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  1. I know I won't be able to keep the OBC that was the "incentive" for not cancelling but ones I have amassed from getting price drops.
  2. If we cancel/reschedule our cruise and use it with our FCC to book a future cruise, I understand that the excursions, drinks etc all get refunded to us....but what happens to OBC that we've gotten from price reductions?
  3. I hope they are too...and easily since we'd have to argue it. I don't think we'd cancel unless it could go for this. All our vacation time is booked in future cruises.
  4. Following as we are also on the Horizon 3/21....and we booked it for it's ports. The idea of Nassau is saddening...but where they choose to move as an alternate port depends on the ships in each port so there's still hope for something else OR that GT will realize that loss of revenue is a big deal. Can't wait to hear how this sailing goes and see the funtimes and meals.
  5. If we were to choose to cancel our upcoming cruise and take the FCC/refund etc option, could it be applied to a cruise we already have booked but have not finished paying off yet? Or would it all have to be a new booking?
  6. We take Dock and Bay microfiber towels. They pack down small for the four of us. They dry SO quick and are lightweight to carry back to the ship when loaded down with wetness. Sand brushes right off. They were pricy but they are worth it.
  7. We always just walk down the beach in GT (to the left) until we find some chairs to rent that we want. Yes, it's crowded but it's so beautiful in the water that we always have a great time. I've been there several times now and we always just have the plan to walk until we get to an area that looks relaxed enough for us. We were in Curacao this fall and used a company called Curacao Dreams for a great tour (sea turtles, flamingos, beach time etc). We're using them for a private tour this spring because we enjoyed them so much.
  8. I had never seen them that early until I looked at the FunTimes you had posted on your site. I was t surprised too but haven’t been on the vista class since last March.
  9. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see that you have a website--always love your reviews. Question though--on the Horizon fun times (8 day) it looks like they've added an early (530) comedy show compared to other ships I've been on. Is it an additional PG show? Or am I interpreting wrong?
  10. Thank you! That's exactly what I needed to hear to hear--exactly how "firm" I need to be.
  11. Sidenote--has anyone been to port of Miami and can confirm whether the special access/needs desk is inside or outside of the terminal? We've had to stop at the customer service one before when they had our special access issues not set up correctly (sent there after standing in line for awhile and then scanning our boarding passes etc). Just planning.
  12. I appreciate the responses! We have already submitted all of our Special Needs/Guest Access paperwork and that's how we were instructed about the supervisor. We don't have a need for a wheelchair etc so it's not a mobility issue. I will make sure to ask a Carnival employee before we get into the terminal because the noise/acoustics of the terminal is what has caused an issue for my son's disability. Thanks for all the personal experiences. I feel better.
  13. Anyone know how long Matt Mitchum is scheduled to be on the MG?
  14. How easy is it to find the "Embarkation Supervisor" or the Special Needs/Access desk upon arriving at a terminal? I've heard mixed things about it --from just needing to find a Carnival worker when you get passed porters and they can guide you, to instead needing to get actually in the lines and inside the terminal building. I'd love some advice on what you've experienced or tips. Carnival Special Access told us to proceed to the Special Needs desk to get an embarkation supervisor to assist with some embarkation special needs issues. But, they didn't say how/where. I thought I'd ask here first
  15. I've seen reports that several upcoming itineraries are canceling Bonaire and/or Bonaire & Curacao stops. While I'm not worried about my ABC cruise this summer, I've seen a lot of people who are asking for more info and trying to get insight from Carnival about why the sudden change (and replacing Curacao and Bonaire with Amber Cove and La Romano 😞 ) but aren't getting real answers. Anyone have any insight about these changes?
  16. I couldn't find the "right" board to post this on so this seemed like a smart choice since we will be hitting all three islands on Carnival. Which of the ABC islands is your favorite and WHY? Is there a favorite excursion you have on an island? Or is it just a feeling? We have a good chunk of time to spend on each, but would love to figure out where to focus our time. Thanks@
  17. In Curacao, we went with Curacao dreams (booked through viator though) to swim with sea turtles, see flamingos, tour the island etc. It was awesome!!! We are going to La Romana in the spring and based off how busy we'll be with our excursions at all the other ports, we plan to just get off shop, walk around and maybe eat some local food. I wasn't thrilled with the excursion choices so we chose a relaxing day and then ship time (with less people). We always get off the ship, even if just to shop and eat.
  18. I just wore flat gladiator sandals and a sundress in October on the Magic. No one batted an eye. I wasn't anywhere that it was going to a problem. People I was with also had sandals on.
  19. I've asked about this on other boards (ports of call etc) and those boards never get the traffic this board does so I thought I'd ask here. We'll be in Curacao in late March. We did a tour previously (sea turtles, flamingos, beach etc) and it was wonderful. But we really want just some beach time this go around. I know there are a lot of beautiful ones but would rather go to one or two and not beach hop on a tour. We're torn between taking a formal tour (because of how far away from port some beaches are) and just taking a taxi to one we choose. My main concern is getting a taxi back to port w
  20. We are thinking of renting a golf cart and exploring Bonaire this summer on a cruise. We did a similar thing (UTVs) in Aruba and loved just cruising until we found a beach we wanted to stop at. I know everyone raves about how easy it is to get around Bonaire on the carts, but I haven't read much about how easy it is to find multiple beaches to just stop in at. Especially free vs paid access. Thanks!
  21. I hope that it's just some weird trial because I did not like it at all. And I hope others feel the same and tell them so.
  22. We did a tour last time in Curacao--beaches, sea turtles etc---and really would just like to go to a great beach and relax for 3-4 hours. Then head back to port to shop, explore downtown etc. I've seen the taxi rates for the 4 of us and they're not "unreasonable" but I also don't like being somewhere and not having guaranteed transportation back. However, I don't need all the entertainment/stops of an excursion. I've looked at some private tours but that seems like a lot of money/waste of an awesome guide's time to go to 1-2 beaches and just wait to take us back. Thoughts on the easiest
  23. I think it was 23.99 or 24.99.....a stupid amount considering what they were offering just a few months earlier. I LOVED being able to look at them on my phone and download/purchase. Now they're making me pay more so they can pay someone to put photos on an usb drive (that says Carnival btw)
  24. We just got off the Magic and I was SO disappointed to find that the Hub App no longer gave you access to all your Pixels photos. The last few cruises I've really enjoyed looking at them easily on my phone (as well as organizing my favorites for purchasing). Even as recently at July this was an option. But now, it's not there and you can no longer download directly to a phone/email. You can print or get them on a USB....and the cost of each photo has gone up. This feels like a HUGE step backwards for Carnival. I was really surprised to see such a big change from just a couple months ago. I hav
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