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  1. Hi Chris, any news on a new contract after this one. Wife and I will be on Oasis May 10th , hoping to see you and say hello / thank you for your efforts with videos etc
  2. A few days ago I booked a noon lunch in chops grill for wife and I embarkation day. Oasis 5/10/20 sailing, booked it in cruise planner
  3. Are there any other locations besides the 2 Just mentioned, ? Thanks
  4. I have not been on Oasis yet , do both Cage Promenade and Park Cafe make specialty coffee drinks? ( mocha, latte, etc)
  5. After refurbishment what are the options for specialty coffee (latte etc) that’s included in refreshment package. I know that Starbucks in still an upcharge how about Cafe Promenade? Park Cafe ? - Even better if someone on board could chime in or post coffee menus for Cafe Promenade Park Cafe and any other premium coffee opportunity Thanks
  6. Chris , you look dapper, comfortable , and competent in pic , you are exuding confidence and an eager willingness to help guests have a great Royal experience. I hope Royal realizes that your social media presence is a boost to the brand. Good job !!! - hope wife and I get to meet you and thank you in person for your efforts and dedication 👍🏻
  7. I have a question that might not be affected by refurbishment, on Oasis is there a lower deck you can walk around on with views of ocean off sides of ship , other than running track. - on Summit and on Anthem you could walk down each side of ship on a lower level ( dining room level area ) if my memory serves me correct , Summit for sure , there were doors near upper level of MDR , then a few as you walked forward on ship as well - hope Oasis is similar, but it looks like just running track 😑 - if you have been on Oasis please chime in Thanks
  8. Yes , but after sunset on a hot Caribbean night , might be amazing
  9. Pit groups? I haven’t seen pics of new solarium yet could you kindly post some pics and or explain Thank you
  10. Good morning and I hope you have a great first day on board Oasis - when you get a chance , can you let us know if seapass cards and still the magnetic strip type , or if they changed to newer RFID type ( tap card on reader rather than old swipe ) thanks in advance We are Mark and Brenda
  11. PS , you had us nervous with “was I fired “ video title , lol
  12. Hi Chris , congratulations on what appears to be a promotion and a great opportunity We just found you on YouTube in the last week , watched a couple of your videos = great job. Wife and I will be on Oasis in May 2020 If you are still there it would be nice to meet you Have a great day 😊
  13. Was bed comfortable and was fridge cold also how much do deck 14 support struts affect view I hope you and wife had a wonderful trip, we are very excited to go in 4/6/19
  14. Thanks for update, hopefully someone will post another drone video soon , so we can see all the work getting done. I’m supposed to be at Cococay on April 9th , Anthem, hoping we actually step foot on the island 🌴
  15. Thanks , all updates appreciated. YouTube said a month, which could probably mean 1-2 months ???? / anyway good news , as the more progress the better
  16. Found you tube video of Cococay taken from a drone. About a month ago , so from January 2019. Great video I’ll try to post link here enjoy 😊
  17. Very nice i love Celebrity, I’ve only been on Summit, service was amazing our last cruise was a regular size balcony on deck 8 starboard, concierge class. We got a little spoiled 😊 Have a great time!!!
  18. Also , if rooms are next to each other they are usually reversed bed wise due to offset
  19. Did you go on cruise yet. Were they as you wished if you could select this , which cruise line etc
  20. Also if you google your ship and cabin number , it possible someone has already answered the question somewhere before on the internet
  21. There is a pay site that some people on here also subscribe to. Often one of them will look it up and chime in 😊
  22. I picked bed near bathroom - i had this setup on celebrity summit and enjoyed the open space near balcony while still could see the ocean from bed - i have not yet sailed with bed near balcony
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