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  1. I don't like how 6 year olds are grouped with 14 year olds. I find that interesting and, frankly, quite dangerous to the little ones.
  2. I think they are like the set-up of a balcony or ocean view room, but without a window/balcony. Basically, they also have a couch:
  3. We want to tell them a few months ahead of the cruise so they have something to look forward to and so we can have their input on what they want to do at the ports. Thanks anyway, I should have clarified in the original post!
  4. We are surprising dd's (16 and 12) with the Panorama. Do you have any ideas on creative and fun ways to reveal the surprise to them? Have you done anything similar in the past; if so, what? Thanks in advance!
  5. Completely agree with this! When we we on Harmony, we also had Elton. Younger DD was not the biggest fan of the appetizers although she loved the shrimp one. Elton brought out 4 extra shrimps just for her. He also played a really fun game with older DD where she had to memorize the menu before they were taken away, and each time something new came out, she had to guess what it was. As she got them all correct, he gave us two of all of the desserts, yum!
  6. Yes, it's on the last sea day, and it is definitely worth the money with all you see and all the information you get! The guy at the shore excursions desk said 98% of the time they have two tours: one at 9 and one at 9:30. We were able to be switched to the 9:30 one so we could sleep in a little more. You can try this if you want.
  7. This was pretty much my daughters experience too. However, after the first night where it was all rap and teens ignoring her, she tried a scavenger hunt during the day where the experience was the same. Glad yours was able to enjoy it during the day!
  8. My daughter unfortunately did not have a good experience with Club O2. Many of the teens were not the kind of person she "clicks" with, and she mentioned they were "too invested in their phones and social media to actually do anything with." She also did not enjoy the ambiance of the club as it was playing music that she did not enjoy and was very loud. However, this was just her and others can have totally different experiences. Luckily, she happened to meet one girl her age, not through the club, who she had common interests with and enjoyed hanging out with.
  9. Hi! I'm back! Regarding the rehearsal process, the performers learn the shows in a rehearsal studio in Miami. Once on the ship, the show is "frozen" after the handoff. Occasionally, they will run small rehearsals in between the two shows if needed. If the ship is too rocky, they perform a concert version of the show where they all sit on stools and sing the show without dancing. If the ship's movement is really bad, then the show is cancelled. In the ambiance and vibe of the tour, I did not feel comfortable asking about the failed ship inspection, sorry.
  10. That will be so much fun! I have also always wanted to do it and am super excited!
  11. No problem! Your second question was answered by PhillyFan33579, and as for rehearsals, they learn the show on land, and rehearsals at sea in rocky conditions would only happen to rehearse a modified version for the conditions.
  12. I am planning on doing the behind the fun tour on my upcoming Breeze cruise. Does anyone have any questions they are interested in knowing? I will try my best to address all questions in the tour, and I will get back to everyone when upon my return.
  13. Yes, we have done the texting feature before and thought it wasn't that great, but are still planning on doing it so we can all communicate. Totally understand about how your daughter felt (it's why mine stopped doing it), hopefully mine will find the right people this time! We have late dining and enjoy the set timed dining. Will this be a large issue the first night? Could we have DD join us at dinner later, or will that be too much of an issue and annoying for the waitstaff. Probably the latter? Thanks to everyone for all the information! It is much appreciated!
  14. Thanks so much for the information! As they use it as a "meet up," I will definitely be sure to put similar rules in place, thanks again! On another note, what are examples of the activities? Does anyone have pictures of the schedule for Club 02?
  15. I am going on the Breeze this Saturday (yay!) with my fifteen year old. I was wondering if any of you had/have teens in the 15-17 age range who have used Club 02. What did they do? How did it work? What did they like/not like about it? General information about it? DD has not used the kids/tween/teen club since she was 8 on any line, but decided she wanted to do it this time so she can make friends on the ship. Anything about it will be helpful! Thanks in advance!
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