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  1. Per customs, it used to be that you can bring back 2 cartons per person, but getting off the Harmony Feb 10th, we had early departure, went through customs with 10 cartons for our party of four and nothing was said so I don't know if that rule (law) has changed.
  2. Hi Guys, OP here, I didn't intend to cause a fire storm here, but I just heard stories that I wanted to debunk, that employees on different ships were sharing my tips. I was also told, by a bartender, that when you tip a dollar in cash, it goes to that bartender, when you write 1 dollar down on the receipt they give you, it goes to the team working that night at the casino for instance. I just want to know from all the veteran cruisers who monitor this site. I am somewhat of a newbie, 9 cruises all with RCI.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I just want to be positive before I do this on my next cruise. I have heard with pre paid tips, charged to your sea pass daily, don't nessecerrly go to who you expect them to go to. I have heard tips are pooled and distributed to employees who "grade well in surveys", even on other cruises. Don't get me wrong, we always pre pay gratuities, and throw an extra $20 in an envelope for our stateroom attendant, head waiter and asst waiter, we also give the matride $10 bucks for clearing our table and asking us to dine in one of the pay restuarants. We also tip $1.00 on every drink we get with the drink package, so we are not cheapskates. So if I go to customer service and ask to have my gratuities taken off my account, and then, give my stateroom attendant ( for a party of 4) $6.00 x 4 = $24.00 x7 = $168.00 + $20.00 (which we normally add on ) and ect for everyone else, would I be upsetting the apple cart? Let me know, and thanks in advance for your replies
  4. Hi Guys, just off Harmony this past Sunday, loved it so much we booked it for next Feb. So, starting to do a little research and planning, I looked at what Coco Cay had to offer and I believe I'm reading this right, RCI has the 450 foot water slide as an excursion for $109.00, a wave pool and a zip line is included in that price. my question is, is the only way I can go down the big slide is if I pay the excursion price? thanks in advance for your input.
  5. Thanks, My wife is just interested in the game if the Packers are playing in it but will tolerate other teams just to see the commercials, good to know, while we were on other cruise's we noticed dead time during commercial breaks in baseball or soccer games.
  6. While on the ship, would whatever telecast we get for the SB, would they show the commercials?
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