too rough.
  14. This is the vegetables in the garden for my sister. Was good but some of the veggies weren’t her favorites. But the avocado creme thing on the bottom was tasty. Potted shrimp. Was alright, nothing fantastic. Liquid Lobster. Fabulous 🙂 The Bird’s Nest. Probably our favorite. So good and cool presentation. Tomato Water for my sister, which was too weird for her. And Crab Cone for me. Liked the crab it was good. Tuna and Sorbet. Very good, my favorite appetizer. Lime so
  15. Last night was Wonderland which was a very interesting experience for us especially my sister with her being vegetarian. All in all it was pretty good but some of the vegetarian items were really weird and my sister wasn’t a fan of some of them. But was a cool experience and of course the desserts were the best part. A little video about painting your menu to have it show the menu. Very cool. IMG_0635.MOV
  16. Yea so even if you have the drink package you still have to pay for it since it’s a special drink. So if you have the drink package it is just $9 plus tips.
  17. Oh cool. We haven’t seen that one yet. The straws are okay but when having frozen drinks unless you drink them really fast they tend to break.
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