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  1. One more heads up... the monogrammed bath robes are ours to keep. We saved space in the suitcase anticipating them, but had a bit of a moment at the airport. The (wonderful) robes weigh 3 pounds each. So, leave a little space when packing if you want to bring them home.
  2. They had the orange and lemonade flavor on Summit last week. Out of of other flavors every time I asked.
  3. One I don’t want to post! Sad to go home!
  4. Crowd on a sea day for a pool volleyball game. Lots of chairs were marked with towel clips.
  5. We brought the books. Seemed like a great place for them. Also have done a bit of rearranging. The plant was way safer on this shelf than the little foot stool coffee table thing.
  6. There is one panel in the living room where the wood grain goes horizontal. The rest of the cabin it is vertical. I keep staring at it, and thought it was worthy of a photo.
  7. I enjoy the window from bed. No clue if the TV works- never turned it on. Here is a view from the window and what the bed looks like. Covers are wrinkly because I’m just getting up! 🙂
  8. Today’s treats in the room. The donuts were good. The green stuff (that looks like white stuff)...maybe not so much...
  9. Internet speed test while docked in Grenada. You get 4 devices in a suite. If you need more, one gets kicked off when the next one connects. It’s not as fast as home, but seems to be fine most of the time.
  10. Haven’t seen any lines. (Dumb autocorrect on the phone!)
  11. I haven’t seen one, but will keep an eye out. We have met some of the senior officers at various special events.
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