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  1. Yes, it’s nice that the train system makes a plan B land trip fairly easy to put together. I hope you guys have a great time!
  2. Thanks so much for the info! I’m leaving in 1 week for this same itinerary on Illumination. I’m glad to hear that despite the disruption, the service was so good and you still had a great trip! I would love a stop in Bratislava on the way to Vienna! Ever the optimist, I’m seeing a good amount of rain in the forecast for Regensburg, so I’m hoping for a miracle that the levels will rise enough before Dec. 4th for us to actually sail through from Vienna to Nuremberg. 🤞🏼😬
  3. Trying to be realistic. Avalon told us on Thursday that we’ll have to bus for most of our Budapest to Nuremberg cruise (cruising only from Vienna to Passau). But I can’t help but get my hopes up. Look at all the rain forecast for Regensburg! Maybe there’s a tiny chance we can actually sail all the way through from Vienna to Nuremberg? (We were scheduled to leave Passau for Regensburg on Dec. 4.) 🤞🏼
  4. I’m personally glad they didn’t cancel the whole thing altogether for us at this point. With my husband’s job, he can’t change up his vacation days at the last minute, so we are vacationing from Nov. 27-Dec. 10 no matter what, and a bus tour of Europe beats staying home. I am thinking of back-up plans I could make for us keeping our original flights though, because if we lose any more cruising time, I would rather cancel (if they let us) & just plan a land trip by train. Right now, I’m hoping I can put together a Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna-Prague trip if necessary. But if they do end up dropping more ship time & don’t tell us until the last minute, then we’re just stuck. Just gotta wait & see! It’s disappointing for sure, but if a disruption to my European vacation is the biggest problem in my life right now, then I’m still pretty fortunate. One way or another, I’ll be in Europe in less than 2 weeks, which beats Indiana any day!
  5. They emailed us Thursday morning. If you haven’t been emailed yet, then maybe they’re optimistic that the conditions will improve.
  6. We were supposed to embark from Budapest (on Illumination) Nov. 30 and sail to Nuremberg (then motor coach to Prague for a couple nights). I guess I should consider us lucky that we’re at least still cruising for half of the original time, from Vienna to Passau. The rest (Regensburg & Nuremberg) will be done by motor coach, and then driving back to Passau to spend the night on the ship. That going to be a LOT of time on the road, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. If any of the rest becomes a motor coach tour, I think we’ll opt to cancel if it’s an option. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though because I have been SO looking forward to this trip! I just hate that this will be my parents’ first experience with river cruising after all the time I spent raving about how awesome it is to sail along the river & watch the scenery from your stateroom. It’s not quite the same watching the scenery from a bus seat. But I know that’s the chance you take when you plan a river cruise. :(
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