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  1. Boardwalk hot dogs for lunch after being in port are a highlight, as well as the solarium hot tub. Had my fair share of Captain & Gingers in the hot tub!
  2. My family and I went on our first family cruise in 2002. In the pictures I am the little knucklehead. Sailed from Tampa to Cozumel. Started cruising again in 2009 and have been addicted ever since!
  3. Interesting. We shall see what the stock price does on Monday.. That is a lot of lost revenue..
  4. Does anyone have experience getting a free upgrade in these circumstances with Casino royale bookings? I called and got a price drop on my cruise that sailing 8/3 before this virus hit the fan. I assume I could also get a free upgrade if there are enough cancellations?
  5. Indy Aug 3 price drop of about $150 for two in an interior. I have that booked, called Casino Royale got the price drop and added the $50 more off offer we recently received in the mail. Also added trip insurance because of the virus so ended up saving about $100. It is all about the small $ victories (:
  6. Hi! long story short, planning on cruising with me my college best friend (both 23yrs old). We both like to party and have fun and did so on carnival last summer. my family cruises royal and I have a credit to use with them so I want to take her on a royal ship. ive narrowed it down to three cruise itineraries, two on Indy and one navigator. which one would have better night life for us? I have been on the independence with my family and have never sailed on the navigator.
  7. Just got off the Allure today. Had a great time!! You will enjoy the ship, every staff and fellow passenger were so very nice. The food was excellent. Main dining room was delicious and much better than the dining room food we had on Indy of the Seas in January. The dog house and park cafe were yummy. We did the guacamole making class at Sabor one afternoon AMAZING. Would highly recommend that!!!
  8. Hi and good morning! I was wondering if the prices were better on board in the duty free shop or if you can search and find better prices in port. I was looking to get some rum and vodka for myself and others as holiday gifts. I cant exactly remember what they charged on board and if its a good deal. If anyone has experience with this please let me know! Thanks!
  9. Hi, My family is looking into getting that package for my Dad to use the steam room/sauna on the Allure of the Seas. Does anyone know how the package works? Is it unlimited trips to the sauna or do you have to reserve the time you would like to be there. Any and all advice is welcome!
  10. Hi everyone, I am currently looking forward to my November 24th sailing on Allure. In the past on Royal Caribbean, my family and I dont bother with buying the wifi because we like to be disconnected from our phones. So we never bothered with the Royal Caribbean app. This time around I downloaded it just so I can find my way around the big ship no problem. Now here is the question, I know you can use the app without purchasing wifi, but can you message the other members of your reservation through the app without purchased wifi? Or do you have to have the purchased wifi on all devices to be able to message each other? Thanks!
  11. Hi, So the question in the title is pretty simple. Just noticed we do not have prepaid gratuities on our November 24th sailing. Prepaid tips is something we usually do, but for some reason when booking on our last cruise ship it was not included. Is there a way to prepay them now? Should I get on the phone with RCCL or is it a lost cause? And if we cant prepay them now, whats the best way to tip while on board (my time dining/stateroom)? Thanks!
  12. First RCL cruise was back in 2008, I remember LOVING the MDR caesar salad. Now, the latest RCL cruise (Jan 2019) I didn't even bother ordering it. I knew from my 2016 RCL experience it had declined in quality and not worth the order. **Having said that... I do consider myself a foodie on land and on board, and really enjoy the MDR. I know what food on the menu will be bland by nature and what dishes will be excellent. I always salt my food to bring out more flavor and bam! delicious! I tend to extreme overeat in the MDR because it is so dang good. But some items have declined over the years, but not enough for me to worry. Thats my take and experience (: Of course, I am sure we will all agree we would love an upgrade on food in MDR and WJ just because things could always be better regardless of the current quality (great, good or poor). I am sure that we won't see these improvements without an increase in cruising prices.
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