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  1. I have the same situation, lots of my cash and FCC floating around in the ether plus two open invoices. My travel agent tells me she will apply the voucher to the payment due when the time comes. I can't see anything about money or payment on my Cunard profile, presumably because I booked through a TA? My frustration is the TA is very lax about responding to any form of communication and has yet to tell me the amount of the voucher. I've asked for this about six times in writing since May. So I have little trust in my TA and Cunard won't talk to me directly. I won't use a TA next t
  2. Heard back from my TA. Cunard did indeed say I cannot now request a refund for the October cruise since I chose to roll my previous payment for May + FCC bonus into the Oct booking. I would have made a different choice had I known it was one-and-done. It's very difficult to play chess with an opponent who changes the rules to suit themselves whenever they feel the need. I think I might have gotten a different answer had I actually paid in full for October prior to cancellation. Then perhaps I would have had another opportunity to request refund vs FCC. But since the previous vouch
  3. Does anyone know how this situation might work? May Transatlantic cancelled after full payment. I chose to roll the cash forward with FCC bonus to October reservation Oct Transatlantic cancelled before final payment. The voucher that includes my cash + FCC had not yet been applied to Oct final payment due on June 25 Travel agent thinks this was a one-time choice, that I cannot now go back and request a refund, forfeiting the FCC of course, for the unused voucher, even though this new sailing is now cancelled She is calling Cunard but this is her current understanding. If
  4. I looked, but didn't find a corresponding extension for U.S. departures. Has anyone seen anything I missed? Or are they still riding out the April 10th CDC 100-day ban? Wondering about TAs out of New York...haven't seen updates in a while.
  5. good article. I was disappointed but not surprised to read in it that some Carnival cruises are now cancelled until Nov 1. In my ongoing efforts to relocate to Italy, I moved my May QM2 reservation to end of October. Hoping against hope that is far enough out. I also have a reservation for December as a backup. I'll just keep adjusting dates as need be, but since our puppy can't fly (flat nosed breed), I really really hope Transatlantic voyages resume and don't become just a charming plot device in historical novels.
  6. right, sorry, don't know how I got September stuck in my head. Of course it's November. I'm trying to rebook my cancelled May cruise and I got my circuits crossed. Thanks all
  7. has anyone heard rumours about the QM2's drydock dates changing? There are TA voyages selling on their website for September. Have they postponed or maybe accelerated drydock to try to earn some revenue back? I don't know where to search for that kind of information, insights appreciated.
  8. Saw this in the news today: "England’s deputy chief medical officer said on Sunday that Britons may be under some form of lockdown for six months or longer, warning that the country faces a second wave of coronavirus if they are lifted too quickly." So I guess Cunard won't be running voyages into Southampton anytime soon.
  9. Our lockdown so far has been a race against the virus. We had planned to drive across the U.S. starting late April to get on the May 13 TA, en route to our new home in Italy. Screeching halt on those plans! The house is sold (BC, thankfully) so we have to be out on time regardless of the state of the world. We've rented a little duplex, accelerated the move by three + weeks and have been in full-on adrenaline go-go-go mode. Almost there! Movers came to put most of our stuff in storage and will come back Wednesday to move the rest to our temp place. Isolating like crazy in hopes we can stay we
  10. It's a lot simpler in our case. If the westbound TA leaves Southampton on May 6, I'm optimistic our May 13 eastbound would go too. If she doesn't leave Southampton as scheduled, she ain't gonna be in New York for us to embark. I'll wait until they cancel on me, but I don't think we're going anywhere in May. I've paid a new deposit for December, but it's refundable and I'm not holding my breath for any 2020 sailings.
  11. So for every transatlantic that is cancelled, 20 or so of us have a unique problem. The kennels are fully booked up for the next 18 months. That's 20 of us on each trip who may not be able to rebook within the offered window to use FCC because we can't get a kennel, and most of us are using it as transportation for pets who can't fly, not (only) as a cruise. I'd like to encourage Cunard to temporarily add extra kennels up on deck 12 with the others to clear the backlog, once they resume sailing. Otherwise, my first opportunity to get my dog to Europe is now August 2021 and fading further out e
  12. oh, that's good then. I did choose our cabin. Well, back to waiting for the next news bulletin. Thanks for the clarity.
  13. how can I tell if I have a "saver" fare or not? The original deposit was non-refundable from the get-go, is that a key to identifying this as a saver fare? I could call my TA but I suspect she's busy today...🙂
  14. Any whispers or speculation yet about itinerary changes, specifically for Transatlantics? Wouldn't hurt my Canadian feelings if they moved the New York departure to Halifax...though Haligonians might not be impressed to have a bunch of people disembarking into their town. I can envision the New York Harbor being closed soon though.
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