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  1. We are planning on doing the tour on our Breeze cruise this summer. I know they will open up a second tour if there is enough interest, but does anyone know how long it takes for the first to sell out?
  2. I had the same experience on Harmony last summer. Got on ship at 10:35ish, but they said embarkation would begin at 11:30.
  3. It seems like an aft wrap with purchasing FTTF would be best for you. You enjoy the balcony of the aft wrap. Also, you get more perks with FTTF than suites. As someone already mentioned, the lower deck the aft wrap is, the larger it is.
  4. I would LOVE to have Wicked on a ship! Would they be able to get rights as it is currently running on Broadway? Especially considering I think they did Hairspray on Oasis in the end of 09' (when she deputed), while Hairspray ended its Broadway run earlier, in January 09'. Therefore, it's not promising as much as you and I would like that:-( I agree that they need something new, other than Cats (sorry John).
  5. Right! Except I prefer Grease to CATS (but then I prefer Hairspray to Grease- did you know the Oasis cast of Hairspray performed in the Tony Awards in 2012?) , but that's just my opinion, I won't judge you John. Also, Harmony lost the balcony lights on normal balconies that Oasis and Allure have. I did miss the umbrellas at the Beach Pool and the Solarium pool when I went on Harmony.
  6. I meant more like something a guest can do thats funny yet harmless on a cruise, not what cruise lines have done!
  7. With today being April Fools Day, I thought it would be fun to hear fun cruise pranks!
  8. Last summer, we were in rooms 8531 and 8530 on Harmony (forward deck eight) with two kids (14 and 10 at the time). All four of us did not feel any motion and slept great! As Oasis class ships are wider, they are more stable and it is harder to feel motion.
  9. We love JR for breakfast! It is so nice to sit out on the boardwalk and the food was much better than the MDR breakfast as it was served hot. We had the same waiter every morning and LOVED him, he was so nice and made it a fun experience for the kids. A tip is that you can get whatever in the omelet (it is not limited to the options on the menu)- I got mushroom, onion, bell pepper, and spinach.
  10. @Host Clarea or another moderator, may you please block posts from being posted in this thread, it had gone far from its intended purpose, and frankly, I don't need to see these things being said? Thanks in advance and those who gave me the original information that I wanted!
  11. The Broadway show is the same all week (Oasis: Cats, Allure: Mamma Mia, Harmony: Grease, Symphony: Hairspray). On Oasis Class, reservations are required. There are also Ice Skating Shows, AquaTheater Shows, Headliner Shows, an original RC musical production in the theater, and Comedy Shows.
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