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  1. I'll try to remember that next time I win the Super Lotto and book a cruise a UPPER class cabin on the Mariner.
  2. From the responses apparently a lot of other people also don't like the tub/shower combo on the Mariner. I've been on other ships that have a separate tub and shower option that is no problem. And yes, probably 95-100% of the time I prefer a shower (100% of the time in the morning). Not once however did I feel like climbing into the combo unit in the morning. That said, there are time in the afternoon/evening where a warm bath can be very nice, especially if a gin/tonic or a cold beer is close at hand. On our last "late" booking, cabins with the tub/shower combo were the only option. I now assume previous Mariner cruisers take this into consideration when booking. My unofficial count of the cabins with the tub/shower combo number has changed from 116 to 138 on the Mariner. My old eyes have a hard time counting the (*) on the Regent deck plan that indicate shower only. Since the total cabin number is 350, subtracting 138 means that there are 212 shower only cabins. Even at the top cabin level, the deck plans show some cabins with a tub option. Whether some or all of those top of the top have the tub/shower combo or more likely, a separate shower and tub can not be determined, but I find it hard to believe those Seven Seas and up suites have the combo unit. All my cabin numbers are from the Regent website that shows deck layouts and perhaps some of these layouts are out of date.
  3. There were grab bars on our 2 Mariner suites, but I "think" one had more grab bars than the other one. Regardless, it takes a bit of arm strength to lift yourself out of the deep bath tub.
  4. We were on a back-to-back cruise on the Mariner with 2 different tub/shower combo cabins. The first cabin we got, the tub faced aft while the second cabin, the tub faced forward. Moving hands, arms and legs, the aft facing tub seemed easier to get in and out. While I can't say for sure if it made a difference, I assume in both of our cabins, the bath/shower controls would have been "flipped" on the Port side.. Both rooms were on the Starboard Side. Still, a PITA. An unofficial count of Mariner tub/shower combos, 18 on 7, 36 on 8, 31 on 9, 27 on 10 and 4 on 11 for a total of 116 state rooms.
  5. I think the reply that mentions a stool to aid getting in and out of the tub on the Mariner would be very risky for most seniors. The saving grace for the Mariner tub is it does have a lot of grab rails to aid getting in and out. I felt I had to use them even to take a shower as my 80 year old legs just don't want to rise that far for the first step.
  6. We booked late (about 2 months before our January cruise) on the "Mariner". Our stateroom had a bathtub/shower combo which we felt was a bit awkward to get into. In looking at the ship's other staterooms, it appears that MOST have a glass shower only. In judging from the other passengers, there were numerous that looked like they may be challenged by getting in and out of the bathtub/shower combo. We were recently on the Navigator and it had a bathtub AND a separate glass shower which I thought was mostly standard on all Regent ships. The only other Regent ship we've been on was the Voyager which I also remember having both bathing options, but on that ship we had a penthouse. Wondering how many people booking on Regent take into consideration the bathing options when booking a Regent stateroom?
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