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  1. When's your cruise? We sailed on 6/15, which happened to be a very cool and rainy week. They didn't use the outside dining on the Waterfront at all.
  2. The 3 MDR's share the same dining room and have the same dinner menus. We've always preferred the aft restaurant on the other ships, which would be the Manhattan on the Joy. We ate there twice, but ended up deciding we preferred Taste and Savor this time. The tables seemed closer together in the Manhattan, and the noise level was worse. The first time we ate there we ended up with a huge family at the tables next to us (probably 25-30 people, including small kids). We had a great table right by the aft windows, and ended up with 3-4 of the small boys in the family right behind my chair. The family was very noisy -- lots of talking and laughing, and we literally couldn't hear ourselves thing. No fault of NCL obviously. The next night they seated us right by one of the stations where they stage the meals, and again it was hard to carry on a conversation. We dined at Savor the next time for lunch, and found a waiter who recognized us from a Jewel cruise. He floated between Taste and Savor depending on the meal, and we ended up asking to be seated in his area as he took very good care of us. I prefer Taste, but the only real difference between those two was the decor.
  3. I was in a regular balcony room on our recent Joy cruise and got them too. The first few times we sailed we got them (10-15 years ago) and then they stopped sending them and you had to print them. No idea why we got them this time.
  4. Didn't have any real issues with mine the middle of June. Flying from SLC to SEA, so it was a short flight. Flight to SEA was later arriving than I would have preferred (11:45 arrival time) and later leaving (6:30 departure time), but no real issues other than some stress on my part. Both flights were on time and arrived slightly early. I really don't like flying in the day of sailing and would never do it for a longer flight, especially one with connections, but these ones worked fine.
  5. I don't think Jay is back in business either. We went our with Jayleen the week of 6/15, and it sounded like her parents are happily retired and living off the sale of Harv & Marv's. I'd also contacted Steve and referred another group from our roll call to him. His company is https://www.alaskahumpbackadventures.com/ while Jayleen's is https://jayleensalaska.com/. I wouldn't hesitate to go with either one of them. We had a great trip with Jayleen, and also went out with Steve when he was still working for Harv & Marv. Another of Jayleen's uncle's is working for another company, but I forget which one it was.
  6. ute_fan

    Whale watching

    We went with Captain Steve when he was working for Harv & Marv. He is also very good. Turns out he's related to Jay from Harv & Marv's and is Jayleen's uncle.
  7. Sailed on 6/15, got back 6/22/19. This was very recent.
  8. I have Sprint -- and it worked better than I expected. On the ship I was in airplane mode though, so not using my service. We did have internet available on the ship because we had the internet package. In port it was spotty. Ketchikan I had it sitting in the middle of the water while we were going out to halibut fish. Juneau was a little spottier, and Skagway we had it right in town -- and then picked up service in Carcross too.
  9. Interesting, because we tried a couple of different times to change our flight times and they wouldn't let us -- and this was like 2 weeks before. We were told since the tickets had already been issued we couldn't change them. The first time we called we just asked if we could change times and they said no, and the second time we asked if we could change and fly in a day early -- and the answer was still no. Don't know what we were doing wrong! We did have the free airfare. Flying from SLC to SEA our flight left at 10:30 and was due in at 11:45. The ship sailed at 5, so I was feeling pretty nervous. Coming back, we didn't leave SEA until 6:30, so we spent most of the day just sitting at Seatac. I did end up using some of my skymiles (we were on Delta) and upgrading to first class, so that we would be off the plane as early as possible and able to get to baggage claim and get our bags and get to the bus transfer quickly. It ended up working fine and we were on the ship by 1:30. The added benefit that I didn't realize is that first class entitles to you to free checked bags, so we didn't have to pay the baggage fees on the way out.
  10. On the Joy! Since we were in Alaska there were a few places, where we were in narrow mountainous areas and the WiFi didn't work at all that we couldn't iMessage, but that was the exception and not the rule.
  11. ute_fan

    Whale watching

    We went whale watching with Jayleen on our trip on 6/15! She was excellent. She learned how to boat at age 11, and frequently went out with her Dad when he was still involved with Harv & Marv. We were her only two passengers and had a great time with her.
  12. A little clarification from our recent trip. We had the 250 minute internet plan. Put your phone on airplane mode once you board, turn on the wireless, and login to the app. That uses a free WiFi available on the ship and doesn't consume any of your internet time. The app is useful for things like making dinner reservations, or seeing what activities are going on around the ship, etc. In addition, if you're sending iMessages with an iPhone, you can use them without any charge -- whether or not you're on the ship. My hubby and I were able to text each other without using any of our minutes this way, and could also text my daughter who was at home dealing with a sick baby. This ONLY work with iPhones, not phones that send regular text messages. We also had trouble trying to sending message to phones that didn't use iMessage. Even though we had the wireless, they simply wouldn't send if it wasn't an iMessage. Don't know if that would have changed if we'd paid the $10 device charge, but since we didn't need to use it to communicate on the other ship, we never paid that.
  13. I didn't see any diet choices on our cruise on the Joy except Diet Pepsi -- but I didn't specifically ask.
  14. Same issue with our cruise which returned 6/22. I'm not planning on cruising again soon, so it's not a huge issue -- but I'm hoping it will show up before I forget about it and lose the points.
  15. We stayed in one of the picture window cabins on the Jewel back in 2007. No issues at all with noise. What we found annoying was that it's hard to get there from here. The aft elevators don't to down to deck 5 -- which isn't an issue as the rooms are all mid-ship or forward. However, in order to get to the MDR at the back of deck 6, you had to go up to deck 7 as you can't go from forward or midship to aft on deck 6. The kitchens are in the way. The forward/midship venues on deck 6 didn't have the same problem, just the main dining room. Been a long time ago, but if I remember correctly that MDR Is actually half a flight of stairs down from deck 7 to enter the MDR, and then another half flight of stairs from the reception desk down to the seating level. There was one elevator for passengers with accessibility that you could get to from the main floor of the dining room. It wasn't a huge deal, but do be aware of it.
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