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  1. Anyone have a copy of the Funtimes or MDR menus for the Breeze (Eastern itinerary--Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk)? We're looking to try to get out and do more "ship" activities compared to what we have done in the past. Thanks!!
  2. Anyone have a good map of Old SJ? I've seen a variety of maps but I want a clear map that I could print out ahead of time and use it to accurately (with whining children in tow) get where we want in San Juan. Sounds like the trolley is no longer a reliable source as whether it is running can be hit or miss. I'd just like something clear and easy to navigate. So many on google images seem cluttered or unclear. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! There are so many beaches that it's hard to choose! We've got snorkeling planned other days so we'd mostly be there to swim and play for a few hours. Magen's is appealing for the calm sake with the kids in mind. But, there are so many to choose from--I'll have to get back and try them all!
  4. We'll be at St. Thomas in July and we don't arrive until 11:30am (leave at 7pm). We had planned to go to a beach there and just relax but now I'm starting to wonder how full a beach would be by the time we get there. There is only 1 other ship there (a Princess that arrives at 10am and leaves at 10pm) but I don't know what to expect for midday beach crowding. Or if there were beaches that were better for this timing. Thank you!
  5. Trying to branch out from the pool at port and do a beach thing....anyone know anything about this Carnival excursion? https://www.carnival.com/shore-excursions/amber-cove-dominican-republic/lifestyle-serenity-vip-resort-getaway-445018?b=4667524756713353496C764B6D62505062587A3766513D3D
  6. So the fresh squeezed juice....is it included in Cheers? I've read that the fancy sea day brunch fresh squeezed juice is not but yet that you can get it at a Havana bar? I'm just confused about what's included in Cheers. Thanks!
  7. We "think" we want go to El Morro with our kids when we're in San Juan this summer. We want to see some of the historic stuff (my 8 yo may too) and both our kids would like the kite part. However, we can't decide if we just want to trolley it (and don't know how to go about finding it at port) or if we should try to walk there and see other sites along the way (without pushing it too far because they'll get tired/whiny at a certain point). Thoughts and suggestions on this? Thanks!
  8. Thank you for all the great advice! I wish the cabanas were still an option dbrucern but they're all booked! We may try to shop and do the Aquacenter this time as our kiddos are a little short for some of the more fun excursions (maybe in the future!) jhsieh.
  9. I am 100% aware of the Ports of Call boards...they just have minimal views and less responses when it comes to DR. Right now we (DH and I, our 6 & 8 year old kiddos) are planning on just doing the AquaCenter for our time at port. However, I'd love real life experiences on what it's actually like there---we're there with 1 more Carnival ship. Can it handle capacity? Should we find a different excursion? We're planning on beach days and other ocean excursions for our other ports. Our next scheduled cruises don't repeat this as a port so I'm hoping to get as much out of it as possible! Thanks!
  10. How fantastic for you and your "normal" hearing. I would LOVE it if my child had anywhere near normal hearing. Even with aids, his hearing is only about 80% of normal. And lots of people have similar disabilities. Accommodations are not designed for everyone. They are designed to give equal access to people who do not have it. Just because I can get in and out of a pool "normally" doesn't mean I do not understand why many pools have wheelchair lifts/drops. Just because I do not have life threatening food allergies doesn't mean I don't think people should have access to specialized food. It's not about whether something is an emergency---it's about being able to hear everything that EVERYONE else can hear just as they are. But, the point of this post is not to debate things with people who do not understand, it's to bring awareness. Feel free to leave the post since none of these issues are problems for you and your fun times.
  11. I will say that my bracelet idea was of course mainly aimed at children but also something totally optional. I would in no way suggest that everyone with a disability had to wear one. It was just a thought I've had many times when a lifeguard is trying to talk to our child at the waterslides, pool etc. Searoses--I wish you lots of strength for your recovery and agree about the stairs. I think it would help many. Keep the ideas coming!
  12. We'll in San Juan for a day this summer with our two kids (6, 8). We don't want to do a planned excursion but rather explore, shop etc. I've read a lot about how people plan walking tours or have specific places they go. I'd love it if we could just randomly wander and explore but I don't see that flying as a plan with my husband. What are some more "structured" do it yourself exploring that you'd recommend in San Juan? Thanks!
  13. I've thought about contacting him (and have on FB for other responses). BUT--and maybe it's my FB persona--I don't like to air a lot of my life on FB. I wish there was a way to post as a visitor on his page without EVERYONE that is my FB friend from seeing it. I have thoughts and ideas, I just don't 100% want to open them up for everyone to deal with. I feel the same way about seeing people post their stateroom number and travel plans on FB. It feels like it's inviting everyone to know you're not at home 😉 I really like John Heald (despite some public opinion) and feel that he means well. I just don't want to make the thread public knowledge by putting in on FB. I feel like so many topics on hear become polls...so maybe he checks in? And will see that the special needs community has suggestions and thoughts that they'd like to share without the Carnival Access people "sharing with the appropriate department heads" as they do through email.
  14. I'll elaborate some of my suggestions. When the captain or CD makes an announcement and they do the "Announcement in progress" screen on the big Dive In screen, it's super hard to hear. If we're at the water park and my child has no hearing aids in, there's no way the message could be heard. To me, I try to translate that into how any hearing impaired adults may struggle. With the Hub App, I feel like text versions could easily be send/be a part of the system. I also feel that for children of ANY special needs, a different/additional bracelet than the green muster station bracelet could be given so that staff (especially with some language barriers) could realize that the child has a disability that may not be visibly apparent. I think it helps EVERYONE interact better when they know other factors are in play.
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