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  1. First RCL cruise was back in 2008, I remember LOVING the MDR caesar salad. Now, the latest RCL cruise (Jan 2019) I didn't even bother ordering it. I knew from my 2016 RCL experience it had declined in quality and not worth the order. **Having said that... I do consider myself a foodie on land and on board, and really enjoy the MDR. I know what food on the menu will be bland by nature and what dishes will be excellent. I always salt my food to bring out more flavor and bam! delicious! I tend to extreme overeat in the MDR because it is so dang good. But some items have declined over the years, but not enough for me to worry. Thats my take and experience (: Of course, I am sure we will all agree we would love an upgrade on food in MDR and WJ just because things could always be better regardless of the current quality (great, good or poor). I am sure that we won't see these improvements without an increase in cruising prices.
  2. good question, have wondered this as well. Following to see what is said. I also wonder if this would apply to a worker at the port of departure..
  3. on the Allure in November, thanks for the review!!!
  4. Liberty was our first RCCL cruise. Loved the ship! It is a great introduction to the Royal fleet. We usually get on board and head to Sorrentos for pizza and grab a drink from the English Pub on the Promenade deck. Once we get our luggage to our room, we explore and head to the pool deck or to the Viking Crowne Lounge for a great view in the A/C! I know some ships have removed the Viking Crowne Lounges but if Liberty still has it, you must have a drink there! The main dining room is delicious and a great experience. We tend to avoid the buffets and stick to cafe promenade and sorentos for lunch. Make sure to try a Lava Flow (or Miami Vice) and a Kiss on the Lips! Both great tropical beverages for sail away. Enjoy!
  5. Hi! So me and my family are booked for Allure Thanksgiving week, and we were going to be on St Thomas on Turkey Day. We usually go to Cochi Beach and eat Conch Fritters and swim the day away. Now that the itinerary has changed (and we will stay with the booking, no other option is worth switching to), what beach on San Juan would compare to Cochi and the vibe that it offers. Thanks for the help! Happy sailing! Anna
  6. Nov 24 sailing on Allure, just notified that St Thomas was changed to San Juan
  7. Here is my take on the two cruise lines!
  8. I was not the person in our group that had the app, but from what I observed it seemed pretty easy. When our group was about ready for dinner, Haley's mom would request a table. Usually by the time we walked down there it was ready. One night, Haley and I took a nap while her parents and sister went to dinner. It was surpringinly easy for each of group to request a table for three and two of us separately, if that makes sense. I guess what I am trying to say is that there was 5 of us in the group but you do not have to reserve a table for all 5 every time. Hope that helps!
  9. Wow! Some good input on this!! I like the pub golf ideas for sure, lots of different ways to do it!! I hope more people can get into it and we can have some fun!!!!
  10. I can't speak on the embarkation process since that was my first time at that port. We got on pretty easily, wasn't too bad. But the Sea Day brunch was good, had it on the last sea day. I researched the dining room menus on youtube before I left and one video showed it exactly how it was. I can't exactly what it was off the top of my head, and idk if i can link a youtube video here, but if you find that video about Carnival Sunshine dining rooms from the JellyBeans it'll show you!
  11. Definitely will have the drink package. My guess is that it would be an average of $10 a drink at each bar so around $80-90 for the whole thing..
  12. So I will be cruising the Thanksgiving sailing on the Allure of the Seas this fall and since I just got off a super fun cruise, I wanted to create something fun to try while onboard! I have a small group with me but I wanted to share this with fellow cruisers or anyone who wants to do this on another sailing! I have no idea if this would be fun or not, but I will attach the document I created. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated! If you are on my sailing, please join us!!! Royal Caribbean bar crawl.docx
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