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  1. I've experienced similar issues on both Carnival cruises my partner and I were on. I distinctly remember the last one, in 2018 on Dream, and the meet up was held at Alchemy with no organization. We thought there was one other couple there, but by the time we had discussed with each other if they were a couple and there for the meet up so we could work up the nerve to approach them, they had already got their drinks and left. It was surprising, since the cruise director was family, so you'd think some more effort and thought would be put into the intentionality of the meetings. There is no real facilitation of the social connections or making friends in these special meet ups it seems. We are going to be on Horizon for the August 7 sailing, so I guess we'll see what the meet ups are like this time.
  2. Does DH have his own account? Might be able to update his information on his own account the same way and then relink? I've worked with their customer service (few years ago, though) on fixing an account issue and they were very helpful and responsive. So that might also be the next stop if their website isn't being friendly to you.
  3. My tip for the one thing I will do differently for embarkation after my second cruise is make sure to take a deep breath, relax, and find the luggage porter. 😛 We left from New Orleans on Carnival Dream, and once we got out of the Uber drop off at the port and were trying to just get our bearings standing on the sidewalk with our luggage for a minute reading the signs, when one of the employees outside the doors began yelling at everyone to go inside and check in - YES, yelling. I think we were just too flustered by it we hurried inside. So many of us had our bags that would have been taken to our stateroom stuck with us until the rooms were ready. Really limits what you can do once you board.
  4. Hi imola, it's super easy! Here is a FAQ page from Carnival on how to do it: https://www.carnival.com/profilemanagement/profiles Make sure you also check the "Contact Settings" section of your profile page when you change your email, to ensure they send promotional emails to the correct address (if you want them).
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